Until very recently, men and women who bought undergarments for their partners favoured briefs, often black, and without any pattern. However, times are changing and men are getting more and more involved in the choice of their undergarments, which have become genuine fashion accessories. They allocate a bigger budget to it and colour is now very popular.

Boxer briefs with fancy patterns have grown in popularity, as proven by the resounding success of brands such as Pull In and Björn Borg.

Moreover, fashion designers have initiated a deep change during the last 5 years and ready-to-wear clothing brands stepped into the breach and now display bright colours and big logos. It is the case of the brand Armani for example, which managed to transform its logo into a symbol of manliness, mostly because of its advertising campaigns featuring David Beckham.

Since then, the offer has changed and recentred on style. Materials are more sophisticated and brands are more concerned about the image they spread through their underwear collections. For example, Diesel worked with Lady Gaga’s and Vogue former designer, Nicola Formichetti, for one of its collections, displaying fancy patterns while being deep-rooted in the history of the brand.

Even designers who like sobriety begin to create colourful undergarments, especially with bright-coloured waistbands.

Here are a few examples of the latest trends:

Stonemen boxer briefs have reached the very top of originality in underwear and transform your undergarments into pictures.


The famous brand Pull In reinvented a collection with comics.

Pull In

Coup de Cœur and its relaxed boxer shorts: to feel good at home as well as in your everyday life.

Coup de Coeur


Maybe his name doesn’t sound familiar to you, but his body has been on the front page of the biggest men’s fashion magazines. Who is David James Gandy, this model with a very athletic body whom everyone is talking about? Model for the biggest brands and battle-hardened business man, he climbed the ladder to become the best-paid male model in the world.

Everything began in 2001, as his housemate registered him for The Morning Show. He was only 21 at that time and won the competition as well as a contract with the London modelling agency Select Model Management. Then, he encountered immediate success! After Zara, Hugo Boss and H&M (enough for David Beckham to be worried), he paraded for the first time in 2006 for Dolce & Gabbana, before becoming the face… and the body of the brand.


Underwear brands select their models carefully since successful models are now also business savvy. This businessman has even designed a range of products for Mark & Spencer: “Taking part in a project with Mark & Spencer was perfect for me. I had the opportunity to work with them on various projects before so it was logical to work together on my own range of products!”

Indeed, David Gandy’s style has found its fans: a combination of an extremely elegant vintage style and a masculine touch, chic and very assertive. Let’s be honest, according to David Gandy, “a man is a bulky guy with charism, just like Paul Newman before and David Beckham nowadays”. Thus, to be elegant in all circumstances, Solendro selected for you a few ideal undergarments. You, too, adopt David Gandy’s style!


Since elegance can be synonymous with comfort, these Dagobear boxer shorts with an American cut and a very refined style will provide you a hint of class and optimum comfort in all your movements.


These white briefs, a classic item of the brand Dolce & Gabbana which was worn by David Gandy during the underwear campaign of the brand, will perfectly hug your curves. Shaping and elegant, they will bring you the signature style of the brand.

Les Insurgés

These long boxer briefs by Les Insurgés will provide you optimum support thanks to their reinforced stitching. Their elastic waistband will enable them to perfectly adapt to your body to elegantly enhance your curves.


In 2013, a Russian painter fled his country to France after he had painted Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev back to back wearing women’s underwear.

Konstantin Altunin fled Russia to seek asylum in France after one of his compatriots informed on him to the police, estimating that “the paintings he exhibited were an infringement to Russian legislation”. The police immediately went to the Museum of Power, in Saint Petersburg, where the exhibition was taking place, and seized the paintings in order to “examine” them.

This intervention triggered a controversy about the place of homosexuality in Russia.

To make a long story short, undergarments are much talked about in Russia. Maybe not as much as on Solendro.com, but still. We thus wonder when we will see Angela Merkel or François Hollande in undergarments.

Moral of the story, whether you are a man or a woman, don’t hesitate to stand out from the crowd by buying men’s underwear on Solendro.com, especially since a wide range of new products is now available.


Bonnie & Clyde boxer briefs. This rather classical grey item will perfectly match all of your outfits.

Les Insurgés

These boxer briefs by Les Insurgés have very high-quality finishing touches and a close-fitting cut that will enable you to wear them with all types of clothes, from suits to more relaxed shorts.


Existential question if there is any: the choice of your undergarments. Since pouch briefs are considered “deal breakers” and teenager’s boxer shorts are not always very appealing, Solendro decided to make an overview of undergarments to avoid at all costs and others to favour, to be at your best, even under your trousers.

Pouch briefs (often white)

Labelled as « grandpa » undergarments, this item dating back to the 1920s famous for its very practical vertical opening, is not the sexiest piece of men’s underwear. This high-risk object is rather denigrated by women.
However, and even though we highly recommend not to wear them for a first date with the woman of your dreams, Solendro selected for you a few items by the brands Sloggi and Eminence.

