The clothing chain Marks & Spencer recently claimed that around a half of men’s undergarments sold by its stores were bought by women. In the meantime, the luxury brand ACNE Studio is launching an underwear line with a “neutral style”. Are men’s undergarments the latest unisex trend?

According to Marks & Spencer, well-known for its status as official empire of British underwear, women begin to buy men’s undergarments not aiming at offering them to their partners. Indeed, almost a half of men’s underwear is bought by women. Even though it is difficult to assess if these customers buy these for themselves or for their partners, the retail chain wondered if it suggests that men’s undergarments now belong to the shared account for women, regardless of if they wear them themselves or not.

All underwear brands such as Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabanna already admitted designing their collections keeping in mind the seduction of women.


Rosie for Autograph short

After the launch of unisex undergarments and the recent success of collections of boxer shorts and boxer briefs inspired by women’s lingerie, men’s underwear is reaching new customers. Women also want the comfort provided by long boxer briefs and the lightness of boxer shorts made from cotton, but in a more refined style, of course. If men’s undergarments are the new must-have products of women, the reverse seems more unlikely to happen.

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