Yesterday at 10 am (local time), the website of the American magazine Entertainment Weekly released new exclusive pictures of the coming episode of the Star Wars series, which should be released on December 19th.

gal hux

This new episode of the saga, entitled The Force awakens and directed by J. J. Adams, portrays new villains, among whom Kylo Ren, who is, according to the scriptwriter himself, “full of emotions”. Several pictures of this eagerly awaited movie have been unveiled on Wednesday, among which photos of the of General Hux and Captain Phasma, respectively played by Domhnall Gleeson, famous for his role as Bill Weasley in Harry Potter and… Gwendoline Christie, well-known for her role as Brienne de Torth in the success series Games of Thrones.

captain phasma

These pieces of information, sparingly disclosed since a few months, only increase the suspense among the Star Wars fans, who hope to learn more at the Disney D23 conference that will be held this weekend in Anaheim, California.


For the occasion, the brand Celio designed a collection of Star Wars boxer briefs that is revealed, once again, sparingly but will come on within the next few months. Don’t hesitate to visit our website often to avoid missing the release of these exclusive products!


You are certainly already aware that the Comic Con will come in Paris on October 23rd to 25th with Franck Miller as guest of honour. This cartoonist, scriptwriter and filmmaker is renowned for its adaptations of famous comic book characters such as Batman and Daredevil.

However, for many people, the Comic Con also is a unique occasion to wear their most beautiful cosplays (or to create one for the occasion) and to let their inner geeks express themselves.

For the occasion, and to be sure that you will be perfectly prepared for this event, Solendro selected for you comfortable underwear featuring the icons of geek culture.

Captain America

Captain America boxer briefs by Pull In


Hulk’s boxer shorts

Just like in every Comic Con that respects itself, super heroes will have the place of honour this year. Whether you prefer the vintage look from the 1940s and the wisdom of Captain America or Hulk’s more… spirited mind, you can now buy boxer briefs displaying the former and the comfortable boxer shorts for lazy days of the latter.

Star wars

Star Wars boxer briefs by Celio

Since the end of the 1970s, Star Wars is a cult movie and has become an unavoidable element of geek culture. If you fail to transform into a stormtrooper for one day, these Celio boxer briefs will make sure the force is with you all day long.

Let’s now dive into the world of video games.


Achile arcade socks

Signature games of the 1970-80s, arcade games have since greatly lost in popularity after the arrival of various gaming consoles and computer games. However, they remain really popular among the biggest fans and collector’s pieces can sometimes reach sky-high prices.

Super mario 1

Super Mario boxer briefs by Celio

Speaking about console games, this year Celio designed a collection featuring the very famous and very popular Mario, now available on, to pay tribute to Satoru Iwata in your own way or let your inner child express himself.

vice city

Cop hill boxer briefs by Pull In

In a little bit less childish but just as popular category, GTA is also part of the video game series that became unavoidable over time. These boxer briefs designed by Pull In will undoubtedly remind you of the summery and urban atmosphere of Vice City for an eventful day.

Of course, you can also wear briefs. The only rule: wear them UNDER your trousers (even Superman stopped wearing them on top) and avoid at all costs body-hugging leggings made from Lycra.


As you surely already know, Satoru Iwata, who was CEO of Nintendo between 2002 and 2015, died on July, 11th, leaving behind him a video game heritage including among others the Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda series.

Quite filled with emotion by these sad news, the geeks in Solendro’s team decided to celebrate video games with underwear and to share their selection with you, which is ideal to fill you inner geek or eternal child with happiness.

Let’s begin with arcade games. Dating back to the 1930s for the first ones and widespread in the 1980s-1990s after the rise of the first electronic games, arcade games are now genuine collector’s pieces and can be sold for thousands of dollars. If you like their vintage style and you want to discreetly reveal your geek side, opt for the arcade products sold on Solendro!

Björn Bjork For HIm   Mc Galaxy Achile

Emblematic games of Nintendo that managed to cross decades and to appeal to several generations, the Mario series have undoubtedly marked your childhood. Find your favourite plumber on Solendro and add a hint of originality and a bit of fun to all your outfits!

Celio Super Mario

These Diesel boxer briefs will surely remind you of Mario Kart’s Rainbow road, considered the most dangerous level of all games in the Mario Kart series because of the surrounding emptiness.

Diesel Fresh and Bright

Finally, the colourful stains on these Splash boxer briefs by Achile will surely evoke the game Splatoon by Nintendo, which was released in May. Ideal for men who want to discreetly make a reference to their passion for video games.

