Maybe his name doesn’t sound familiar to you, but his body has been on the front page of the biggest men’s fashion magazines. Who is David James Gandy, this model with a very athletic body whom everyone is talking about? Model for the biggest brands and battle-hardened business man, he climbed the ladder to become the best-paid male model in the world.

Everything began in 2001, as his housemate registered him for The Morning Show. He was only 21 at that time and won the competition as well as a contract with the London modelling agency Select Model Management. Then, he encountered immediate success! After Zara, Hugo Boss and H&M (enough for David Beckham to be worried), he paraded for the first time in 2006 for Dolce & Gabbana, before becoming the face… and the body of the brand.


Underwear brands select their models carefully since successful models are now also business savvy. This businessman has even designed a range of products for Mark & Spencer: “Taking part in a project with Mark & Spencer was perfect for me. I had the opportunity to work with them on various projects before so it was logical to work together on my own range of products!”

Indeed, David Gandy’s style has found its fans: a combination of an extremely elegant vintage style and a masculine touch, chic and very assertive. Let’s be honest, according to David Gandy, “a man is a bulky guy with charism, just like Paul Newman before and David Beckham nowadays”. Thus, to be elegant in all circumstances, Solendro selected for you a few ideal undergarments. You, too, adopt David Gandy’s style!


Since elegance can be synonymous with comfort, these Dagobear boxer shorts with an American cut and a very refined style will provide you a hint of class and optimum comfort in all your movements.


These white briefs, a classic item of the brand Dolce & Gabbana which was worn by David Gandy during the underwear campaign of the brand, will perfectly hug your curves. Shaping and elegant, they will bring you the signature style of the brand.

Les Insurgés

These long boxer briefs by Les Insurgés will provide you optimum support thanks to their reinforced stitching. Their elastic waistband will enable them to perfectly adapt to your body to elegantly enhance your curves.


You love being elegant? You wear suits to work? You only buy clothes from famous brands?

Elegance is caracterised by a very good taste in the choice of clothes (and undergarments).

It is the reason why the members of our team is constantly looking for elegant and refined boxer briefs for demanding customers.

We selected for you the best elegant boxer briefs of the moment among the most prestigious brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, the Alexis Mabille collection for the brand HOM and even elegant items by Eden Park.

Come discovers these elegant boxer briefs by Dolce & Gabbana:


Or this 2-pack Diesel boxer briefs:


Finally, you can come discover this 3-pack Calvin Klein boxer briefs.


Black, grey and, white, they have a perfect cut and are of very high quality.

Boxer briefs, boxer shorts, t-shirts, socks.

All the conditions are met to make your shopping on Solendro a very pleasant time.

Come also discover the latest models of Doré Doré and Burlington socks!


Doré Doré socks

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Too often, men feel uncomfortable in their undergarments.

First of all, you have to distinguish vegetable materials (cotton, modal) from synthetic ones (nylon, Lycra).

Underwear made from cotton?

Undergarments made from cotton will be your best allies during busy days. Naturally hypoallergenic, cotton is used to manufacture various types of clothes, especially for kids. Cotton is a very breathing and comfortable material. However, it is likely to stretch at the end of the day or after several consecutive uses (which is not recommended) but it will go back in its initial shape after washing.

Synthetic materials?

Elastane (also known as Lycra) and polyester (nylon) are the most common synthetic materials. In all cases, you can’t choose randomly. If you are rather sporty or sweat a lot, opt for polyester. You are sure to have fresh underwear that breathes. Moreover, this material dries quickly.

Elastane is rarely used on its own because it is not very pleasant to wear and is mostly combined with other materials to make them more flexible.

Here are a few examples of undergarments that will please you for sure:

Pull In

These Pull In boxer briefs made from polyester and elastane will undoubtedly appeal to you. They are very pleasant to wear and deliciously original!


These Ralph Lauren boxer briefs made from cotton and Lycra will slip effortlessly under all your clothes!


Finally, these Dolce & Gabbana boxer briefs made from 100% cotton are both simple and elegant.


The clothing chain Marks & Spencer recently claimed that around a half of men’s undergarments sold by its stores were bought by women. In the meantime, the luxury brand ACNE Studio is launching an underwear line with a “neutral style”. Are men’s undergarments the latest unisex trend?

According to Marks & Spencer, well-known for its status as official empire of British underwear, women begin to buy men’s undergarments not aiming at offering them to their partners. Indeed, almost a half of men’s underwear is bought by women. Even though it is difficult to assess if these customers buy these for themselves or for their partners, the retail chain wondered if it suggests that men’s undergarments now belong to the shared account for women, regardless of if they wear them themselves or not.

All underwear brands such as Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabanna already admitted designing their collections keeping in mind the seduction of women.


