Like every year in September, ads singing the praises of sport are currently flourishing everywhere. Determined to start a sport activity to get rid of your summer excesses, you don’t know which one to choose and you felt tired (not to say exhausted) by merely watching the athletes running during the World Championship in Beijing as you were comfortably sitting in your sofa. Thus, Solendro selected for you 5 activities to try this autumn.

#5: Combat sports

Between 500 and 700 kcal burnt per hour according to the sport you will choose. This kind of sports will enable you to exert yourself and to sculpt your body without even thinking about it and to release the tensions and frustrations of a long day at work. Only problem: since this activity is practised in a club, you will have to adapt your schedule according to the classes.

#4: Swimming

Between 450 and 600 kcal burnt per hour for breaststroke. Despite the fact that going into the water that is always too cold generally is a genuine ordeal, you will never be quiet and you will have to share your water line with other people, all this while swallowing chlorine. For the most audacious among you then.

#3: Rollerskating

Between 400 and 600 kcal burnt per hour. Rollerskating is a good way to develop muscle in your legs, but also your abs and arms while having fun. And even when we look hard, we can’t really find any downside to this sport.

#2: Tennis

Between 400 and 500 kcal burnt per hour. Only inconvenience: to play tennis, you have to be at least two, which means that you will have to motivate somebody else to go out from their sofa and it will certainly be no easy task.

#1: Cycling

Between 350 and 500 kcal burnt per hour. This very complete sport can be practised inside as well as outside and will enable you to develop muscle in your legs and core, providing that you accept wearing (far too) body-hugging shorts and have enough space to store a bike at home.

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