No need to sneakily steal your ladylove’s panties anymore: you can now have your own lacy underwear.

Until now reserved exclusively to women, sexy undergarments made from lace are coming into men’s wardrobes. Indeed, a growing number of men post very sexy pictures on social networks, on which they wear lacy undergarments. Called “menagerie” (made up from “men” and “lingerie”), this trend relies on the typical features of lingerie (frills, openwork lace, satin materials…) and offers items adapted to men’s bodies.

culotte dentelle

Even though this concept is not new, the number of fans is rising. Established in 2008, the brand Homme Mystere is a pioneer in this field and offers all kinds of products, from the simplest thongs to basques with suspender belts, including undershirts and silk pyjamas.


It is up to you to decide if you want to wear these very uncommon undergarments (or not). Members of Solendro’s team nevertheless thought that, even for athletes with a perfect body, trying to make a move wearing briefs made from lace and sequins seems far more difficult than with body-hugging Eden Park or Calvin Klein boxer briefs on. But, in the end, everyone does as he pleases.

Before taking a firm decision on this important subject, you can come discover our wide range of products on, which are far more traditional and comfortable and will discreetly enhance your curves while providing you all the softness and freedom of movement you need.

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