Until very recently, men and women who bought undergarments for their partners favoured briefs, often black, and without any pattern. However, times are changing and men are getting more and more involved in the choice of their undergarments, which have become genuine fashion accessories. They allocate a bigger budget to it and colour is now very popular.

Boxer briefs with fancy patterns have grown in popularity, as proven by the resounding success of brands such as Pull In and Björn Borg.

Moreover, fashion designers have initiated a deep change during the last 5 years and ready-to-wear clothing brands stepped into the breach and now display bright colours and big logos. It is the case of the brand Armani for example, which managed to transform its logo into a symbol of manliness, mostly because of its advertising campaigns featuring David Beckham.

Since then, the offer has changed and recentred on style. Materials are more sophisticated and brands are more concerned about the image they spread through their underwear collections. For example, Diesel worked with Lady Gaga’s and Vogue former designer, Nicola Formichetti, for one of its collections, displaying fancy patterns while being deep-rooted in the history of the brand.

Even designers who like sobriety begin to create colourful undergarments, especially with bright-coloured waistbands.

Here are a few examples of the latest trends:

Stonemen boxer briefs have reached the very top of originality in underwear and transform your undergarments into pictures.


The famous brand Pull In reinvented a collection with comics.

Pull In

Coup de Cœur and its relaxed boxer shorts: to feel good at home as well as in your everyday life.

Coup de Coeur


Existential question if there is any: the choice of your undergarments. Since pouch briefs are considered “deal breakers” and teenager’s boxer shorts are not always very appealing, Solendro decided to make an overview of undergarments to avoid at all costs and others to favour, to be at your best, even under your trousers.

Pouch briefs (often white)

Labelled as « grandpa » undergarments, this item dating back to the 1920s famous for its very practical vertical opening, is not the sexiest piece of men’s underwear. This high-risk object is rather denigrated by women.
However, and even though we highly recommend not to wear them for a first date with the woman of your dreams, Solendro selected for you a few items by the brands Sloggi and Eminence.

Boxer briefs
Halfway between boxer shorts and briefs, boxer briefs provide optimum support and comfort while perfectly hugging your body. Contrary to boxer shorts, no need to spend hours to make them slip in your trousers.

Solendro selected short boxer briefs for the everyday life, long boxer briefs that are sportier, original items with bright patterns such as those by Björn Borg and Pull In, simple and elegant ones by Calvin Klein and brighter ones by Diesel. Now, it is up to you.

Slimming boxer briefs

Women don’t have the monopoly of slimming panties designed to make them look slimmer. French brands such as Mariner and Hom offer slimming boxer briefs with subtle colours to enable us to hide our bulges and to gain self-esteem.

 *In order not to chock the youngest ones, we decided not to speak about thongs and jockstraps… We hope than disillusioned people will understand this approach and forgive us.


In  2013, in order to show that they disapproved the new dress code established in a Hungarian university, students decided to go to class wearing undergarments.

The university in Kaposvar, Hungary, had enforced a new dress code and the director of the university had established very stringent and compulsory rules that banned flip flops and sandals as well as tank tops and low-necked garments.

The result? Closed blouses for girls and not too much make up or perfume.

It reminds us about a similar story in Tajikistan, where female students had to wear high heels.

In front of this new regulation, very discontented students decided to attend their dramatic arts class wearing undergarments!

But there is more: Hungarian students also had to cut their nails and wash their hair. Even though it is part of basic hygiene rules, students were fed up and decided to show they could be resilient! To prove it, they also organised an other demonstration on October 7th, 2013, this time with swimsuits and dressing gowns.

If you, too, want to demonstrate at home and assert yourselves with particular choices of undergarments, Solendro has the solution and selected for you several original items that will make you a funny and offbeat man!

Let’s begin with a pair of socks by the brand Achile.


These socks represent the very famous and old arcade games. Besides their undeniable originality, they will provide you optimum comfort and will surely remind you of your childhood.

You want to be a bit trendier to demonstrate? You can definitely wear these Pull In boxer briefs with fast food patterns.


Master Rosti boxer briefs by the brand Pull In

Finally, what do you think about bringing a hint of colour to your undergarments?


We selected for you these Diesel multicoloured short boxer briefs with an elastic waistband and front lining for optimum support.

