Too often, men feel uncomfortable in their undergarments.

First of all, you have to distinguish vegetable materials (cotton, modal) from synthetic ones (nylon, Lycra).

Underwear made from cotton?

Undergarments made from cotton will be your best allies during busy days. Naturally hypoallergenic, cotton is used to manufacture various types of clothes, especially for kids. Cotton is a very breathing and comfortable material. However, it is likely to stretch at the end of the day or after several consecutive uses (which is not recommended) but it will go back in its initial shape after washing.

Synthetic materials?

Elastane (also known as Lycra) and polyester (nylon) are the most common synthetic materials. In all cases, you can’t choose randomly. If you are rather sporty or sweat a lot, opt for polyester. You are sure to have fresh underwear that breathes. Moreover, this material dries quickly.

Elastane is rarely used on its own because it is not very pleasant to wear and is mostly combined with other materials to make them more flexible.

Here are a few examples of undergarments that will please you for sure:

Pull In

These Pull In boxer briefs made from polyester and elastane will undoubtedly appeal to you. They are very pleasant to wear and deliciously original!


These Ralph Lauren boxer briefs made from cotton and Lycra will slip effortlessly under all your clothes!


Finally, these Dolce & Gabbana boxer briefs made from 100% cotton are both simple and elegant.

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