Who doesn’t know Disney and its characters? Probably no one. We have all dived into the Disney world, whether it was in our childhood, through our children or while going to Disneyland.

There is no age limit to appreciate Disney and its characters.

If I tell you: Tarzan, you will instantly think of jungle and lianas…

If I tell you: Peter Pan, you will think of this young and childlike hero and Tinkerbell…

But if I tell you: Disney characters in underwear, you will go: I beg your pardon?

Yes, artists sometimes do have weird ideas, like David Kawena who decided to transpose his childhood memories in a quite peculiar way.

Indeed, you can find different Disney characters in underwear: briefs, boxer shorts…

Obviously, these pictures do not target the same public as the movies.

So, you can like it or not, and it is true that we are not really used to see our childhood heroes in underwear, but we can’t deny that this artist has talent.

What if you fell back into your childhood? Solendro offers you a range of products that will bring some memories back or give you the feeling of being younger than you really are.

Let’s start with these Star Wars boxer shorts by the brand Pull-In, showing the emblematic Darth Vader. They are not only comfortable, but also soft and comfortable.

Darth Vader boxer shorts by the brand Pull-In

What do you think of this pair of socks by the brand Achile?

With their famous Tetris logo, they will remind you of the time you spent playing this game on your GameBoy.

Tetris socks by the brand Achile

And why not try on these Coup de Coeur boxer shorts? With their printed logo, you’ll be Superman and super cute at the same time!

Superman boxer shorts by the brand Coup de Coeur