Achile Splash

Come discover all these products and many more on Solendro!


This summer, Solendro doesn’t take a vacation and it is the occasion for us to surprise you! Indeed, we decided not to be idle and to offer an even wider range of products on our website so that you can have a larger choice of undergarments and never be short on new briefs or boxer briefs to discover!
You may have already noticed that during summer new products – namely original boxer briefs and boxer shorts – appeared on our website. They are not only new products but rather completely new brands that come to offer their new collections on Solendro.
Without further delay, let us introduce to you these brands and the sensational products they offer on our website!

Established by Maurice Grosman in 1978, the brand Celio was first named Cléo 3000 and only opened one store. Within 7 years, this store became a genuine concept, which made the opening of 5 other stores possible, the starting point of a true revolution in men’s clothing. The brand began to make a name for itself by expanding in France and reached the number of 100 stores in 1992, when it decided to develop internationally with retail outlets in Belgium, Italy and Spain. Since then, Celio has continued expanding and created new brands, such as Celio club, and launched new products to reach more customers. The brand also kept expanding internationally with 100 stores in India and a flagship in Mumbai, as well as one on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Celio Star warsCelio étoilesCelio carreaux

Lousy Livin. Established in 2012, this young German clothing brand climbs the ladder step by step thanks to clever collaborations and undergarments that totally break common colour codes to create surprising new items! Its website,, perfectly illustrates this originality that cannot let us indifferent and displays images of which only a few artists could have thought and that perfectly match its colour palette. It also uses smiley faces and a rather young communication style, like for example a huge sharing of photos on social networks to convey a lifestyle that is really close to the offbeat style of the brand.

LL blitzLL aLL toast

That is it for the first new brands of the summer! You will soon find others, such as Lacoste, CR7, Lotto and much more on Solendro 😉


Despite rumours and scientific theories, undergarments reportedly don’t have any impact on male fertility.
However, the absence of underwear is said to improve fertility. It is up to you to decide whether you want to spend your day with nothing on but your jeans. Uncomfortable? Pleasant ? Once again, the decision is yours.
Good news: your future as a daddy is not in danger, you will have the tremendous joy to change diapers and clean the vomit of your offspring.

That is the reason why Solendro offers underwear that will definitely not prevent you from becoming a father and keep your family jewels in a safe place.

Isn’t life beautiful?

Let’s begin with our selection of unbelievably soft boxer shorts that give you a freedom of movement like no other.

Boxer briefs are cool and all but old-fashioned!


Dagobear Squares boxer shorts

The bright colours of these Dagobear Squares boxer shorts will make you want to become a father.

Now, let’s talk about boxer briefs, which are your favourite piece of underwear!

Multicoloured boxer briefs by the famous brand Diesel, so trendy!


Diesel multicoloured boxer briefs

Original and offbeat boxer briefs by Célio, for a fall back into childhood.


Célio Space Invaders boxer briefs

Even though they are not really popular among men, briefs are making a come-back, are now trendy again and won’t prevent you from having children. Why would you hesitate?

Dolce & Gabbana Vintage briefs are one of the most beautiful briefs in our product catalogue and enhance the manliness and the masculinity of the wearer.


Dolce & Gabbana Vintage Boxe briefs

As you have understood, undergarments do not hinder you in your life as an accomplished man and you will be able to have children even if you wear them, so don’t hesitate and come visit Solendro!

For further information, don’t forget to call Marie at +331., she will be glad to help you.

Don’t forget, IN SOLENDRO WE TRUST ! 



The end of school year is coming, along with exams, finals, or professional encounters that you cannot miss.

Some people have lucky pens, trousers, « talismans », but the best lucky charms remains underwear.

Did you think about having some for your exams or meetings?

The best thing to do is visit Solendro to discover the models that will make you succeed!

We have compiled for you these “lucky pairs of underwear”:

These Star Wars boxer briefs by Celio will make sure the force is with you.  sw

Dreamers and those who want to get away after the exams will surely like the  Rétroviseurs boxer briefs by Pull-In pull in

As for people who are always feeling anxious and would like to bring the whole library when taking their exams, the Literature boxer shorts by Arthur are perfect for you!


And finally, these Sunset boxer briefs by Stonemen will make you think about the holidays to come, the long walkswith your ladylove and the cocktails on the beach.


Many other models are available on Solendro and don’t forget, IN SOLENDRO WE TRUST!