Rosie for Autograph short

After the launch of unisex undergarments and the recent success of collections of boxer shorts and boxer briefs inspired by women’s lingerie, men’s underwear is reaching new customers. Women also want the comfort provided by long boxer briefs and the lightness of boxer shorts made from cotton, but in a more refined style, of course. If men’s undergarments are the new must-have products of women, the reverse seems more unlikely to happen.

Come discover all our products on Solendro.com!


Durex Australia had the wonderful idea to design unusual undergarments for couples who live separately.

These undergarments are like no others: they vibrate! They offer a feeling of closeness with your ladylove, which is really important.

The vibrating system is connected to an iPhone application. The two partners can’t maybe see each other, but they can touch each other at a distance away!

It is a revolution for couples who live in different cities, countries and even on different continents. The only question is: when will it be commecialised? Thanks to this invention, you will be able to skip your now boring talks to the advantage of inflamed discussions that will come with pleasure and amusement.

In the meantime, you can come on our website to please your partner.

Regular boxer briefs by the famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana:


Mariner briefs, a very trendy item:


Lucky trunk boxer briefs by Tommy Hilfiger will please you with their softness and look.


And finally the classical boxer briefs by Coup de Cœur, for lovers and passionate ones.

coup de coeur

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Experts claim loudly and clearly that boxer briefs will have to compete with revenants: old basic briefs are back in men’s drawers! Forget your bias about briefs, those undergarments that you wore when you were a child and that you later abandoned in favour of parachute boxer shorts or too tight boxer briefs are making a comeback!

Willing to offer you the best undergarments of the moment, Solendro selected for you briefs that are at the same time classical and trendy. Gentlemen, this selection has been made especially for you. You have to remain at the cutting edge of fashion and style. Surprise your relatives and your female conquests by being both audacious and elegant. It is clear that one of our briefs will give you the self-confidence you need!

Here are the first briefs of our selection. Black, simple and classical, they will bring you the little extra that changes everything, your life will take an unexpected and exciting turn. Don’t be afraid and have a try!

Eminence briefs

The next item is utterly prestigious. Indeed, these elegant and classical briefs by Dolce & Gabbana are ideal for special occasions. Their cut will provide you great freedom of movement. Moreover, the logo of the brand is embroidered on the waistband of these magnificent briefs that will please all fans of Italy.

D&G briefs

Jersey briefs will provide you all the comfort you need. Moreover, these are manufactured by the prestigious and famous brand Mariner, which managed to impose itself among customers as a reliable company designing high-quality products.

Mariner briefs

What would our collection of trendy briefs be without undergarments especially designed for athletes? We selected briefs adapted to the characteristics of athletes and providing optimum comfort especially for you.

CK briefs

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Do you prefer briefs or boxer shorts? Even though comfort and quality are two main criteria when it comes to the choice of your undergarments, style is not left behind. Indeed, 50% of men are willing to pay the price for comfortable underwear, provided that it enhances their curves.

#1: Boxer briefs, always more popular!

60% of men wear boxer briefs every day! Both comfortable and really trendy, these undergarments provide unequalled support. An other good point: they are affordable! They are now one of the greatest classics of men’s undergarments and are offered by many brands, such as Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani or even Dolce & Gabbana for the highest-end ones and by brands such as Dim and Eminence for the most affordable. Their cut and the materials they are made from make them must-have products in your wardrobe. What about style? These undergarments are often renewed by brands, which can thus offer a large choice of elegant and original styles.

# 2: Boxer shorts are going out of the drawers!

Abandoned by men’s fashion since the 2000s, boxer shorts are making a strong comeback thanks to new designs that are cut better and more modern! Always more men choose to wear boxer shorts again for their inimitable style. Brands such as Dagobear or Arthur rejuvenate the image of boxer shorts thanks to checks or stripes for a family spirit while others such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or even Tommy Hilfiger bring a hint of elegance to them while keeping traditional patterns of boxer shorts. A compromise that ensures a bright future to these pieces of underwear.

# 3: Briefs are getting a makeover!

Traditional white briefs are getting a makeover! Now colourful, fun and original, comfortable briefs of today are stylish. Despite the preference of European men for boxer briefs and boxer shorts, briefs are still flagship items of high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Emporio Armani, which didn’t hesitate to launch briefs that were better-cut and closer-fitting, symbols of class and sensuality!

Come on Solendro and choose yours!

We all noticed it during the last 10 days: summer has finally come and was felt in all Europe with a short heatwave! Don’t be too hasty with your rejoicing about the return of fresher temperatures however: heat is supposed to come back Friday and for this occasion, Solendro decided to help you to choose you undergarments wisely to prevent you from dying of heat without necessarily have to stay next to your fan all day long.

First of all, let’s talk about synthetic fibres. Light and open, they will enable your skin to breathe while providing you the comfort and the lightness that are much sought after during a heatwave.


The +: Its silky aspect and its fastness to dry, thanks to its perspirant properties.

The -: Such as many other synthetic materials, it can retain odours if you exercise intensively and sweat much wearing them.

Ck nylon

Calvin Klein | Black nylon briefs on Solendro.com


It is the perfect material if you are looking for a second-skin sensation. You will feel free and fresh even in the sun.

Eminence modal

Eminence | 2-Pack black micromodal boxer briefs on Solendro.com

Hom modal

Hom | Anniversary Modal and polyester boxer briefs on Solendro.com

Eminence modal et coton

Eminence | Club white modal and cotton boxer briefs on Solendro.com

The mix of cotton and modal will bring you the comfort provided by cotton clothes and the freshness and breathing characteristics of micromodal for a much more pleasurable summer.

100% Cotton

100% cotton materials can be criticized since they easily absorb perspiration and are not necessarily the most pleasant material to wear if you tend to sweat rapidly when it’s very hot outside.

However, when weather is beautiful but not too hot, or if you don’t take the tube to work, you won’t sweat excessively in your underwear. 100% cotton is thus the ideal material to stay fresh, comfortable and avoid rubbing.

d&g 100% coton

Dolce & Gabbana | Plain black 100% cotton midi briefs

d&g boxer 100% coton

Dolce & Gabbana | Grey 100% cotton boxer briefs on Solendro.com

I reckon that most of these items are briefs or boxer briefs. However wearing boxer shorts during summer, especially under a pair of jeans, is a source of itching, rubbing and discomfort because of a bad combination as soon as you sweat a little.

Despite that, wearing boxer shorts at home, or using them as pyjamas during summer, provides an unequalled sensation of well-being that numerous men love when they come back after a long day at work. Here are boxer shorts that I hope you will like as much as I do.

Diesel caleçon

Diesel | Grey chequered 100% cotton boxer shorts

This article was only a little overview of the various products you can find on Solendro. Do not hesitate to come discover the rest during summer sales!


To improve their sex appeal, many women bank on alluring undergarments and more and more men are becoming aware that their undergarments can be genuine weapons of mass seduction.

It is for example the case of these classical briefs by Emporio Armani made from black stretch cotton. Thanks to technologies such as the pack-up, the flashback or even the active shape, they will create a “big cock” effect and enhance the attributes of the wearer.

Thanks to a range of products adapted to all styles and situations, Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear, already appealed to many men and helped them find the perfect briefs, boxer briefs or boxer shorts to boost their sex appeal.

This article is a compilation of the sexiest items. Indeed, some brands have a natural sensuality, such as Sloggi, Hom or even Dolce & Gabbana.


Emporio Armani black stretch cotton briefs

This first article from the brand HOM is a sure bet in men’s underwear. These elegant boxer briefs made from stretch cotton will perfectly adapt to your curves and enhance your bottom.


The second item of our selection are Dolce & Gabbana briefs at £23.60 instead of £26.18 on Solendro, that is to say a discount of 10%. Besides their undeniable elegance, these briefs provide utmost comfort and softness, typical of the famous Italian brand. The bonus of these briefs is the optimum support they offer, that will enhance the attributes of the wearer.


Black Dolce & Gabbana Classic briefs

The last item we selected for you are Sloggi briefs. Their classical look and their elegance come from the details and finishing touches: their thin waistband with thin stipes and the name of the brand that is embroidered on it. 2-Packs are available on Solendro at £18.90.


Sloggi elegant and classical briefs

If you want to boost your sex appeal and self-confidence or discover our other products, don’t hesitate and come visit Solendro.


Summer trends by Solendro

Summer is coming, along with heat and long walks under the sun. It is time to renew your wardrobe and to adapt it to the current season, without forgetting underwear!

What are the summer trends? What materials and colours to favour?

Like every summer, marine blue and white colours make a strong comeback and remind us about the seashore, the Mediterranean coasts and Greece.

These discreet colours easily and discreetly slip under all outfits, even the lightest. As for the patterns, you should favour simplicity and marine stripes are perfectly adapted to holidays by the sea!

These Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs are particularly recommended to go to sea or go for a walk in the port.

Tommy hilfiger

Lucky trunk – Tommy Hilfiger

To give a little bit of peps and energy to your outfit, red will be the perfect colour. A dynamising and warm red that reminds you that summer is not only synonymous with idleness, but is also the time of the year when the days are the longest and full of adventures. To be perfectly prepared for these long days of activities, don’t forget your Kaporal boxer briefs! Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, they are light to wear, hypoallergenic, anti-odour, breathing and anti-perspiration.


So Far So Bad Kaporal Boxer briefs

The gingham style of these chequered Dagobear boxer shorts will be ideal to have breakfast on a terrace or at the pool.


Dagobear Squares boxer shorts

In summer, it is also time to shorten and lighten clothes layers, including underwear! This is the reason why briefs are worth considering provided that they are very simple, like these elegant Dolce & Gabbana white briefs.


Dolce & Gabbana Black & White Briefs

Come discover a wide range of men’s underwear on Solendro!