Don’t wait longer to revolutionise your undergarments and come discover all our items on Solendro!


You decided to take the plunge and finally buy your undergarments on the Internet?

During your research, you find Solendro.com, the reference online store for men’s underwear which offers hundreds of boxer briefs, briefs and boxer shorts. You visit the website, choose a brand, a design, its colour and…you realise that you don’t know what your size is.

No worries, Solendro thought about you and created a size guide for men’s underwear. A real first!

Thanks to close collaboration with each one of the brands we work with, we will explain to you how to use this guide at best. It’s very simple.

Case 1: You usually wear Diesel boxer briefs and you want to try on Calvin Klein ones.
You only have to enter your usual brand and size, the way you feel in it, and the brand you want to try.

And voilà !

Case 1

Case 2: You know your waist circumference.

You just have to enter your waist circumference, the brand you want to buy, and the ideal size will automatically appear.

Case 2

Case 3: A detailed table of sizes, if any doubt subsists.

case 3

Now, to buy you boxer shorts, boxer briefs or briefs on Solendro.com, you can use the size guide!

You have to know that almost all brands of undergarments we sell are listed in the size guide to offer you optimum shopping conditions and be sure you are totally satisfied with our service.

You can then peacefully continue your shopping session on Solendro.com and regularly discover new brands and new items.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to answer all of your questions and give you advice if you need some.


After the success of the first part, we had to make a second one. Top 5 of new improbable poses in fashion.

# 5: Grandmother’s footsteps


Jo Wilfried is ready to jump, run or to do I don’t know quite what wearing a woolen coat, which could rapidly turn out to be hindering. This picture reminds us of the pose we take when playing grandmother’s footsteps. Shifty eyes and stretched arms to spice up the game a little bit. There we are. But since the devil is in the detail, we have no choice but to greatly appreciate the athletic performance. Indeed, Jo Wilfried manages to perfectly stand on tiptoes. Perfect mastery of calves and thighs. Well done!

#4: Where is the stepladder ?

citadin bohème

It is Sunday afternoon and we find ourselves in the middle of a painting session against our will. Taking part reluctantly to an episode of a house makeover television series, our very chic friend has to be very skillful. A malfunction or an off-guard moment and the orange trousers become two-coloured. Above all, there is the existential question that all amateur painters inevitably ask themselves. Damn! I went over the edges. How can I fix that?

#3: Could you repeat the question?

vous pouvez répéter la question

Frowning, with a finger on his temple as if he was intensely reflecting in vain, we easily imagine this one in the shoes of a television quiz game candidate who asks the host to repeat the question ten times before saying “I’ll pass” looking put out. Leaning more or less uncertainly on a black cube, a foot on another, his elbow on the thigh, we first wonder how somebody could adopt such a position to think (and do anything else by the way) and we easily understand why this young man looks so lost: you can’t at the same time focus on your balance, on your look and think properly. So, just stand properly and you keep in mind that look isn’t everything.

#2: Mirror, Mirror on the wall…


Diesel hit hard this year with its new advertising campaign Hero Fit in which models are photographed in a bathroom. Muscular bodies and tattoos are there as usual but some of the poses are hardly understandable. An overview…

At first sight in this picture, nothing is out of the ordinary: a man, apparently proud of his body, is taking a selfie in the bathroom, wearing extremely skin-tight briefs. Up to this point, everything is fine. However, taking a closer look, the girls at Solendro noticed a few disturbing details.

First of all, the pink shower curtain. Just why?! Despite the fact that this colour makes the blue colour of the briefs stand out, we don’t understand. Orange or yellow had had the same effect and wouldn’t have broken the image of a manly man that this guy is apparently trying to give.

Then, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the shower head seems to come up to his torso. The question is: how does he wash himself? Either he only takes baths (you can’t be both beautiful and environmentally friendly), or he makes contortions like the acrobats of the Cirque du Soleil every morning. Not really practical.

Finally, we would like to point out the round mirror on the right of the picture, which « discreetly » highlights the private parts of this gentleman. Just in case the briefs weren’t body-hugging enough.

