Existential question if there is any: the choice of your undergarments. Since pouch briefs are considered “deal breakers” and teenager’s boxer shorts are not always very appealing, Solendro decided to make an overview of undergarments to avoid at all costs and others to favour, to be at your best, even under your trousers.

Pouch briefs (often white)

Labelled as « grandpa » undergarments, this item dating back to the 1920s famous for its very practical vertical opening, is not the sexiest piece of men’s underwear. This high-risk object is rather denigrated by women.
However, and even though we highly recommend not to wear them for a first date with the woman of your dreams, Solendro selected for you a few items by the brands Sloggi and Eminence.

Boxer briefs
Halfway between boxer shorts and briefs, boxer briefs provide optimum support and comfort while perfectly hugging your body. Contrary to boxer shorts, no need to spend hours to make them slip in your trousers.

Solendro selected short boxer briefs for the everyday life, long boxer briefs that are sportier, original items with bright patterns such as those by Björn Borg and Pull In, simple and elegant ones by Calvin Klein and brighter ones by Diesel. Now, it is up to you.

Slimming boxer briefs

Women don’t have the monopoly of slimming panties designed to make them look slimmer. French brands such as Mariner and Hom offer slimming boxer briefs with subtle colours to enable us to hide our bulges and to gain self-esteem.

 *In order not to chock the youngest ones, we decided not to speak about thongs and jockstraps… We hope than disillusioned people will understand this approach and forgive us.


In 1937, Geoges Jonathan, a sales representative in Paris, and Gilbert Sivel, a textile technicians in the centre of France, established the Atelier Artisanal de Bonneterie de Nîmes (Hand-crafted hoisery workshop) in Nîmes. After a break during the Second World War, the company resumed its production in 1944 under the brand Eminence.

In 1946, the two entrepreneurs bought new weaving looms from Switzerland, which were totally unknown in France at that time and enabled to manufacture a loose-woven fabric, called the “little knotted stitch”.

The following year, during a trip in Argentina, Georges Jonathan noticed that the gauchos living in the pampas wore briefs with an opening. Eminence decided to take inspiration from it to design pouch briefs, the item number 100 in “little knotted stitch”. The next flagship model was invented at the end of the following decade with the famous item number 108 made from fine rib stitches.

Thanks to this item the underwear company acquired its reputation as a specialist in this industry.

Eminence was the first brand to sell its undergarments wrapped in transparent plastic bags. Its advertising campaigns from the 1950s featured the French humorist Roger Nicolas and were made by famous French poster designers of that time such as Gruau and Leupin. It also was the first brand of men’s underwear to broadcast its advertisements in movie theaters.

You can find all Eminence briefs and boxer briefs on, the reference online store for men’s underwear.

Most of Eminence products are rather discreet and classical and of high quality. Some items are even more “technical”, such as the products from the Eminence anatomic line, which are made from microfibre.


However, some of them are more original and play with patterns or materials. It is for example the case of these boxer briefs made from modal cotton with blue stripes and contrasting stitching.


Come discover all Eminence products on!


We already told you earlier in the week that Solendro doesn’t go on vacation to offer you the best men’s undergarments all summer long. Weather has already been hot and sunny for a few weeks and weekends of mass departures and crossovers, as Frenchmen name it, are only beginning. In this time of vacation, and to make your waiting time or return at home easier, Solendro’s team selected for you very summery undergarments that will follow you everywhere.

When we are about to depart, we often focus on essentials: not forgetting your toothbrush, your GPS or train tickets, and bring enough water not to die from thirst and/or heat in the potential traffic jams… Yet, only a few people think about choosing their undergarments according to what awaits them: long hours of journey in the heat. Luckily enough, Solendro has a solution! These Master Holiday boxer briefs by Pull In will make you forget about the monotony of the road and (maybe) the long hours stuck in jams.

Pull In Master Holidays

However, according to your tastes, all of you won’t choose the same activities and Solendro thus found for you nice and colourful undergarments adapted to all of your hobbies.

Your summer will be rather marine…

You love watersports and you spend your whole summer in close proximity to the sea or on a boat? Boxer briefs with anchor patterns or marine stripes are made for you!