Boxer briefs
Halfway between boxer shorts and briefs, boxer briefs provide optimum support and comfort while perfectly hugging your body. Contrary to boxer shorts, no need to spend hours to make them slip in your trousers.

Solendro selected short boxer briefs for the everyday life, long boxer briefs that are sportier, original items with bright patterns such as those by Björn Borg and Pull In, simple and elegant ones by Calvin Klein and brighter ones by Diesel. Now, it is up to you.

Slimming boxer briefs

Women don’t have the monopoly of slimming panties designed to make them look slimmer. French brands such as Mariner and Hom offer slimming boxer briefs with subtle colours to enable us to hide our bulges and to gain self-esteem.

 *In order not to chock the youngest ones, we decided not to speak about thongs and jockstraps… We hope than disillusioned people will understand this approach and forgive us.


For all those who feel lost in front of the wide range of men’s underwear, boxer briefs, briefs and boxer shorts offered on Solendro.com, we are here to give you fashion advice.

In order to choose your undergarments wisely, you have to understand their characteristics and the message these boxer briefs, boxer shorts or briefs will deliver to others.

The main characteristics of men’s undergarments are the type of underwear, the material from which they are made, their cut, the size of the waistband, the patterns, the values of the brand, and, of course, the colours!

In this article, we will analyse the secundary colours in order to help you wisely choose your boxer briefs.

Secundary colours:

Secundary colours are obtained by the combination of two primary colours. Those have different meanings and images from primary colours but also keep some of their characteristics.


Relaxing, refreshing and even invigorating, green represents nature, flora and life resulting from the combination of the yellow of the sun and the blue of water. This secondary colour can represent hope, growth, spring, concentration, permission (green light), regeneration (pharmacy, hospital) and fertility. However, green also represents inexperience (youth), illness, death (it is the colour of corpses and pus). According to the various tones of green, meanings can be different: darker greens (with more blue undertones) are closer to stability, faithfulness and wellness while lighter greens are closer to yellow, the colour of joy and libertinism. This colour perfectly matches brown, ochre, cream and taupe, other colours that can be found in nature.


Obtained by the combination of yellow and red, orange represents energy, joy, creativity, communication, security and optimism. Orange is balanced between the passion of red and the joy of yellow. It is the colour of autumn, as the leaves become orange and brown. It is also the sacred colour of Hinduism and Buddhism and it symbolises the renouncement to social life. It also represents the fire purifying bodies and passions and thus liberation. However, since it is a very bright colour, it has to be matched with tones of red and yellow or white. A colour to use carefully!


Resulting from the combination of blue and red, two antagonistic and rival primary colours, purple triggers intense reactions: whether you like it or you hate it. It represents at the same time dreams, peace, friendship, meditation but also melancholia and loneliness, which are the characteristics of blue. It also symbolises mystery, magic, and the unknown. In the Western culture, purple is associated with the nobility, authority and jealousy. It is also said to represent the penitence and mourning of clergy and fellowship members. Purple is a colour said to calm down emotions without confronting them, just like a glass of good wine. It is also the colour of dreamers or children thinking they are in a fairy world. Yet, it is very difficult to match and only white, black and brown pieces will be appropriate choices.

Now you know everything! You can chose your undergarments wisely on Solendro.com. More than 40 brands and 700 items are waiting for you!

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to answer all of your questions.


Even though we often speak about the style and colours of your undergarments, there are very few articles mentioning the health hazards linked to them. An overview of these health questions with Dr François Grima, a French urologist.

Support is good as long as it doesn’t come with compression

Indeed, excessive heat can be detrimental to spermatozoids. In the case of briefs for example, if testicles are too close to the body, they will heat up, thus reducing the richness of sperm.

Too much compression can lower the quality of sperm” explains the expert, before reassuring us “but briefs wearers don’t have to worry, it won’t make you infertile”.

You also have to take into account the material from which your undergarments are made from. According to Dr Grima, “it is better to opt for undergarments made from cotton. Of course, they won’t be as elastic as those made from Lycra, but they will enable your skin to breathe better and will avoid retaining perspiration”.

Preventing rubbing

On the contrary, if boxer shorts provide a greater freedom of movement, the lack of support of the genitals leaves the door open to rubbing. In some cases, it can lead to irritation and mycosis.

Thus, boxer briefs seem to be the ideal alternative since they offer support without too much compression and freedom of movement without excessive sloshing.

In the end, wouldn’t it be simpler to wear nothing?

In the purest tradition of the Naked Man, many men still advocate the pure and simple absence of undergarments. Even though it can be very useful in some circumstances (I won’t go further on this point), Dr Grima seems more skeptical: “the direct contact with trousers will lead to rubbing and scalds. Not to mention hygiene and a zip fastener accident can happen very quickly”.

We will especially keep this last point in mind.

The most important thing? Hygiene!

Thus, boxer briefs has only a very slight lead. However, “the type of undergarments you choose won’t fundamentally change much”, concludes François Grima. “The most important point is hygiene. Changing your undergarments everyday will prevent annoyance”.

Thank you Doc!


