If you too, gentlemen, are fed up with wearing undergarments in which you don’t feel well. If you, too, want to wear undergarments in which you feel good and attractive enough to be able to wear them in all circumstances, we have what you need.

Indeed, we decided to make you discover a brand that has been working with us since we started: Arthur.

Established in 1983, this French brand managed to take a special place in the world of men’s underwear. Indeed, it rapidly developed the concept of undergarments in which you feel good and that you can wear anywhere, including when you want to feel at ease at home.

It is with this in mind that Arthur invented boxer shorts with inner support to provide greater comfort to the wearer and to prevent rubbing and jiggling.

However, only focusing on comfort would make us forget about what make the strength of the brand: its style. By using exclusive materials, Arthur manages to manufacture simple products with a fresh and friendly style.

Here are a few boxer shorts that perfectly combine comfort and aesthetics.

These Arthur boxer shorts with inner support are undeniably original. The inner support made from jersey cotton enable you to feel at ease without being too tight, the ultimate example of comfort!

Arthur 1

These chequered blue boxer shorts from the Arthur Club collection also perfectly illustrate this article. Simpler than the first one, they can be worn on every occasion and will provide you optimum comfort.

Arthur 2

Clémence de Gabriac, a young French designer who established her brand in 2009 also included inner support to her boxer shorts. At the cutting edge of elegance and refinement, these boxer shorts are among the most comfortable.

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Following the article we posted on July, 7th, we asked ourselves what these men could wear under their clothes. Then we thought that, after all, maybe you were also wondering, so we had a try and it resulted in this selection.

# 5. Stephano Tratto. This Italian man who loves wearing both chic and sportswear outfits wears without doubt chic and comfortable boxer briefs with a hint of originality, perfect for active men of today who want to feel at ease all day long while boosting their self-confidence.

Gant   RL fancy boxer briefs   eden park chequered boxer briefs

# 4. Both simple and utterly classy, Phil Cohen’s outfits will undoubtedly match perfectly simple and close-fitting undergarments that discreetly enhance his curves. For an elegant and modern result without doing too much.

eden park grey boxer briefs   Replay   CK

# 3. EJ Samson and his suit and tie. One thing is certain: he loves patterns. Striped, chequered or with flower patterns, his shirts are all more colourful that the last, while remaining chic and perfectly well-matched with his ties. At Solendro, we couldn’t find any reason for his undergarments not to have these patterns and selected for you items from young brands that managed to give boxer shorts a second lease at life thanks to the originality of their patterns and materials.

arthur flowers   Mariner   Dagobear

# 2. The Bespoke Dudes. With their chic and dandy style, these men are undoubtedly very successful with women. Yet, to have a neat look down to the smallest detail, you absolutely must not neglect your undergarments. To make it easier for you, Solendro selected 3 items that will make you genuine dandies from hips to toe!

RL chequered   RL   Eden Park

# 1. In view of the originality of his outfits, there is no doubt that Justin Barbin wears undergarments in the same style as the rest: colourful, original or even offbeat. Needless to say that it is the perfect occasion to dare wearing colours and patterns, even though you are not as audacious as this blogger when choosing your clothes.

Pullin   Pepe Jeans   Arthur

All these products are available on Solendro.

This summer, don’t hesitate to play the originality card to surprise your conquests.

This summer, don’t hesitate to play the originality card to surprise your conquests.


Do you prefer briefs or boxer shorts? Even though comfort and quality are two main criteria when it comes to the choice of your undergarments, style is not left behind. Indeed, 50% of men are willing to pay the price for comfortable underwear, provided that it enhances their curves.

#1: Boxer briefs, always more popular!

60% of men wear boxer briefs every day! Both comfortable and really trendy, these undergarments provide unequalled support. An other good point: they are affordable! They are now one of the greatest classics of men’s undergarments and are offered by many brands, such as Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani or even Dolce & Gabbana for the highest-end ones and by brands such as Dim and Eminence for the most affordable. Their cut and the materials they are made from make them must-have products in your wardrobe. What about style? These undergarments are often renewed by brands, which can thus offer a large choice of elegant and original styles.

