People often say that life is made of replication, the youngest taking example from the oldest who themselves continue to learn from the youngest.

Just like mothers for their daughters, fathers are often role models for their sons. Despite the inevitable differences, a part of them will always follow the footsteps of their fathers. Each generation thus learn from the other and they rise together.

Solendro will guide you in this exemplariness by selecting for you high-quality undergarments. Showing that being a man is also synonymous with taking care of yourself and having a reliable supplier, here are a few items that will help you being a perfect role model.


Calvin Klein black long boxer briefs

You can begin with these boxer briefs by Calvin Klein. They go down to mid-thigh and cover the body. They provide good support and stay in place all day long thanks to their elastic waistband. They are made from stretch cotton and polyamide.

The absence of seams makes these boxer briefs simpler and more refined, while providing comfort to the wearer. The waistband is black and white. These black undergarments are adapted to all ages and all circumstances.


3-Pack Ralph Lauren boxer briefs

Add a hint of colour to your outfits with this 3-pack marine blue, dark-blue and light-blue Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. These high-quality undergarments will provide you everything you need to feel at ease: softness, wellness, and great freedom of movement.


3-Pack Hom boxer briefs

Let’s conclude with this elegant dark-coloured 3-pack Hom boxer briefs. Short cut and close-fitting, they will perfectly hug your curves. Thin and discreet waistband. Reinforced stitching. Very good support.

Don’t hesitate to visit our website to discover various other products that will match your personality.

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