As summer has now ended and you are going back to work, and even though you promised to watch your weight and work out during holidays, you want to rapidly get rid of ungracious bulges around your waist in order to be able to wear your brand new suit.

Slimming boxer briefs may be the solution for you! Solendro selected for you Sloggi and Mariner slimming boxer briefs that will give you a perfect body.

For example, these Sculpture boxer briefs by Sloggi  will make you look “one size slimmer”! Not negligible.

Sloggi slimming boxer briefs:


Mariner slimming boxer briefs:


In fact, the slimming fabric is made from a big proportion of Lycra. The arrival and the multiplication of these slimming boxer briefs on the market have proven that men are as sensible as women to undergarments that can make their bodies more beautiful.

Since the sales are growing, results seems to be satisfying and convincing.

Put on slimming boxer briefs, a shirt or a t-shirt on top of it and you will see the difference immediately.

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When speaking about manufacturing men’s underwear, the first material coming to our minds is inevitably cotton and its by-products (stretch cotton and so on). But cotton is not the only existing material. Thus, wants to make you discover the other materials that are often used to manufacture men’s undergarments.


Undergarments made from viscose have a silky finish. This material gives a fluid aspect to men’s underwear and makes them fit perfectly, providing optimum comfort to the wearer. One of the main advantages of viscose undergarments is their ability to absorb humidity faster than cotton ones.


Impetus viscose boxer briefs


Men’s undergarments made from 100 % polyester are rather rare since polyester is often combined with other materials. We thus can find products made from polyester and cotton or polyester and wool, for optimum comfort and easier maintenance.

The advantages of undergarments made from polyester is that they are very resistant to rubbing caused by movements and washings. Moreover, polyester enables men’s undergarments to be elastic and to come back to their original shape after stretching, making them crease-resistant.


Polyamides are fabrics made from synthetic materials and are often used to manufacture men’s undergarments.

The most common type of polyamide is nylon, a flexible, elasticated, silky and soft material that has the big advantage of being waterproof. Men’s undergarments made from it resist to rubbing, making the maintenance of this type of underwear very easy.

Solendro’s trick: Avoid putting your polyamide undergarments in the dryer because this material is very sensitive to heat.


Hom boxer briefs made from polyamide


The biggest brands of men’s underwear use modal to manufacture their undergarments. Modal is a material that enables men’s underwear to be breathable and enables a better evaporation of humidity, for a light and comfortable-to-wear product.


Undergarments made from microfibre provide optimum comfort.

Microfibre is often used to manufacture sport undergarments because it lets perspiration evaporate when you work out. And nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling humidity in men’s undergarments. Materials made from microfibre are more breathable than classic ones, thus naturally protecting your skin. Moreover, men’s underwear made from microfibre are very resistant to heat and can thus be tumble dried.


Calvin Klein polyamide boxer briefs


Undergarments made from Lycra are really flexible but don’t stretch and go back to their original shape. Forget about clothes losing their shape after a few washings! This material is also crease-resistant and has a silky touch. Underwear made from Lycra is currently really trendy on the market of men’s undergarments.

Pull In

Pull In boxer briefs made from Lycra


Bamboo is still rarely used to manufacture men’s undergarments even though it makes them unbelievably soft and resistant. Bamboo is the ideal material if you are looking for a second skin sensation.


Mariner bamboo boxer briefs

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Existential question if there is any: the choice of your undergarments. Since pouch briefs are considered “deal breakers” and teenager’s boxer shorts are not always very appealing, Solendro decided to make an overview of undergarments to avoid at all costs and others to favour, to be at your best, even under your trousers.

Pouch briefs (often white)

Labelled as « grandpa » undergarments, this item dating back to the 1920s famous for its very practical vertical opening, is not the sexiest piece of men’s underwear. This high-risk object is rather denigrated by women.
However, and even though we highly recommend not to wear them for a first date with the woman of your dreams, Solendro selected for you a few items by the brands Sloggi and Eminence.

Boxer briefs
Halfway between boxer shorts and briefs, boxer briefs provide optimum support and comfort while perfectly hugging your body. Contrary to boxer shorts, no need to spend hours to make them slip in your trousers.

Solendro selected short boxer briefs for the everyday life, long boxer briefs that are sportier, original items with bright patterns such as those by Björn Borg and Pull In, simple and elegant ones by Calvin Klein and brighter ones by Diesel. Now, it is up to you.

Slimming boxer briefs

Women don’t have the monopoly of slimming panties designed to make them look slimmer. French brands such as Mariner and Hom offer slimming boxer briefs with subtle colours to enable us to hide our bulges and to gain self-esteem.

 *In order not to chock the youngest ones, we decided not to speak about thongs and jockstraps… We hope than disillusioned people will understand this approach and forgive us.


Many men have a hard time going shopping, especially when it comes to choosing their undergarments. However, be careful! We deplore too often having chosen boxer shorts, boxer briefs or even briefs in which we don’t feel comfortable and we regret not to have taken a step back. Here are a few tips not to make the same mistakes again.

How to choose the right boxer shorts?

The first thing is to determine your size.