Gant ancre   TH lucky trunk

Your summer will be athletic…

Whereas some people consider that summer is a synonym of idleness and rest, you much prefer sport activities. Hicking, cycling and paddle boating are the key words of your holidays and you are proud to say it!

Eminence vélo noir   Eminence sport day  Pull In Master Beachboys

Your summer will be very beachy…

To you, no summer vacations without going to the beach. Clear blue sky, water lapping, warm sun and sand are essential elements to maximum relaxation. Your favourite activity? Letting your mind wander freely all day long!

Replay New Collection   Pull In Master beach

Your summer will be exotic…

Palm trees, mangoes, rhum cocktails and beautiful vahines, one thing is for sure: holidays are made to daydream and think about nothing.

Pepe Jeans Alonso   Billabong floral

Before going on vacation, don’t forget to come discover these products and many others on Solendro!


Experts claim loudly and clearly that boxer briefs will have to compete with revenants: old basic briefs are back in men’s drawers! Forget your bias about briefs, those undergarments that you wore when you were a child and that you later abandoned in favour of parachute boxer shorts or too tight boxer briefs are making a comeback!

Willing to offer you the best undergarments of the moment, Solendro selected for you briefs that are at the same time classical and trendy. Gentlemen, this selection has been made especially for you. You have to remain at the cutting edge of fashion and style. Surprise your relatives and your female conquests by being both audacious and elegant. It is clear that one of our briefs will give you the self-confidence you need!

Here are the first briefs of our selection. Black, simple and classical, they will bring you the little extra that changes everything, your life will take an unexpected and exciting turn. Don’t be afraid and have a try!

Eminence briefs

The next item is utterly prestigious. Indeed, these elegant and classical briefs by Dolce & Gabbana are ideal for special occasions. Their cut will provide you great freedom of movement. Moreover, the logo of the brand is embroidered on the waistband of these magnificent briefs that will please all fans of Italy.

D&G briefs

Jersey briefs will provide you all the comfort you need. Moreover, these are manufactured by the prestigious and famous brand Mariner, which managed to impose itself among customers as a reliable company designing high-quality products.

Mariner briefs

What would our collection of trendy briefs be without undergarments especially designed for athletes? We selected briefs adapted to the characteristics of athletes and providing optimum comfort especially for you.

CK briefs

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at +331., we will be glad to answer all of your questions.

Come discover our selection of briefs on Solendro to benefit from our best offers and other products!


Do you prefer briefs or boxer shorts? Even though comfort and quality are two main criteria when it comes to the choice of your undergarments, style is not left behind. Indeed, 50% of men are willing to pay the price for comfortable underwear, provided that it enhances their curves.

#1: Boxer briefs, always more popular!

60% of men wear boxer briefs every day! Both comfortable and really trendy, these undergarments provide unequalled support. An other good point: they are affordable! They are now one of the greatest classics of men’s undergarments and are offered by many brands, such as Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani or even Dolce & Gabbana for the highest-end ones and by brands such as Dim and Eminence for the most affordable. Their cut and the materials they are made from make them must-have products in your wardrobe. What about style? These undergarments are often renewed by brands, which can thus offer a large choice of elegant and original styles.

# 2: Boxer shorts are going out of the drawers!

Abandoned by men’s fashion since the 2000s, boxer shorts are making a strong comeback thanks to new designs that are cut better and more modern! Always more men choose to wear boxer shorts again for their inimitable style. Brands such as Dagobear or Arthur rejuvenate the image of boxer shorts thanks to checks or stripes for a family spirit while others such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or even Tommy Hilfiger bring a hint of elegance to them while keeping traditional patterns of boxer shorts. A compromise that ensures a bright future to these pieces of underwear.

# 3: Briefs are getting a makeover!

Traditional white briefs are getting a makeover! Now colourful, fun and original, comfortable briefs of today are stylish. Despite the preference of European men for boxer briefs and boxer shorts, briefs are still flagship items of high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Emporio Armani, which didn’t hesitate to launch briefs that were better-cut and closer-fitting, symbols of class and sensuality!

Come on Solendro and choose yours!

We all noticed it during the last 10 days: summer has finally come and was felt in all Europe with a short heatwave! Don’t be too hasty with your rejoicing about the return of fresher temperatures however: heat is supposed to come back Friday and for this occasion, Solendro decided to help you to choose you undergarments wisely to prevent you from dying of heat without necessarily have to stay next to your fan all day long.

First of all, let’s talk about synthetic fibres. Light and open, they will enable your skin to breathe while providing you the comfort and the lightness that are much sought after during a heatwave.


The +: Its silky aspect and its fastness to dry, thanks to its perspirant properties.

The -: Such as many other synthetic materials, it can retain odours if you exercise intensively and sweat much wearing them.

Ck nylon

Calvin Klein | Black nylon briefs on


It is the perfect material if you are looking for a second-skin sensation. You will feel free and fresh even in the sun.

Eminence modal

Eminence | 2-Pack black micromodal boxer briefs on

Hom modal

Hom | Anniversary Modal and polyester boxer briefs on

Eminence modal et coton

Eminence | Club white modal and cotton boxer briefs on

The mix of cotton and modal will bring you the comfort provided by cotton clothes and the freshness and breathing characteristics of micromodal for a much more pleasurable summer.

100% Cotton

100% cotton materials can be criticized since they easily absorb perspiration and are not necessarily the most pleasant material to wear if you tend to sweat rapidly when it’s very hot outside.

However, when weather is beautiful but not too hot, or if you don’t take the tube to work, you won’t sweat excessively in your underwear. 100% cotton is thus the ideal material to stay fresh, comfortable and avoid rubbing.

d&g 100% coton

Dolce & Gabbana | Plain black 100% cotton midi briefs

d&g boxer 100% coton

Dolce & Gabbana | Grey 100% cotton boxer briefs on

I reckon that most of these items are briefs or boxer briefs. However wearing boxer shorts during summer, especially under a pair of jeans, is a source of itching, rubbing and discomfort because of a bad combination as soon as you sweat a little.

Despite that, wearing boxer shorts at home, or using them as pyjamas during summer, provides an unequalled sensation of well-being that numerous men love when they come back after a long day at work. Here are boxer shorts that I hope you will like as much as I do.

Diesel caleçon

Diesel | Grey chequered 100% cotton boxer shorts

This article was only a little overview of the various products you can find on Solendro. Do not hesitate to come discover the rest during summer sales!


We all know that, in our current society, appearance is extremely important. Now, since the main trend is being “underweight”, men’s undergarments in plus sizes are too often neglected by the brands and their retailers in favour of XS men’s underwear. Consequently, it is not always an easy task to find happiness when looking for XXXL boxer briefs or briefs in size 4XL.

Since wearing plus sizes doesn’t mean that you can’t be at the cutting edge of fashion as regards men’s underwear, that your briefs, boxer briefs or even boxer shorts can’t be many and varied, and that your style has to be guided by fashion-conscious people, Solendro commits to taking the needs and desires of everybody into account and selected for you the trendiest men’s undergarments on the current market – in plus sizes, obviously!

To inspire you, we selected a few items:


3-Pack Dim briefs available in 3XL

Eden Park

Eden Park boxer briefs available in XXL


Anatomic boxer briefs by Eminence available in 4XL

Tommy Hilfiger

2-Pack Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs available in XXL

Come discover many other men’s undergarments in plus sizes on Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear.


We are fed up with everyday boxer briefs, boyshorts, briefs and boxer shorts, aren’t you? Yet, besides materials, colours and patterns, what innovations can we make in this field? Of course, we can always find naughty or sexy briefs or undergarments, but they are not everyone’s cup of tea, in particular when it comes to briefs with animal patterns, boxer briefs with dirty patterns or even thongs. Here is a selection of undergarments that we find interesting.

