According to our mood, and often unintentionally, we vary the colours of our undergarments. deciphered for you the hidden sense of these tone variations and explains the symbolism attached to each one of them.


Brown is associated with many things that surround us: earth, fauna, flora… It is a neutral colour, neither sad nor joyful, that creates a soft, reassuring and wellness atmosphere. This colour is synonymous with softness as well as stability.

However, it is also associated with degradation, and even death, when it is the dominant colour and immediately makes us think about autumn and brown leaves. Brown is a colour you will never get tired of and which can be easily matched with almost all colours since it is composed of the three primary colours. Why wouldn’t you wear brown boxer briefs to spend a relaxing evening at home?


Associated with marriage, innocence and perfection for centuries, white is undoubtedly the favourite colour of the general public.

Obtained by the combination of all colours, white is the symbol of union, but can also represent the vacuum and absence when alone. In Asian culture, white is the colour of mourning, the transition into a new world that is synonymous with rebirth and purity. Generally presented as a positive colour, as opposed to black, white is said to be the colour of brightness, knowledge and sun.

White can be matched with all colours and can even be used to bring out other colours.


Black is not a colour strictly speaking, but rather the absence of colour. Absorbing and intriguing, black represents the unknown, mystery and even the occult and death. In Western countries, black is the traditional colour of mourning but can also represent sadness, fear, bad luck and despair. However, black is also an unavoidable colour in fashion and is synonymous of authority, wealth, elegance and simplicity.

Gentlemen don’t go without this colour in the most courteous and refines seduction games. Just like white, black can be matched with all colours. A must-have in all wardrobes.

Don’t wait longer and come discover all these colours on!

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