You want to abandon your old undergarments and to renew your intimate wardrobe? You will then need to define your style and choose between briefs, boxer briefs and boxer shorts!


Elegant black briefs by Emporio Armani

Despite popular belief, it is possible to wear briefs every day without looking old-fashioned. Indeed, you just have to avoid white pouch briefs and to opt for branded items providing optimum support such as the Emporio Armani range. In order not to look unkempt, you will have to choose a material that doesn’t lose its shape such as stretch cotton, which also has the advantage of not washing out. Go for plain and simple colours: black, white, grey but avoid patterns at all costs. Finally, wear them low and don’t pull them up.


Eminence Anatomic microfibre boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are the perfect compromise between briefs and boxer shorts. They provide the same support as briefs without uncovering you at the slightest movement. Body-hugging, they will enhance your curves and slip effortlessly under all your clothes. If you are looking for light and comfortable boxer briefs with a second-skin sensation, Eminence Anatomic boxer briefs made from microfibre are made for you. Boyshorts, more coloured and original can also be a way to surprise your partner.


Dagobear relaxed boxer shorts

If you don’t like wearing close-fitting undergarments, you can also choose boxer shorts. Not really appropriate for sport activities, they remain a must-have when it comes to optimum comfort and can be worn at any age for a relaxed style.

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