Following the resounding success of the first two parts, and because Solendro wants to help you being trendy regarding underwear as well as new technologies, we decided to make you discover a third series of unusual objects that will change your everyday life forever.

# 5: Hamburger hands-free kit


This revolutionary object has been designed to eat without taking the eyes off your computer screen and the hands off your keyboard. An unusual way to make the life of geeks easier. They won’t even have to pause their games for 30 seconds to bite in their slice of pizza. Significant advantage of this method: in theory, since you don’t need to take the burger in your hands, there won’t be any greasy stains on your keyboard and you will soon forget about sticky mice. We said in theory.

# 4: Biscuit finger caps to eat nutella


If, like many people, you consider nutella as an essential, if not vital, element in your life, these are made for you. Your fridge can be completely empty, your hot water tank broken down in winter and your cat may have shredded a decisive report you have to hand on that day, as long as you have nutella, everything is okay. However, sometimes you crave chocolate spread but not bread. To anticipate this kind of cases of extreme emergency, biscuit finger caps have been invented. Thus, you can dip your fingers in the nutella jar without any mess, for a deliciously regressive moment.

# 3: Scented alarm clock

réveil café

After the alarm clock that wakes you up with bird songs, those which flee in a corner of the room to force you to wake up and apps that ask you to resolve math problems (the inventor of this concept is surely Beelzebub himself), brilliant minds invented an alarm clock that releases various smells to make you get out of bed. Accompanied by a large choice of scents, such as coffee or fresh pancakes, it will maybe help you to be in a good mood in the morning. Only flaw: even though the smell is there, coffee and pancakes are not ready and if you want some, you will have to make them. In the end, it might be worse than math problems.

# 2: Keyboard waffle iron

gaufrier clavier

If after waking up to the delicious smell of fresh waffles you crave some (which is very likely to happen), Solendro anticipated everything and unearthed for you a waffle iron shaped like a keyboard. Two advantages: first, the waffles are far bigger than usual ones, so you can eat the same number of waffles while eating a biggest amount and second, it is very original and everybody will want to eat your keyboard waffles.

# 1: Toaster USB hub and its little toasts


If, to your mind, no biscuit finger cap will ever replace a good toast and you don’t have time to cook waffles in the morning, this USB hub shaped like a toaster is the ideal object for you. Accompanied by its four toasts, Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp and Tato, it will make you feel good before beginning a long day at work.

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