#1: I’m feeling myself


I think we have a winner here. Sprawled on the loo, legs spread, smartphone in the hands, this one seems to have fun. We wonder what he can be doing. If you look carefully, it looks like he is taking a picture, but of what? We’ll let you ponder on that.

We were also tempted to make a comment on the leopard towel, hung behind this merry young man, but we will refrain from doing so. After all, everybody has different tastes and this towel is undoubtedly very soft.

However, if there is one thing unacceptable about this picture, it is the laundry basket that is more than full and has pride of place right next to the loo. Apparently too busy taking pictures in his bathroom (by the way, it could be a good idea to change his spot), he forgot to do the laundry.

What are the poses you find the most improbable ?


As you surely already know, Satoru Iwata, who was CEO of Nintendo between 2002 and 2015, died on July, 11th, leaving behind him a video game heritage including among others the Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda series.

Quite filled with emotion by these sad news, the geeks in Solendro’s team decided to celebrate video games with underwear and to share their selection with you, which is ideal to fill you inner geek or eternal child with happiness.

Let’s begin with arcade games. Dating back to the 1930s for the first ones and widespread in the 1980s-1990s after the rise of the first electronic games, arcade games are now genuine collector’s pieces and can be sold for thousands of dollars. If you like their vintage style and you want to discreetly reveal your geek side, opt for the arcade products sold on Solendro!

Björn Bjork For HIm   Mc Galaxy Achile

Emblematic games of Nintendo that managed to cross decades and to appeal to several generations, the Mario series have undoubtedly marked your childhood. Find your favourite plumber on Solendro and add a hint of originality and a bit of fun to all your outfits!

Celio Super Mario

These Diesel boxer briefs will surely remind you of Mario Kart’s Rainbow road, considered the most dangerous level of all games in the Mario Kart series because of the surrounding emptiness.

Diesel Fresh and Bright

Finally, the colourful stains on these Splash boxer briefs by Achile will surely evoke the game Splatoon by Nintendo, which was released in May. Ideal for men who want to discreetly make a reference to their passion for video games.

Achile Splash

Come discover all these products and many more on Solendro!

We all noticed it during the last 10 days: summer has finally come and was felt in all Europe with a short heatwave! Don’t be too hasty with your rejoicing about the return of fresher temperatures however: heat is supposed to come back Friday and for this occasion, Solendro decided to help you to choose you undergarments wisely to prevent you from dying of heat without necessarily have to stay next to your fan all day long.

First of all, let’s talk about synthetic fibres. Light and open, they will enable your skin to breathe while providing you the comfort and the lightness that are much sought after during a heatwave.


The +: Its silky aspect and its fastness to dry, thanks to its perspirant properties.

The -: Such as many other synthetic materials, it can retain odours if you exercise intensively and sweat much wearing them.

Ck nylon

Calvin Klein | Black nylon briefs on Solendro.com


It is the perfect material if you are looking for a second-skin sensation. You will feel free and fresh even in the sun.

Eminence modal

Eminence | 2-Pack black micromodal boxer briefs on Solendro.com

Hom modal

Hom | Anniversary Modal and polyester boxer briefs on Solendro.com

Eminence modal et coton

Eminence | Club white modal and cotton boxer briefs on Solendro.com

The mix of cotton and modal will bring you the comfort provided by cotton clothes and the freshness and breathing characteristics of micromodal for a much more pleasurable summer.

100% Cotton

100% cotton materials can be criticized since they easily absorb perspiration and are not necessarily the most pleasant material to wear if you tend to sweat rapidly when it’s very hot outside.

However, when weather is beautiful but not too hot, or if you don’t take the tube to work, you won’t sweat excessively in your underwear. 100% cotton is thus the ideal material to stay fresh, comfortable and avoid rubbing.

d&g 100% coton

Dolce & Gabbana | Plain black 100% cotton midi briefs

d&g boxer 100% coton

Dolce & Gabbana | Grey 100% cotton boxer briefs on Solendro.com

I reckon that most of these items are briefs or boxer briefs. However wearing boxer shorts during summer, especially under a pair of jeans, is a source of itching, rubbing and discomfort because of a bad combination as soon as you sweat a little.

Despite that, wearing boxer shorts at home, or using them as pyjamas during summer, provides an unequalled sensation of well-being that numerous men love when they come back after a long day at work. Here are boxer shorts that I hope you will like as much as I do.