You decided to take the plunge and finally buy your undergarments on the Internet?

During your research, you find Solendro.com, the reference online store for men’s underwear which offers hundreds of boxer briefs, briefs and boxer shorts. You visit the website, choose a brand, a design, its colour and…you realise that you don’t know what your size is.

No worries, Solendro thought about you and created a size guide for men’s underwear. A real first!

Thanks to close collaboration with each one of the brands we work with, we will explain to you how to use this guide at best. It’s very simple.

Case 1: You usually wear Diesel boxer briefs and you want to try on Calvin Klein ones.
You only have to enter your usual brand and size, the way you feel in it, and the brand you want to try.

And voilà !

Case 1

Case 2: You know your waist circumference.

You just have to enter your waist circumference, the brand you want to buy, and the ideal size will automatically appear.

Case 2

Case 3: A detailed table of sizes, if any doubt subsists.

case 3

Now, to buy you boxer shorts, boxer briefs or briefs on Solendro.com, you can use the size guide!

You have to know that almost all brands of undergarments we sell are listed in the size guide to offer you optimum shopping conditions and be sure you are totally satisfied with our service.

You can then peacefully continue your shopping session on Solendro.com and regularly discover new brands and new items.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to answer all of your questions and give you advice if you need some.


Many men have a hard time going shopping, especially when it comes to choosing their undergarments. However, be careful! We deplore too often having chosen boxer shorts, boxer briefs or even briefs in which we don’t feel comfortable and we regret not to have taken a step back. Here are a few tips not to make the same mistakes again.

How to choose the right boxer shorts?

The first thing is to determine your size.

On Solendro.com, it is possible to compare the size of a pair of underwear with those of other brands thanks to the “size guide”. What is the equivalent of a size 40? M? No more doubts, now you can choose the size that fits you very easily.

Then, you have to take a look at the material your boxer shorts are made from because some are softer or more comfortable to wear than others, especially as some people (maybe you) have allergies or itching. In that case, cotton and elastomer remain sure bets, even though it is hard to refuse silk undergarments (socks for example).

Finally, when you will be wearing your new undergarments, they have to be like a second skin. You should feel so comfortable that you don’t even feel them.

A few tips for a great look…

Men’s undergarments have now become fashion accessories. They even became a fashion support with low-rise jeans. Whether you are in favour of this trend or not, what you wear remains very important.

At the moment, bright colours and patterns are very popular. Yet, whether you prefer classical or original undergarments, Solendro.com selected everything you need to please all of you.

Coup de Coeur

Coup de Cœur red boxer shorts with navy blue and white hearts. A cute and very heartwarming look!


Elegant undergarments that will be perfect on every occasion created by Dagobear.


These boxer shorts are must-have items in your wardrobe. Simple, elegant, comfortable, what more could you ask for?

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at +331 74 30 56 17, we will be glad to answer all of your questions.

Solendro.com – the reference online store for men’s underwear


You love being elegant? You wear suits to work? You only buy clothes from famous brands?

Elegance is caracterised by a very good taste in the choice of clothes (and undergarments).

It is the reason why the members of our team is constantly looking for elegant and refined boxer briefs for demanding customers.

We selected for you the best elegant boxer briefs of the moment among the most prestigious brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, the Alexis Mabille collection for the brand HOM and even elegant items by Eden Park.

Come discovers these elegant boxer briefs by Dolce & Gabbana:


Or this 2-pack Diesel boxer briefs:


Finally, you can come discover this 3-pack Calvin Klein boxer briefs.


Black, grey and, white, they have a perfect cut and are of very high quality.

Boxer briefs, boxer shorts, t-shirts, socks.

All the conditions are met to make your shopping on Solendro a very pleasant time.

Come also discover the latest models of Doré Doré and Burlington socks!


Doré Doré socks

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at +331 74 30 56 17, we will be glad to answer all of your questions.


You may already have heard about a French brand of undergarments called Le Slip Français. Established in September 2011 by Guillaume Gibault, this company wants to represent made-in-France products, which are presented by some people as a solution to the current crisis and are universally recognized as a quality guarantee. After various collaborations with very prestigious brands such as the lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam, Claudie Pierlot and even Agnès b., the French company wants to conquer the US market and bank on an offbeat campaign and French humour.

leo et sherry

This advertising campaign, called the Verylovetrip, is based on the story of Leo, a dummy that encountered a young a beautiful American girl called Sherry (a dummy, too) during the Fashion Week in Paris and has lost touch with her since then. Aiming at finding her at all costs (because everyone has the right to be madly in love), he will travel across the US, from the East to the West, from New-York to Los Angeles, to find his ladylove.

In order to fund this campaign that could be described as out of the ordinary, the brand launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a limited and exclusive collection which will, hopefully, enable to organise the trip of our dear Leo across the US and will maybe end with the creation of a pop-up store in Los Angeles.


The objective? Making known the 100% French brand across the pond thanks to the support of its community on social networks and to the offbeat image associated with the brand since the very beginning.

Strange guys those Gallics !