On, it is possible to compare the size of a pair of underwear with those of other brands thanks to the “size guide”. What is the equivalent of a size 40? M? No more doubts, now you can choose the size that fits you very easily.

Then, you have to take a look at the material your boxer shorts are made from because some are softer or more comfortable to wear than others, especially as some people (maybe you) have allergies or itching. In that case, cotton and elastomer remain sure bets, even though it is hard to refuse silk undergarments (socks for example).

Finally, when you will be wearing your new undergarments, they have to be like a second skin. You should feel so comfortable that you don’t even feel them.

A few tips for a great look…

Men’s undergarments have now become fashion accessories. They even became a fashion support with low-rise jeans. Whether you are in favour of this trend or not, what you wear remains very important.

At the moment, bright colours and patterns are very popular. Yet, whether you prefer classical or original undergarments, selected everything you need to please all of you.

Coup de Coeur

Coup de Cœur red boxer shorts with navy blue and white hearts. A cute and very heartwarming look!


Elegant undergarments that will be perfect on every occasion created by Dagobear.


These boxer shorts are must-have items in your wardrobe. Simple, elegant, comfortable, what more could you ask for?

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Durex Australia had the wonderful idea to design unusual undergarments for couples who live separately.

These undergarments are like no others: they vibrate! They offer a feeling of closeness with your ladylove, which is really important.

The vibrating system is connected to an iPhone application. The two partners can’t maybe see each other, but they can touch each other at a distance away!

It is a revolution for couples who live in different cities, countries and even on different continents. The only question is: when will it be commecialised? Thanks to this invention, you will be able to skip your now boring talks to the advantage of inflamed discussions that will come with pleasure and amusement.

In the meantime, you can come on our website to please your partner.

Regular boxer briefs by the famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana:


Mariner briefs, a very trendy item:


Lucky trunk boxer briefs by Tommy Hilfiger will please you with their softness and look.


And finally the classical boxer briefs by Coup de Cœur, for lovers and passionate ones.

coup de coeur

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Everybody knows orthopaedic shoes, but have you ever heard of… orthopaedic briefs? Yes indeed, it exists, but what are they exactly?
Just like orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic briefs have been developed to improve the comfort and health of the anatomic parts in question. Orthopaedic briefs are thus a new invention said to prevent twisting and rubbing when wearing briefs.
It is well-known that men have problems because of their undergarments, especially when they exercise. That is the reason why Jean-Jacques Mustapha is trying to find a solution to this problem by designing orthopaedic briefs. Each pair of briefs is made to measure according to the body of each man. To achieve this, each person who wants orthopaedic briefs has to go to the designer’s workshop to run on a treadmill so that experts can analyse the swinging movements and the natural twisting of the individual. Once the measures are made, orthopaedic briefs are manufactured with cushioning pads so that private parts remain stable, don’t tilt and don’t swing to avoid rubbing and other inconveniences.
The objective of the designer is clear: combining the strength and comfort of pyjamas in a pair of briefs and avoiding rubbing or directions unintentionally caused by classical undergarments.

What do you think about it? Are you ready to invest in orthopaedic briefs? If you are not motivated to go running on a treadmill in briefs, you will also find high-quality – and maybe nicer – underwear on Solendro that will also take care of your family jewels.

Gentlemen, you only have a pair so cherish it!

sloggy briefs
These Sloggi high-waisted briefs enable perfect adjustment to the body and provide great comfort. Simple and relaxed, these grey pouch briefs will pamper your intimate parts!

Mariner briefs
These very trendy Mariner high-waisted briefs will provide you optimum support thanks to their elastic waistband and great comfort thanks to their 100% cotton fabric.

Replay briefs

This 2-Pack Replay black high-waisted briefs is really appreciated for its high-quality support and comfort. You can thus easily combine comfort and elegance.


Following the article we posted on July, 7th, we asked ourselves what these men could wear under their clothes. Then we thought that, after all, maybe you were also wondering, so we had a try and it resulted in this selection.

# 5. Stephano Tratto. This Italian man who loves wearing both chic and sportswear outfits wears without doubt chic and comfortable boxer briefs with a hint of originality, perfect for active men of today who want to feel at ease all day long while boosting their self-confidence.

Gant   RL fancy boxer briefs   eden park chequered boxer briefs

# 4. Both simple and utterly classy, Phil Cohen’s outfits will undoubtedly match perfectly simple and close-fitting undergarments that discreetly enhance his curves. For an elegant and modern result without doing too much.

eden park grey boxer briefs   Replay   CK

# 3. EJ Samson and his suit and tie. One thing is certain: he loves patterns. Striped, chequered or with flower patterns, his shirts are all more colourful that the last, while remaining chic and perfectly well-matched with his ties. At Solendro, we couldn’t find any reason for his undergarments not to have these patterns and selected for you items from young brands that managed to give boxer shorts a second lease at life thanks to the originality of their patterns and materials.

arthur flowers   Mariner   Dagobear

# 2. The Bespoke Dudes. With their chic and dandy style, these men are undoubtedly very successful with women. Yet, to have a neat look down to the smallest detail, you absolutely must not neglect your undergarments. To make it easier for you, Solendro selected 3 items that will make you genuine dandies from hips to toe!

