Autumn is often synonymous with change, renewal and fresh start. We want to buy new clothes, to change our style, to be more in line with the latest trends. However, because of a lack of time or a strong aversion for shopping, we put the date off several times before finally giving up and our wardrobe remains in the same (disastrous) condition. To spare yourself the annoying shopping sessions and never-ending queues, Solendro selected for you five men’s fashion websites to discover absolutely.

#1: River Island

River Island

This website is intended for all members of the family and regularly offers new items and promotional offers to buy the latest trends at the best possible price.

#2: JackThreads


Only directed at men and designed especially for them, this website offers promotional offers every day, has its own app (which is very easy to use) and enable each one of you to ask questions to a professional stylist. What more could you ask for?

#3: Jimmy Jazz

jimmy jazz

Rather addressed to those of you who are looking for a West Coast and relatively exuberant look, Jimmy Jazz offers a great variety of urban clothes and accessories at an affordable price and jeans with uncommon colours.

#4: Topman


Whatever your style and the type of clothes you are looking for, you will undoubtedly find what you need at Topman. From the rather classic pieces to the latest trends, this website presents numerous brands to satisfy everyone.

#5: Asos


Known to be ahead of time in terms of style, ASOS is THE website to visit if you love being at the cutting-edge of fashion (and even a little bit early). Generally offered at affordable prices, clothes and accessories sold on ASOS will ravish your inner trend hunter.

For all your undergarments, only one website: Solendro.com!

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