For all those who feel lost in front of the wide range of men’s underwear, boxer briefs, briefs and boxer shorts offered on, we are here to give you fashion advice.

In order to choose your undergarments wisely, you have to understand their characteristics and the message these boxer briefs, boxer shorts or briefs will deliver to others.

The main characteristics of men’s undergarments are the type of underwear, the material from which they are made, their cut, the size of the waistband, the patterns, the values of the brand, and, of course, the colours!

In this article, we will analyse the secundary colours in order to help you wisely choose your boxer briefs.

Secundary colours:

Secundary colours are obtained by the combination of two primary colours. Those have different meanings and images from primary colours but also keep some of their characteristics.


Relaxing, refreshing and even invigorating, green represents nature, flora and life resulting from the combination of the yellow of the sun and the blue of water. This secondary colour can represent hope, growth, spring, concentration, permission (green light), regeneration (pharmacy, hospital) and fertility. However, green also represents inexperience (youth), illness, death (it is the colour of corpses and pus). According to the various tones of green, meanings can be different: darker greens (with more blue undertones) are closer to stability, faithfulness and wellness while lighter greens are closer to yellow, the colour of joy and libertinism. This colour perfectly matches brown, ochre, cream and taupe, other colours that can be found in nature.


Obtained by the combination of yellow and red, orange represents energy, joy, creativity, communication, security and optimism. Orange is balanced between the passion of red and the joy of yellow. It is the colour of autumn, as the leaves become orange and brown. It is also the sacred colour of Hinduism and Buddhism and it symbolises the renouncement to social life. It also represents the fire purifying bodies and passions and thus liberation. However, since it is a very bright colour, it has to be matched with tones of red and yellow or white. A colour to use carefully!


Resulting from the combination of blue and red, two antagonistic and rival primary colours, purple triggers intense reactions: whether you like it or you hate it. It represents at the same time dreams, peace, friendship, meditation but also melancholia and loneliness, which are the characteristics of blue. It also symbolises mystery, magic, and the unknown. In the Western culture, purple is associated with the nobility, authority and jealousy. It is also said to represent the penitence and mourning of clergy and fellowship members. Purple is a colour said to calm down emotions without confronting them, just like a glass of good wine. It is also the colour of dreamers or children thinking they are in a fairy world. Yet, it is very difficult to match and only white, black and brown pieces will be appropriate choices.

Now you know everything! You can chose your undergarments wisely on More than 40 brands and 700 items are waiting for you!

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to answer all of your questions.

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