# 2: Boxer shorts are going out of the drawers!

Abandoned by men’s fashion since the 2000s, boxer shorts are making a strong comeback thanks to new designs that are cut better and more modern! Always more men choose to wear boxer shorts again for their inimitable style. Brands such as Dagobear or Arthur rejuvenate the image of boxer shorts thanks to checks or stripes for a family spirit while others such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or even Tommy Hilfiger bring a hint of elegance to them while keeping traditional patterns of boxer shorts. A compromise that ensures a bright future to these pieces of underwear.

# 3: Briefs are getting a makeover!

Traditional white briefs are getting a makeover! Now colourful, fun and original, comfortable briefs of today are stylish. Despite the preference of European men for boxer briefs and boxer shorts, briefs are still flagship items of high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Emporio Armani, which didn’t hesitate to launch briefs that were better-cut and closer-fitting, symbols of class and sensuality!

Come on Solendro and choose yours!


Beach pictures often remind us of the beautiful summer vacations that we miss so badly during our freezing winters. Beaches, these sand expanses stretching as far as one’s eyes can see, make us feel unexplainable feelings and a strange well-being sensation. Summer is here and vacation periods are coming soon. Beaches are about to be invaded by uncontrollable hordes of tourists.

Thus, to remain at your top form and seduce a great number of other holiday-makers on sunny beaches this summer, Solendro selected for you undergarments especially made for the beach. You won’t be disappointed! A both chic and sporty collection that will embellish your vacations.


These “Ulysee” boxer shorts by Arthur will provide you the comfort you need to cope with summer heat. This young French brand managed to establish itself as a high-quality and reliable institution and offers very high-quality products to its customers.

The next item is really prestigious. Indeed, these classical and elegant boxer briefs by Tommy Hilfiger will be perfect for a trip to the beach. Their cut will provide you great freedom of movement. Moreover, the elaborate design of the waistband is the ultimate proof of refinement and good taste.

tommy hilfiger

Come discover these original Pull In boxer briefs with beach pictures, which will match perfectly with the blue colour of the sea, the atmosphere on the beach and the heady cocktails. Moreover, their cut will provide you all the comfort you need.

Pull In

What would be our selection for beach lovers without marine blue socks calling summer colours to our minds? Indeed, they are indispensable to have the complete kit of the genuine vacation-maker. Moreover, thanks to the materials they are made from (viscose, polyamide, cotton), they will provide you optimum comfort and an intense sensation of freedom.

Arthur socks

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After a surprising but blaring comeback in 2014, lose boxer shorts remain the smash hit of 2015, especially thanks to renewed patterns, innovative materials and inner support providing optimum comfort. The international lingerie exhibition took place in Paris on January 24th-26th. It is a key event for professionals in this sector as they come discover the new trends for the coming seasons. And this year, the season promised to be torrid for women and rather comfortable for men.

Indeed, boxer briefs are clearly losing in popularity and now account for 61.60% of the market, compared to 67% in 2012. Even though boxer briefs still broadly dominate the market, boxer shorts successfully came back and managed to reestablish themselves in this sector.

According to a survey, 45% of men sleep in underwear and 33% in their birthday suit, a good reason to wear beautiful boxer shorts that are undeniably more comfortable that boxer briefs! However, you should learn how to diversify your purchases.

It is a well-known fact that men tend to neglect the choice of their undergarments. In 2013, they had an average budget of 21 euros for their underwear (namely a decrease of 5% in value) against 131 euros on average for women. Moreover, most of the time, they let their partners buy their undergarments.

Now you have a good way to bring joy and fanciness in your relationship: impress your partner! Yes indeed, not only women can be sexy, and you should take the initiative of diversifying your wardrobe! Manly and sexy without showing too much, boxer shorts will follow trends while providing optimum comfort.

Professionals of this sector are rather confident about the men’s underwear market, since the latter showed that they made efforts: 55.2% of them bought their undergarments themselves in 2013, against only 53% in 2012. This growth is due to the new generations that increasingly take care of their look. This growth is even more pronounced among men, since their average budget is quickly reaching this of women. Diversify your intimate wardrobe and keep up on the latest trends with boxer shorts!

