In 2013, a Russian painter fled his country to France after he had painted Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev back to back wearing women’s underwear.

Konstantin Altunin fled Russia to seek asylum in France after one of his compatriots informed on him to the police, estimating that “the paintings he exhibited were an infringement to Russian legislation”. The police immediately went to the Museum of Power, in Saint Petersburg, where the exhibition was taking place, and seized the paintings in order to “examine” them.

This intervention triggered a controversy about the place of homosexuality in Russia.

To make a long story short, undergarments are much talked about in Russia. Maybe not as much as on Solendro.com, but still. We thus wonder when we will see Angela Merkel or François Hollande in undergarments.

Moral of the story, whether you are a man or a woman, don’t hesitate to stand out from the crowd by buying men’s underwear on Solendro.com, especially since a wide range of new products is now available.


Bonnie & Clyde boxer briefs. This rather classical grey item will perfectly match all of your outfits.

Les Insurgés

These boxer briefs by Les Insurgés have very high-quality finishing touches and a close-fitting cut that will enable you to wear them with all types of clothes, from suits to more relaxed shorts.

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