Even though we often speak about the style and colours of your undergarments, there are very few articles mentioning the health hazards linked to them. An overview of these health questions with Dr François Grima, a French urologist.

Support is good as long as it doesn’t come with compression

Indeed, excessive heat can be detrimental to spermatozoids. In the case of briefs for example, if testicles are too close to the body, they will heat up, thus reducing the richness of sperm.

Too much compression can lower the quality of sperm” explains the expert, before reassuring us “but briefs wearers don’t have to worry, it won’t make you infertile”.

You also have to take into account the material from which your undergarments are made from. According to Dr Grima, “it is better to opt for undergarments made from cotton. Of course, they won’t be as elastic as those made from Lycra, but they will enable your skin to breathe better and will avoid retaining perspiration”.

Preventing rubbing

On the contrary, if boxer shorts provide a greater freedom of movement, the lack of support of the genitals leaves the door open to rubbing. In some cases, it can lead to irritation and mycosis.

Thus, boxer briefs seem to be the ideal alternative since they offer support without too much compression and freedom of movement without excessive sloshing.

In the end, wouldn’t it be simpler to wear nothing?

In the purest tradition of the Naked Man, many men still advocate the pure and simple absence of undergarments. Even though it can be very useful in some circumstances (I won’t go further on this point), Dr Grima seems more skeptical: “the direct contact with trousers will lead to rubbing and scalds. Not to mention hygiene and a zip fastener accident can happen very quickly”.

We will especially keep this last point in mind.

The most important thing? Hygiene!

Thus, boxer briefs has only a very slight lead. However, “the type of undergarments you choose won’t fundamentally change much”, concludes François Grima. “The most important point is hygiene. Changing your undergarments everyday will prevent annoyance”.

Thank you Doc!

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