You may already have heard about a French brand of undergarments called Le Slip Français. Established in September 2011 by Guillaume Gibault, this company wants to represent made-in-France products, which are presented by some people as a solution to the current crisis and are universally recognized as a quality guarantee. After various collaborations with very prestigious brands such as the lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam, Claudie Pierlot and even Agnès b., the French company wants to conquer the US market and bank on an offbeat campaign and French humour.

leo et sherry

This advertising campaign, called the Verylovetrip, is based on the story of Leo, a dummy that encountered a young a beautiful American girl called Sherry (a dummy, too) during the Fashion Week in Paris and has lost touch with her since then. Aiming at finding her at all costs (because everyone has the right to be madly in love), he will travel across the US, from the East to the West, from New-York to Los Angeles, to find his ladylove.

In order to fund this campaign that could be described as out of the ordinary, the brand launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a limited and exclusive collection which will, hopefully, enable to organise the trip of our dear Leo across the US and will maybe end with the creation of a pop-up store in Los Angeles.


The objective? Making known the 100% French brand across the pond thanks to the support of its community on social networks and to the offbeat image associated with the brand since the very beginning.

Strange guys those Gallics !

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