RL chequered   RL   Eden Park

# 1. In view of the originality of his outfits, there is no doubt that Justin Barbin wears undergarments in the same style as the rest: colourful, original or even offbeat. Needless to say that it is the perfect occasion to dare wearing colours and patterns, even though you are not as audacious as this blogger when choosing your clothes.

Pullin   Pepe Jeans   Arthur

All these products are available on Solendro.

This summer, don’t hesitate to play the originality card to surprise your conquests.

This summer, don’t hesitate to play the originality card to surprise your conquests.


Experts claim loudly and clearly that boxer briefs will have to compete with revenants: old basic briefs are back in men’s drawers! Forget your bias about briefs, those undergarments that you wore when you were a child and that you later abandoned in favour of parachute boxer shorts or too tight boxer briefs are making a comeback!

Willing to offer you the best undergarments of the moment, Solendro selected for you briefs that are at the same time classical and trendy. Gentlemen, this selection has been made especially for you. You have to remain at the cutting edge of fashion and style. Surprise your relatives and your female conquests by being both audacious and elegant. It is clear that one of our briefs will give you the self-confidence you need!

Here are the first briefs of our selection. Black, simple and classical, they will bring you the little extra that changes everything, your life will take an unexpected and exciting turn. Don’t be afraid and have a try!

Eminence briefs

The next item is utterly prestigious. Indeed, these elegant and classical briefs by Dolce & Gabbana are ideal for special occasions. Their cut will provide you great freedom of movement. Moreover, the logo of the brand is embroidered on the waistband of these magnificent briefs that will please all fans of Italy.

D&G briefs

Jersey briefs will provide you all the comfort you need. Moreover, these are manufactured by the prestigious and famous brand Mariner, which managed to impose itself among customers as a reliable company designing high-quality products.

Mariner briefs

What would our collection of trendy briefs be without undergarments especially designed for athletes? We selected briefs adapted to the characteristics of athletes and providing optimum comfort especially for you.

CK briefs

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You are fed up by the reproaches of your ladylove about your (small) paunch? You are fed up with diets such as Weight Watchers, Scarsdale and so on? You want to cheat a little bit and to look like David Beckham under your suits?

Solendro made it possible!

Our solution? Slimming undergarments! You were making fun of your partner when she was wearing her slimming granny pants? It is your turn now! But, among ourselves, no need to tell her, she won’t notice anything.


Mariner white stretch cotton boxer briefs

For example, you could wear these white slimming boxer briefs of the French brand Mariner. Simple and discreet, these slimming undergarments made from cotton are very comfortable and slim down the silhouette. The front lining will provide optimum comfort. They are ideal for the refined man you are!


Sloggi black cotton boxer briefs

Do you prefer black over white? These Sloggi boxer briefs from the Sculpture collection are made for you! They will perfectly hug your curves. Ideal for sport activities, they will make you want to reveal your inner athlete. Made from 78% cotton and 22% elastane they will provide you optimum comfort.

They are 50% off, so don’t hesitate!

Sloggi 2

Sloggi slimming boxer briefs

Finally, we selected for you these Sloggi slimming boxer briefs that will offer you the figure you have been dreaming of, as well as optimum support and a reinforced slimming effect. Their wide waistband will slim down your stomach and their flat seams will provide you maximum comfort. Their simple and modern design revolutionises men’s shapewear.

Convinced? Don’t wait longer and come discover our range of slimming underwear on Solendro!


In Versailles, Louis XIV had the best craftsmen in France create his short-trousers. They were majestic, puffed-out at the waist and fastened at the calves and, at that time, it was the height of aesthetics. However, this illustrious monarch wasn’t a visionary. Indeed, there was a wound on his royal bottom that extended and became infected because of the rubbing of his short-trousers. That is the reason why the official surgeon was called to do the “Big Surgery” that was much talked about at that time.

After long hours of uncertainty, the Frenchman J.B Lully composed “Dieu sauve le Roy” (God save the King) to celebrate the recovery of the Sun King. However, as the festivities were getting organised and many people were singing, an Englishman passing through France decided to export this song, that later became the British anthem: “God save the Queen”. True Story.

Despite this misfortune that happened more than 300 years ago, French boxer shorts remain references in comfort and aesthetics. Here is a little selection:

arthur caleçon à carreaux

Arthur blue chequered boxer shorts

These Arthur blue chequered boxer shorts perfectly illustrate the encounter between beauty and the much sought-after freedom of movement. The chequered pattern give them a touch of British elegance. They also have cotton inner support and are made in 100% cotton.

mariner carreaux rouges

Mariner red chequered boxer shorts

Mariner French cut boxer shorts with elastic waistband. Made from 100% cotton, these boxer shorts offer optimum comfort and a great freedom of movement. These red chequered boxer shorts have a simple and elegant style that is perfect for every occasion.

caleçon Arthur à rayures

Arthur white and blue striped boxer shorts

These Arthur white and blue striped boxer shorts have discreet inner support and are made from 100% cotton. These fine and very light undergarments are not too tight and offer great comfort for a both original and elegant look.

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