Come visit Solendro, you will find very trendy boxer shorts to be at the cutting-edge of 2015 fashion!

ralph lauren

These very colourful chequered Ralph Lauren boxer briefs will bring joy into your life!


Arthur boxer shorts with original patterns for an elegant and very trendy look.

Punto Blanco

Punto Blanco boxer shorts with more classical patterns, for a chic and trendy look.


Spring is here, the sun is shining and we are tempted to wear original underwear. But is there something better than a classic, clean style and simple and comfortable undergarments?

Nothing is better than plain-coloured boxer shorts to go working or boxer briefs to exercise.

Solendro is here to show you the latest models to keep it simple and be elegant.


These Calvin Klein CK Bold boxer briefs will follow you during your workdays and are also perfect to wear during your lazy days at home.

They are classic but elegant and will surely appeal to your lover.


Dolce & Gabbana Classic boxer briefs are comfortable, simple but trendy.

This model will appeal to you thanks to its chic and classical style.

They also exist in white and marine blue and you can discover them on Solendro’s online store.


 These polka dots Arthur boxer shorts will appeal to you thanks to their original and trendy design.

They will follow you during evenings with your family or days when you stay at home.

You will be pleased by their offbeat but elegant style.

The American cut will offer you optimum comfort.

Arthur collection also includes striped or chequered models that you can discover on Solendro.

You will surely like other models of classic, trendy and above all chic underwear.

Come discover them on Solendro !


Father’s day is coming soon all over the world (a little reminder to prevent you from wasting 15 seconds googling it: it is on June 21st) and on this occasion, Solendro is here to help you and compiled a little selection of products that your father could love. We tried to take various products to please all ages and all styles, no matter the clothing style of your father.

#1 – For boxer briefs fans:

Boxer briefs are the most popular undergarments in France and account for more than 50% of the underwear market thanks to the comfort and quality they offer. Since they are more and more common among all ages, if you are not totally sure about what type of underwear your father usually wears, opt for boxer briefs: at worst you will make your father discover comfortable undergarments.

The classic Calvin Klein boxer briefs:


3-pack Calvin Klein stretch cotton boxer briefs | £33.90 on Solendro

For rugby lovers, these Eden Park boxer briefs:


Eden Park dark cotton boxer briefs | £24.90 on Solendro

#2 – For those who prefer briefs:

Even though briefs have lost popularity during the past years, they remain one of Frenchmen’s most popular undergarment, more particularly among our parents’ generation. So, if you are sure that briefs are the favourite pieces of underwear of your father, don’t hesitate!

Classical briefs by Eminence:


Dark blue 100% cotton briefs | £11.90 on Solendro

2-pack Dolce & Gabbana black briefs:


Dolce & Gabbana black cotton briefs | £25.90 on Solendro

#3 – And for those who prefer the freedom of movement offered by boxer shorts:

Boxer shorts slightly lost in popularity, especially because of skinny jeans and skin-tight clothes. However, under a suit or classic jeans, boxer shorts are really comfortable undergarments that can also be worn during lazy Sundays at home.

Arthur original boxer shorts:


Arthur light blue 100% cotton boxer shorts | £18.90 on Solendro

Classical boxer shorts by Ralph Lauren:

rl caleçon

Ralph Lauren striped blue 100% cotton boxer shorts | £25.90 on Solendro


In Versailles, Louis XIV had the best craftsmen in France create his short-trousers. They were majestic, puffed-out at the waist and fastened at the calves and, at that time, it was the height of aesthetics. However, this illustrious monarch wasn’t a visionary. Indeed, there was a wound on his royal bottom that extended and became infected because of the rubbing of his short-trousers. That is the reason why the official surgeon was called to do the “Big Surgery” that was much talked about at that time.

After long hours of uncertainty, the Frenchman J.B Lully composed “Dieu sauve le Roy” (God save the King) to celebrate the recovery of the Sun King. However, as the festivities were getting organised and many people were singing, an Englishman passing through France decided to export this song, that later became the British anthem: “God save the Queen”. True Story.

