Ellen Page, the famous actress starring in Juno, has been much talked about as she was the first sexy and famous woman to appear publicly wearing men’s underwear. This clothing choice has intrigued many people and even triggered speculations about her sexual orientation.

Ellen Page

However, it is a choice made by many women for various reasons. Solendro investigated for you.

At the beginning, wearing your boyfriends’ undergarments was mostly an emotional thing. “I often wear his undergarments to feel close to him, even when he is not with me”, explains Sophie, 30.

However, it has become more and more practical. Two reasons: comfort and modesty.

Marie, 23, does not pretend otherwise: “I really like wearing men’s undergarments, especially boxer briefs. Indeed, women’s boxer briefs are limited to boy shorts. I managed to find a brand that offered longer ones, but after three washings, they went up to the top of my thighs. I don’t feel comfortable in boy shorts, they are too tight”.

She also admits that she appreciates feeling “more covered with classic men’s boxer briefs to relax at home”. Others, like Jeanne, 24, don’t keep them to stay at home: “When I wear skirts, I like being covered underneath. I feel too exposed when I wear panties and too covered in micro shorts. To me, men’s boxer briefs are the perfect compromise”.

Over the last years, men’s undergarments have even become a fashion accessory for numerous women. We already spoke about Ellen Page, but even among female stars, she is no exception. Avril Lavigne, just like many “skater” girls, also loves wearing men’s underwear.

Avril Lavigne

Brands begin to understand this and consequently change their marketing campaigns, and sometimes even their products.

Björn Borg, a famous Swedish brand of underwear, thus launched a range of very similar men’s and women’s boxer briefs and an advertising campaign that is clearly discordant with the traditional landscape of men’s underwear (see picture). An approach that will appeal to everyone.

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