First, let’s talk about these trunks like no others: you have always dreamt of having a small pocket for your iPod on your boxer briefs? Dream no more! You can now buy the iBoxer briefs. Their usefulness? We are still doubting about it, but we nevertheless salute their originality.

i Boxer briefs

Discover a natural stress-relieving method with these Eminence boxer briefs. At first sight, there is nothing extraordinary (except for the soothing chocolate colour), but these boxer briefs are made from carbon threads, a material that is far more antistatic than cotton and thus brings a stress-relieving effect. You need to stay calm? A Zen mind in Zen boxer briefs.

Eminence zen

You don’t want to wear a sexy thong for Valentine’s Day? Euphorisant Millesia boxer briefs – yes, “euphorisant” means exhilarating in French –  were especially designed for sensual nights. Their particularity? These boxer briefs contain Muira-Puama, a plant from Guyana used as an aphrodisiac. When you rub yourself (against the bed, the chair, or whatever you want) these boxer briefs release invigorating molecules. A pair of underwear to absolutely try on!

Boxer euphorisant


Father’s day is coming soon all over the world (a little reminder to prevent you from wasting 15 seconds googling it: it is on June 21st) and on this occasion, Solendro is here to help you and compiled a little selection of products that your father could love. We tried to take various products to please all ages and all styles, no matter the clothing style of your father.

#1 – For boxer briefs fans:

Boxer briefs are the most popular undergarments in France and account for more than 50% of the underwear market thanks to the comfort and quality they offer. Since they are more and more common among all ages, if you are not totally sure about what type of underwear your father usually wears, opt for boxer briefs: at worst you will make your father discover comfortable undergarments.

The classic Calvin Klein boxer briefs:


3-pack Calvin Klein stretch cotton boxer briefs | £33.90 on Solendro

For rugby lovers, these Eden Park boxer briefs:


Eden Park dark cotton boxer briefs | £24.90 on Solendro

#2 – For those who prefer briefs:

Even though briefs have lost popularity during the past years, they remain one of Frenchmen’s most popular undergarment, more particularly among our parents’ generation. So, if you are sure that briefs are the favourite pieces of underwear of your father, don’t hesitate!

Classical briefs by Eminence:


Dark blue 100% cotton briefs | £11.90 on Solendro

2-pack Dolce & Gabbana black briefs:


Dolce & Gabbana black cotton briefs | £25.90 on Solendro

#3 – And for those who prefer the freedom of movement offered by boxer shorts:

Boxer shorts slightly lost in popularity, especially because of skinny jeans and skin-tight clothes. However, under a suit or classic jeans, boxer shorts are really comfortable undergarments that can also be worn during lazy Sundays at home.

Arthur original boxer shorts:


Arthur light blue 100% cotton boxer shorts | £18.90 on Solendro

Classical boxer shorts by Ralph Lauren:

rl caleçon

Ralph Lauren striped blue 100% cotton boxer shorts | £25.90 on Solendro



Among all of our undergarments, there is one that unleashed passions, from admiration to hatred, but always with violence.

The origins of Australian briefs:

Georges Jonathan, founder of the brand Eminence, was the first one to have the idea to create this shape of briefs in Europe. And it was more than 70 years ago!

At that time, Argentinian gauchos were already wearing this type of underwear when they were riding horses to get a better comfort, and Georges Jonathan brought the concept to France after a trip to Argentina.

Shortly after they were created, Australian briefs experienced a dazzling growth. The commercials and their slogans were widely talked about. You then talk about it to our hairdresser or your butcher, who then hurry to go and buy these comfortable underwear (well, especially ladies). In the 1990’s, trunks received no interest, especially in Latin countries. Briefs were the stars of the moment!

A fall on a par with their rise!

Australian briefs followed the downward trend of briefs. Did they become too old fashioned? Anyways, they were far from being trendy. Banned from beaches, swim briefs are not red-hot anymore. Regular briefs suffered the same fate with a massive reject from young people. “But, do ladies think the same way?” This what Victoria Beckham has said when she saw her husband in the Armani commercial… you have to write the next episodes!

Go beyond the boundaries of comfort with these Sloggi white briefs!

Here’s another pair of Australian briefs, but in grey this time!

slip eminence sous vetement homme pur coton blanc underwear taille haute

And now, here is the best of the best, the Australian briefs by the brand Eminence, who was one of the pioneers of the 20th century!