Despite this misfortune that happened more than 300 years ago, French boxer shorts remain references in comfort and aesthetics. Here is a little selection:

arthur caleçon à carreaux

Arthur blue chequered boxer shorts

These Arthur blue chequered boxer shorts perfectly illustrate the encounter between beauty and the much sought-after freedom of movement. The chequered pattern give them a touch of British elegance. They also have cotton inner support and are made in 100% cotton.

mariner carreaux rouges

Mariner red chequered boxer shorts

Mariner French cut boxer shorts with elastic waistband. Made from 100% cotton, these boxer shorts offer optimum comfort and a great freedom of movement. These red chequered boxer shorts have a simple and elegant style that is perfect for every occasion.

caleçon Arthur à rayures

Arthur white and blue striped boxer shorts

These Arthur white and blue striped boxer shorts have discreet inner support and are made from 100% cotton. These fine and very light undergarments are not too tight and offer great comfort for a both original and elegant look.

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In Arras, in the North of France, happened a strange robbery. Two hooded individuals barged in one of the city’s minimarkets and threatened the store workers with a cosh and a knife before stealing £1,200 from the till. After that, they fled the scene on foot, but not for long. Twenty minutes later, thanks to the description of the store’s owner, the two robbers were arrested by the police and remanded in custody.

What did they do with their loot? Had they have time to hide it? Imagine that the two robbers had found a rather original hiding place for the money: one of them had put it in his boxer shorts!

Yes, you read it right, in his boxer shorts. There is no doubt they were quite full when the two robbers left the minimarket.

How would you have acted if you were one of the robbers? Would you have preferred a more classical hiding place such as a bag or directly put the money in you boxer shorts?

In any event, this robbery is the occasion for us to highlight one thing: underwear plays an essential role! Support, comfort, aesthetics, purse, what else?

By the way, Solendro prepared a little selection of boxer shorts that will surely appeal to you.

Boxer shorts will become your best friends, even though they will probably not be as full as those of the robber.


These Arthur boxer shorts will bring you both comfort and elegance. The little extra? At first sight rather classical with its thin and discreet waistband, the little white polka dots bring nevertheless a non-negligible original touch.


These other boxer shorts by the French brand Arthur have discreet inner support and two buttons at the waistband. This fine and light undergarment will surely appeal to you: comfort, freedom of movement, both original and elegant look… An incomparable model.


Finally, these Achile boxer shorts will give you a great freedom of movement and optimum comfort as well as a fun and vintage look. If you are planning to escape in a car after a robbery, these boxer shorts are made for you.


Warning: you are about to read an off-the-wall article and should be advised to take it humourously.

Today at Solendro, we decided to match a few pairs of men’s underwear with personalities.


The sporty man is perfectly represented by the magnificent Puma mottled grey boxer briefs with black borders. These skin-tight undergarments enhance your muscular body and make you look like a Greek god.

Fun and energetic men will love wearing Kaporal boxer briefs under their jeans. These undergarments are both fun and energetic and display colourful patterns on really trendy models.

Who among you would have thought about wearing skulls on their undergarments? Calvin Klein successfully created a both original and very modern pair of men’s underwear to make you want to take the plunge.

One thing is for sure, Coup de Cœur bears its name well. This brand is the ultimate favourite of fathers, cocooning-loving men and romantics who have the heart of a child. Come discover or rediscover this collection quickly, ladies will greatly appreciate it. And you can wear it even though it is not Valentine’s Day.


Chequered boxer shorts are the ABC of classical boxer shorts. Of course, we could also have talked about stripes. Arthur, which is specialised in classical boxer shorts, adds a modern touch to this type of underwear. To create this model, the brand mixed a striped waistband and a chequered fabric, while using the classical colours and cut of men’s underwear.

Halfway between boxer shorts and boxer briefs, these plain and chic pieces of underwear are a concept created by M. Moore. With their simple colours and elegant cut, these slim-fitted undergarments offer a sensation of pure liberty.

As you probably already know, the current trend is far from being at the cutting-edge of technology and when we speak about modernity in multimedia, the first company we can think about is the apple-brand. The trendy and colourful brand Pull-In, with its unique patterns and bright colours, is the reference in terms of actual trends in underwear and successfully made a reference to this famous brand.

Don’t hesitate any longer and come discover your favorite underwear on Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear.