Men’s lingerie? The brand HommeMystere made it possible thanks to its new collection of lingerie intended for the “stronger sex”. Even though they cannot borrow their girlfriends’ undergarments, men now have their own line of sexy lingerie.

Indeed, the Australian brand designs bras, knickers, thongs and undershirts perfectly adapted to men’s bodies and even explains: “We design men’s lingerie. No matter if you are gay, straight, vegan or an alien”.

This concept may seem surprising, but some men think that it isn’t abnormal or sick: it simply shows that dress codes have changed and some people are willing to be comfortable with it.

Contrary to clichés, sexual preferences reportedly don’t have any influence since, according to HommeMystere, many men take advantage of the absence of their girlfriends to discreetly try on their lingerie. To support this idea, the site uses various photos displaying men and women that are happy to wear the same undergarments.

This trend is not new and can also be observed among women, who wear men’s underwear more and more often.

Our undergarments reportedly became genuine style accessories and brands began to understand it, as well as Solendro.

We want to show you some models that should appeal to you despite their lack of femininity (because David Beckham wearing knickers would surely be far less sexy than in one of these boxer briefs…):


Ralph Lauren classical black boxer briefs. Comfortable, soft, trendy, what more could you ask for?

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger blue boxer briefs with a contrasting waistband for an original and sporty look.


Dolce & Gabbana elegant and very chic boxer briefs that will stand out thanks to their splendid burgundy colour.


Spring is here, the sun is shining and we are tempted to wear original underwear. But is there something better than a classic, clean style and simple and comfortable undergarments?

Nothing is better than plain-coloured boxer shorts to go working or boxer briefs to exercise.

Solendro is here to show you the latest models to keep it simple and be elegant.


These Calvin Klein CK Bold boxer briefs will follow you during your workdays and are also perfect to wear during your lazy days at home.

They are classic but elegant and will surely appeal to your lover.


Dolce & Gabbana Classic boxer briefs are comfortable, simple but trendy.

This model will appeal to you thanks to its chic and classical style.

They also exist in white and marine blue and you can discover them on Solendro’s online store.


 These polka dots Arthur boxer shorts will appeal to you thanks to their original and trendy design.

They will follow you during evenings with your family or days when you stay at home.

You will be pleased by their offbeat but elegant style.

The American cut will offer you optimum comfort.

Arthur collection also includes striped or chequered models that you can discover on Solendro.

You will surely like other models of classic, trendy and above all chic underwear.

Come discover them on Solendro !


Father’s day is coming soon all over the world (a little reminder to prevent you from wasting 15 seconds googling it: it is on June 21st) and on this occasion, Solendro is here to help you and compiled a little selection of products that your father could love. We tried to take various products to please all ages and all styles, no matter the clothing style of your father.

#1 – For boxer briefs fans:

Boxer briefs are the most popular undergarments in France and account for more than 50% of the underwear market thanks to the comfort and quality they offer. Since they are more and more common among all ages, if you are not totally sure about what type of underwear your father usually wears, opt for boxer briefs: at worst you will make your father discover comfortable undergarments.

The classic Calvin Klein boxer briefs:


3-pack Calvin Klein stretch cotton boxer briefs | £33.90 on Solendro

For rugby lovers, these Eden Park boxer briefs:


Eden Park dark cotton boxer briefs | £24.90 on Solendro

#2 – For those who prefer briefs:

Even though briefs have lost popularity during the past years, they remain one of Frenchmen’s most popular undergarment, more particularly among our parents’ generation. So, if you are sure that briefs are the favourite pieces of underwear of your father, don’t hesitate!

Classical briefs by Eminence:


Dark blue 100% cotton briefs | £11.90 on Solendro

2-pack Dolce & Gabbana black briefs:


Dolce & Gabbana black cotton briefs | £25.90 on Solendro

#3 – And for those who prefer the freedom of movement offered by boxer shorts:

Boxer shorts slightly lost in popularity, especially because of skinny jeans and skin-tight clothes. However, under a suit or classic jeans, boxer shorts are really comfortable undergarments that can also be worn during lazy Sundays at home.

Arthur original boxer shorts:


Arthur light blue 100% cotton boxer shorts | £18.90 on Solendro

Classical boxer shorts by Ralph Lauren:

rl caleçon

Ralph Lauren striped blue 100% cotton boxer shorts | £25.90 on Solendro


Despite rumours and scientific theories, undergarments reportedly don’t have any impact on male fertility.
However, the absence of underwear is said to improve fertility. It is up to you to decide whether you want to spend your day with nothing on but your jeans. Uncomfortable? Pleasant ? Once again, the decision is yours.
Good news: your future as a daddy is not in danger, you will have the tremendous joy to change diapers and clean the vomit of your offspring.

That is the reason why Solendro offers underwear that will definitely not prevent you from becoming a father and keep your family jewels in a safe place.

Isn’t life beautiful?

Let’s begin with our selection of unbelievably soft boxer shorts that give you a freedom of movement like no other.

Boxer briefs are cool and all but old-fashioned!


Dagobear Squares boxer shorts

The bright colours of these Dagobear Squares boxer shorts will make you want to become a father.

Now, let’s talk about boxer briefs, which are your favourite piece of underwear!

Multicoloured boxer briefs by the famous brand Diesel, so trendy!


Diesel multicoloured boxer briefs

Original and offbeat boxer briefs by Célio, for a fall back into childhood.


Célio Space Invaders boxer briefs

Even though they are not really popular among men, briefs are making a come-back, are now trendy again and won’t prevent you from having children. Why would you hesitate?

Dolce & Gabbana Vintage briefs are one of the most beautiful briefs in our product catalogue and enhance the manliness and the masculinity of the wearer.


Dolce & Gabbana Vintage Boxe briefs

As you have understood, undergarments do not hinder you in your life as an accomplished man and you will be able to have children even if you wear them, so don’t hesitate and come visit Solendro!

For further information, don’t forget to call Marie at +331., she will be glad to help you.

Don’t forget, IN SOLENDRO WE TRUST ! 


Before anything else, let’s begin with a simple question: where do you usually buy your underwear? In real stores or online? If you buy it online, on what website? On marketplaces, directly on underwear brands’ websites or on Solendro?

By the way, you are surely already asking yourselves: “why would I buy my undergarments on Solendro and not somewhere else?”

So, allow me to give you a few arguments that will surely make you change your mind.

At Solendro we take into account your needs and your tastes in terms of material, model and colors, to give you the best advice to find THE underwear that suits you best.

Moreover, you will not have to wait for the annual sale any longer: on Solendro, sale is in some ways all year round. Indeed, a “sale” tab is waiting for you on the home page, regardless of which time of the year it is.

Finally, the offer is extremely well-diversified. More than 700 products are available on the website, with models for all tastes, ages, and budgets! You only have to choose the kind of underwear you want in the menu, using the filters to refine your search and voilà! Not only you will have found the perfect underwear, but you will also save a lot of time compared to a shopping session in real stores.

What is more, you have a guaranteed access to various major brands. Clavin Klein, Dolce & GabbanaDiesel and even Ralph Lauren are patiently waiting for you, as well as other smaller brands that are less known but offer products that are as elegant and of good quality.

Convinced? Don’t hesitate and let yourselves be seduced by Solendro. We compiled a both trendy and elegant selection that is waiting for you.


These old-school briefs by Dolce & Gabbana. It is time to show your taste for vintage style and to fiercely wear these undergarments.


These Mariner marine blue boxer briefs. Their colourful stripes will give you a both elegant and original look.


And finally, these Achile fanciful boxer shorts which will easily adapt to your everyday life. By the way, if you want to be original from head to toe, don’t hesitate to discover the socks of the same brand on our website.



Nowadays, finding a job or even an internship is more and more difficult. To cope with this problem, you have to make a difference with the other candidates and stand out, as many people have already understood.

When you want to apply for a position in a communication and/or advertising agency, you have to mark the occasion even more and know how to stay in employers’ minds. And it all begins with the CV, in which you have to be original and show your innovative spirit.

But how far can we go? Some people are ready to do anything to get hired, but maybe it is better to know your limits. Anyway, the French communication agency Verywell received letters from candidates a bit too cheeky – and you can say that again.

Originality is a make or break. Last summer, a very original and successful CV was presented as a jar of jam positively impressed the agency. But recently, the agency based in Toulouse was surprised in a completely different way. They received another CV that puzzled them: an application in the form of briefs! Wrapped in a plastic bag on which the slogan “Sometimes you have to be cheeky in life!!!” was written, the candidate had written the cover letter directly on the white fabric of the underwear. Of course, you need to know how to differentiate yourself, but not to the point of losing your credibility. Indeed, the originality of this very cheeky application is excessive. You have to keep in mind that the main objective of an application is to value yourself and it is obviously not with briefs as writing material that this candidate would achieve that.

Maybe the main problem comes from the chosen briefs that weren’t appropriate? In response, we selected for you a few underwear from Solendro that would have win unanimous support, even from the employers:boxers1

This three-pack boxer briefs by Emporio Armani offer an elegant, nearly vintage style, with their two-button flies. You can use one of them to apply for an application, it will undoubtedly be appreciated.


If the candidate had used these Dolce&Gabbana white briefs, he would have been considered more sexy than ridiculous! Indeed, the elegance of this model pleases women just as much as men. However, you will most likely prefer keeping it for yourself rather than giving it to an employer.


This three-pack white cotton boxer briefs, rather simple and classical, are available in different waistband colors, and maybe they would have been more appealing to the agency. The main advantage is that you can keep two of them for yourself.


Football players, as absolute fashion icons, regularly lend their fame and bodies to clothing brands for advertising campaigns.

Solendro offers a quick overview of the most beautiful – as well as the most ridiculous! – pictures of these players in underwear.

The sexy Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic Freddy Ljungberg

underwear 1

The former Arsenal player, who was also elected “the most elegant man in Sweden” in 2002, regularly posed for the clothing brand Calvin Klein.

A message of hope for all the men suffering from baldness.

The Italian boys band La Squadra Azzurra

Underwear 2

After the rugby players from the Italian national team, it is the turn of the Squadra Azzurra players to pose for the famous brand Dolce & Gabbana, for a changing-room atmosphere.

The unavoidable David Beckham

underwear 3

David Beckham, the global superstar who was ennobled by the Queen of England and is married to the former Spice-Girl Victoria Beckham, is the ambassador of the top international brands of underwear and clothing. After posing for Armani, he now works with H&M.

A strong argument to reconcile women with football.

The French women’s object of fantasy Yoann Gourcuff


Here is a little gift for you, ladies: a picture of Yoann Gourcuff in briefs, casually walking  around half-naked on the field after a football match – even though he doesn’t pose for a specific brand.

Unfortunately, there is a rumour going round saying that he is gay.

Garden gnome bonus Mathieu Valbuena


Even though he is relatively short and not really glamourous, Mathieu Valbuena is nevertheless the ambassador of Khamo, a brand of men’s underwear.

At first glance, we may think that the marketing managers who chose him to represent their brand had not only smoked tobacco.

In fact, the reason for such a choice is very simple: Khamo is a brand which was launched by Mathieu Valbuena himself!

We let you admire this.

NB: For obvious reasons, these “very stylish” products are not available at Thank you for your understanding.

Spanish Style Bonus Xavi Hernandez


The FC Barcelona midfielder – who is also considered a real living god in Spain – had the good idea to post a picture of him and André Iniesta in the changing-rooms of the team on Facebook.

You are right, wearing briefs.

The perfect way to shoot yourself in the foot.



Nicole Kidman, Sylvester Stallone or Hugh Jackman only swear by Swiss quality! Indeed, they all wear Zimmerli underwear. This Swiss company has made high end underwear for more than a century. Between Robert de Niro, Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Will Smith… Hollywood stars seem to be the brand’s best customers.

If undergarments are now the key to success for this Swiss underwear company, the factory itself is more than a hundred years old. Pauline Zimmerli, a manual work teacher, opened a high end socks facility in 1871. After the demand kept growing and the equipment got constantly modernised, Pauline Zimmerli’s sons took over the family business by specialising in men’s and children’s undergarments, which are always handmade!

Zimmerli workshop based in Ticino

The brand’s watchword has always been “Quality”! For example, they use fabrics as fine as Sea Island cotton, the finest and most expensive in the world. This one feels like cashmere. A shirt made from this material costs 130€ and a pair of briefs, 80€. These pieces also have a precise and extremely fine finish! The women’s undergarments edges are made from lace and men’s undershirts have to be perfectly sewn!

In “Wolverine”, Hugh Jackman was wearing Swiss underwear

If you are a comfort lover and that quality is essential for you: here is a selection of underwear that Solendro prepared especially for you!


The 100% cotton material of this Tommy Hilfiger pack will offer you an incredible comfort. Their lined pouch and their topstitching will give you support and comfort.

This pair of Dolce & Gabbana will be ideal for you if you like being at your ease. Thanks to its perfect fit and its elastic waistband, you will enjoy an optimal comfort.


If you are rather a boxer shorts lover, you will enjoy the softness of this Ralph Lauren undergarment, made from 100% cotton. A safe bet in any occasion.

Check out!

The Beckham era will soon come to an end…



If we talk about David Beckham, everybody thinks about his football career, his famous wife Victoria, and his cute little family… But one also thinks about him in underwear.

Indeed, who could have forgotten the H&M advertisements on which the British sportsman was posing wearing nothing but briefs, boxer shorts or more recently, bathing suits? Besides his former collaboration with Armani, Beckham had also worked many times with the Swedish brand, for ladies’ greatest delight…

But the former Manchester United player recently made a revelation about these collaborations and advertisements: he admitted that he was thinking about hanging up his brief. “I am now 39 and I don’t think that people will want to see me half-naked for a long time.” This decision will probably not be approved by everyone… don’t you think so, ladies?


Anyways, even if the Beckham era is about to end, this doesn’t mean that trendy, elegant and affordable underwear will disappear! Solendro is still offering you more than 800 references among which you will probably find what you need. We prepare you a small selection to prove it, which will probably make you forget about David Beckham… let’s go!



These Calvin Klein Trunks will fit you perfectly while reminding
you of New York’s charm and elegance !


These Dolce & Gabbana briefs are simple, elegant, chic while
still being extremely comfortable.


Ralph Lauren’s boxer shorts will offer you a classic-chic style mixed with elegance, allowing
you to feel comfortable and attractive at once.