Diesel caleçon

Diesel | Grey chequered 100% cotton boxer shorts

This article was only a little overview of the various products you can find on Solendro. Do not hesitate to come discover the rest during summer sales!


Fancy undergarments are gaining in popularity: with brands like Pull In or Björn Borg, you are more and more to wear fancy boxer briefs.

Following this success, various brands now design fancy collections, such as Puma, eGo, Diesel, Coup de Coeur or even Calvin Klein. These boxer briefs are always made from elastane, a sexy material that girls love.

Of course, to my mind, Pull In remains the top brand in fancy men’s undergarments with mythical collections and partnerships with some of the greatest French brands such as Eleven Paris.

Fancy boxer briefs are relatively coherent in their colours and offer rather flashy designs.

bjorn bjork

Björn Bjork boxer briefs

Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans boxer briefs

Pull In

Pull In boxer briefs

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at +331 74 30 56 17, we will be glad to answer your questions.

Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear.


As warmer weather approaches, we are looking for softness and maybe new underwear. Indeed, summer is coming along with sunny and warm days. Yet, sun comes with heat and heat is synonymous with relaxed outfits that let appear a great deal of skin. Yes, summer is this time of the year when the words “restraint”, “classical”, “inhibited” or even “shy” make themselves inconspicuous.

A period of silliness, trickery and endless drinking spree is waiting for you and it is the perfect occasion for you to relax, have fun and greatly enjoy this time of the year when souls wander and sheep move away from the herd.

To have all eyes turned towards you and live summer to the full, Solendro offers you its original collection.

spray can

First undergarments of our selection: the “Spray Can” boxer briefs by the very original brand Pull-In.


These very original Diesel boxer briefs will surely attract more than one. Yet, originality is not necessarily synonymous with bad quality, it is even quite the opposite: on Solendro, all products are of irreproachable quality.


The very young brand Dagobear designed these high-quality chequered turquoise boxer briefs to perfectly mingle in the scenery of sunny days. These light undergarments made from cotton will provide you all the comfort you need.


Finally, to end this prestigious selection, there are the “Strawberrys” boxer briefs, rather original, that will be well received by the most fanciful among yourselves. Their innovative material is made from a mix of polyester and lycra and their cut will provide you a great freedom of movement and optimum comfort.

For further information, fell free to contact us at +331., we will be glad to answer all your questions.

Come discover our summer selection on Solendro and take advantage of our best offers and our other products.


Despite rumours and scientific theories, undergarments reportedly don’t have any impact on male fertility.
However, the absence of underwear is said to improve fertility. It is up to you to decide whether you want to spend your day with nothing on but your jeans. Uncomfortable? Pleasant ? Once again, the decision is yours.
Good news: your future as a daddy is not in danger, you will have the tremendous joy to change diapers and clean the vomit of your offspring.

That is the reason why Solendro offers underwear that will definitely not prevent you from becoming a father and keep your family jewels in a safe place.

Isn’t life beautiful?

Let’s begin with our selection of unbelievably soft boxer shorts that give you a freedom of movement like no other.

Boxer briefs are cool and all but old-fashioned!


Dagobear Squares boxer shorts

The bright colours of these Dagobear Squares boxer shorts will make you want to become a father.

Now, let’s talk about boxer briefs, which are your favourite piece of underwear!

Multicoloured boxer briefs by the famous brand Diesel, so trendy!


Diesel multicoloured boxer briefs

Original and offbeat boxer briefs by Célio, for a fall back into childhood.


Célio Space Invaders boxer briefs

Even though they are not really popular among men, briefs are making a come-back, are now trendy again and won’t prevent you from having children. Why would you hesitate?

Dolce & Gabbana Vintage briefs are one of the most beautiful briefs in our product catalogue and enhance the manliness and the masculinity of the wearer.


Dolce & Gabbana Vintage Boxe briefs

As you have understood, undergarments do not hinder you in your life as an accomplished man and you will be able to have children even if you wear them, so don’t hesitate and come visit Solendro!

For further information, don’t forget to call Marie at +331., she will be glad to help you.

Don’t forget, IN SOLENDRO WE TRUST !