Autumn is often synonymous with change, renewal and fresh start. We want to buy new clothes, to change our style, to be more in line with the latest trends. However, because of a lack of time or a strong aversion for shopping, we put the date off several times before finally giving up and our wardrobe remains in the same (disastrous) condition. To spare yourself the annoying shopping sessions and never-ending queues, Solendro selected for you five men’s fashion websites to discover absolutely.

#1: River Island

River Island

This website is intended for all members of the family and regularly offers new items and promotional offers to buy the latest trends at the best possible price.

#2: JackThreads


Only directed at men and designed especially for them, this website offers promotional offers every day, has its own app (which is very easy to use) and enable each one of you to ask questions to a professional stylist. What more could you ask for?

#3: Jimmy Jazz

jimmy jazz

Rather addressed to those of you who are looking for a West Coast and relatively exuberant look, Jimmy Jazz offers a great variety of urban clothes and accessories at an affordable price and jeans with uncommon colours.

#4: Topman


Whatever your style and the type of clothes you are looking for, you will undoubtedly find what you need at Topman. From the rather classic pieces to the latest trends, this website presents numerous brands to satisfy everyone.

#5: Asos


Known to be ahead of time in terms of style, ASOS is THE website to visit if you love being at the cutting-edge of fashion (and even a little bit early). Generally offered at affordable prices, clothes and accessories sold on ASOS will ravish your inner trend hunter.

For all your undergarments, only one website: Solendro.com!


Every day, you surely see men that you envy for their style, those men who walk in the street and that everybody notices because of their sense for fashion that seems innate, a flawless combination of colours, an unexpected hint of originality or even a mix of heterogeneous elements that give them a unique personality. Each time you pass one of these men, you think that you would like to get off the beaten track too and proudly wear an origami bow tie with a gingham shirt without it being ridiculous or, without getting so far, add your personal touch to your outfit without looking like this:


Ridicule never killed anyone, but it is not an excuse to throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. This is the reason why Solendro selected for you 5 inspiring Instagram accounts for all tastes.

#5. Let’s begin with Stephano Tratto. The small ‘stache and neat hairdo make this Italian blogger coming from Sanremo undeniably charming. With his always offbeat but chic style, he will guide you on the path to a relatively simple, extremely modern and definitely appealing style.

Stephano Tratto
# 4. Phil Cohen. The outfits of this art director from Delaware will undoubtedly inspire you! Simple outfits that suit everyone, colour and pattern combinations that remain chic and are not too original, perfect if you want to get away from your eternal jean-t-shirt or jean-shirt look without necessarily dramatically changing. There is no doubt that this simple and discreet look will make you a seducer.

Phil Cohen

# 3. Shirts and ties are the signature look of EJ Samson. This young American shares his everyday life and his looks with us, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, always at the cutting edge of fashion with a hint of humour and a sense of style that could easily make us think that, after all, it isn’t so difficult to dress well.

EJ Samson

# 2. The Bespoke Dudes is a community that was founded in 2012 by an Italian man named Fabio Attanasio. The objective? Bringing the classical style of men’s fashion back to life with chic and dandy outfits, matching accessories, and a small touch of Italy that make us wonder why we didn’t think earlier about dressing this way. The little extra: guaranteed success with women.

Fabio Attanasio

# 1. The ultimate example of perfectly mastered originality, of uncompromising self-expression, of mixes of colours and patterns, that is Justin Barbin ! This photographer from Chicago invented his own style by mixing pieces as heterogeneous as a bow tie representing a Seurat painting, a gingham shirt, a color block brooch and… grass in the front pocket of his jacket. Bright and cheerful colours and an unusual mix of materials and patterns for a breathtaking result. For the most audacious among you, undoubtedly.

Justin Barbin



Among all of our undergarments, there is one that unleashed passions, from admiration to hatred, but always with violence.

The origins of Australian briefs:

Georges Jonathan, founder of the brand Eminence, was the first one to have the idea to create this shape of briefs in Europe. And it was more than 70 years ago!

At that time, Argentinian gauchos were already wearing this type of underwear when they were riding horses to get a better comfort, and Georges Jonathan brought the concept to France after a trip to Argentina.

Shortly after they were created, Australian briefs experienced a dazzling growth. The commercials and their slogans were widely talked about. You then talk about it to our hairdresser or your butcher, who then hurry to go and buy these comfortable underwear (well, especially ladies). In the 1990’s, trunks received no interest, especially in Latin countries. Briefs were the stars of the moment!

A fall on a par with their rise!

Australian briefs followed the downward trend of briefs. Did they become too old fashioned? Anyways, they were far from being trendy. Banned from beaches, swim briefs are not red-hot anymore. Regular briefs suffered the same fate with a massive reject from young people. “But, do ladies think the same way?” This what Victoria Beckham has said when she saw her husband in the Armani commercial… you have to write the next episodes!

Go beyond the boundaries of comfort with these Sloggi white briefs!

Here’s another pair of Australian briefs, but in grey this time!

slip eminence sous vetement homme pur coton blanc underwear taille haute

And now, here is the best of the best, the Australian briefs by the brand Eminence, who was one of the pioneers of the 20th century!



Nicole Kidman, Sylvester Stallone or Hugh Jackman only swear by Swiss quality! Indeed, they all wear Zimmerli underwear. This Swiss company has made high end underwear for more than a century. Between Robert de Niro, Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Will Smith… Hollywood stars seem to be the brand’s best customers.

If undergarments are now the key to success for this Swiss underwear company, the factory itself is more than a hundred years old. Pauline Zimmerli, a manual work teacher, opened a high end socks facility in 1871. After the demand kept growing and the equipment got constantly modernised, Pauline Zimmerli’s sons took over the family business by specialising in men’s and children’s undergarments, which are always handmade!

Zimmerli workshop based in Ticino

The brand’s watchword has always been “Quality”! For example, they use fabrics as fine as Sea Island cotton, the finest and most expensive in the world. This one feels like cashmere. A shirt made from this material costs 130€ and a pair of briefs, 80€. These pieces also have a precise and extremely fine finish! The women’s undergarments edges are made from lace and men’s undershirts have to be perfectly sewn!

In “Wolverine”, Hugh Jackman was wearing Swiss underwear

If you are a comfort lover and that quality is essential for you: here is a selection of underwear that Solendro prepared especially for you!


The 100% cotton material of this Tommy Hilfiger pack will offer you an incredible comfort. Their lined pouch and their topstitching will give you support and comfort.

This pair of Dolce & Gabbana will be ideal for you if you like being at your ease. Thanks to its perfect fit and its elastic waistband, you will enjoy an optimal comfort.


If you are rather a boxer shorts lover, you will enjoy the softness of this Ralph Lauren undergarment, made from 100% cotton. A safe bet in any occasion.

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