You decided to take the plunge and finally buy your undergarments on the Internet?

During your research, you find Solendro.com, the reference online store for men’s underwear which offers hundreds of boxer briefs, briefs and boxer shorts. You visit the website, choose a brand, a design, its colour and…you realise that you don’t know what your size is.

No worries, Solendro thought about you and created a size guide for men’s underwear. A real first!

Thanks to close collaboration with each one of the brands we work with, we will explain to you how to use this guide at best. It’s very simple.

Case 1: You usually wear Diesel boxer briefs and you want to try on Calvin Klein ones.
You only have to enter your usual brand and size, the way you feel in it, and the brand you want to try.

And voilà !

Case 1

Case 2: You know your waist circumference.

You just have to enter your waist circumference, the brand you want to buy, and the ideal size will automatically appear.

Case 2

Case 3: A detailed table of sizes, if any doubt subsists.

case 3

Now, to buy you boxer shorts, boxer briefs or briefs on Solendro.com, you can use the size guide!

You have to know that almost all brands of undergarments we sell are listed in the size guide to offer you optimum shopping conditions and be sure you are totally satisfied with our service.

You can then peacefully continue your shopping session on Solendro.com and regularly discover new brands and new items.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to answer all of your questions and give you advice if you need some.

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