As summer has now ended and you are going back to work, and even though you promised to watch your weight and work out during holidays, you want to rapidly get rid of ungracious bulges around your waist in order to be able to wear your brand new suit.

Slimming boxer briefs may be the solution for you! Solendro selected for you Sloggi and Mariner slimming boxer briefs that will give you a perfect body.

For example, these Sculpture boxer briefs by Sloggi  will make you look “one size slimmer”! Not negligible.

Sloggi slimming boxer briefs:


Mariner slimming boxer briefs:


In fact, the slimming fabric is made from a big proportion of Lycra. The arrival and the multiplication of these slimming boxer briefs on the market have proven that men are as sensible as women to undergarments that can make their bodies more beautiful.

Since the sales are growing, results seems to be satisfying and convincing.

Put on slimming boxer briefs, a shirt or a t-shirt on top of it and you will see the difference immediately.

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Existential question if there is any: the choice of your undergarments. Since pouch briefs are considered “deal breakers” and teenager’s boxer shorts are not always very appealing, Solendro decided to make an overview of undergarments to avoid at all costs and others to favour, to be at your best, even under your trousers.

Pouch briefs (often white)

Labelled as « grandpa » undergarments, this item dating back to the 1920s famous for its very practical vertical opening, is not the sexiest piece of men’s underwear. This high-risk object is rather denigrated by women.
However, and even though we highly recommend not to wear them for a first date with the woman of your dreams, Solendro selected for you a few items by the brands Sloggi and Eminence.

Boxer briefs
Halfway between boxer shorts and briefs, boxer briefs provide optimum support and comfort while perfectly hugging your body. Contrary to boxer shorts, no need to spend hours to make them slip in your trousers.

Solendro selected short boxer briefs for the everyday life, long boxer briefs that are sportier, original items with bright patterns such as those by Björn Borg and Pull In, simple and elegant ones by Calvin Klein and brighter ones by Diesel. Now, it is up to you.

Slimming boxer briefs

Women don’t have the monopoly of slimming panties designed to make them look slimmer. French brands such as Mariner and Hom offer slimming boxer briefs with subtle colours to enable us to hide our bulges and to gain self-esteem.

 *In order not to chock the youngest ones, we decided not to speak about thongs and jockstraps… We hope than disillusioned people will understand this approach and forgive us.


How well do you know the brand Sloggi?

In 1979, the brand went into the underwear market with elegant and trendy briefs at a very affordable price. It is only in 1986 that the brand really began to sell men’s underwear, as it launched a collection of men’s briefs and boxer briefs. Very successful, Sloggi is now present in more than 30 countries and more than a billion of items have been sold since its establishment. The secret formula of the brand? The use of a single material – stretch cotton – that provides utmost comfort while enabling warm washing.

As regards communication, Sloggi positions itself in comfort and highlights its material, a “revolutionary cotton”, a “product that keeps its shape” and “fits like a glove”. The brand also wants to appeal to younger customers with sexier campaigns. It also used the services of Yannick Noah in 2005 to attract more customers.

Nowadays, Sloggi undergarments have classical cuts and trendy and innovative patterns. Sloggi Men boxer briefs, boyshorts and briefs  are made from stretch cotton, micromodal and microfibre to offer its clients undergarments of irreproachable quality. The look? Elegance and sport style can be found easily in Sloggi collections. These undergarments will follow men in all their activities, whether they want to be seductive or to work out.

Often sold in packs, Sloggi undergarments provide you utmost comfort at a very affordable price to dress you in noble and elegant materials all day long. Solendro selected for you the best items from the Sloggi Men collection.

Sloggi match

2-Pack black Match boxer briefs

Sloggi grey.

Sloggi grey boxer briefs


Everybody knows orthopaedic shoes, but have you ever heard of… orthopaedic briefs? Yes indeed, it exists, but what are they exactly?
Just like orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic briefs have been developed to improve the comfort and health of the anatomic parts in question. Orthopaedic briefs are thus a new invention said to prevent twisting and rubbing when wearing briefs.
It is well-known that men have problems because of their undergarments, especially when they exercise. That is the reason why Jean-Jacques Mustapha is trying to find a solution to this problem by designing orthopaedic briefs. Each pair of briefs is made to measure according to the body of each man. To achieve this, each person who wants orthopaedic briefs has to go to the designer’s workshop to run on a treadmill so that experts can analyse the swinging movements and the natural twisting of the individual. Once the measures are made, orthopaedic briefs are manufactured with cushioning pads so that private parts remain stable, don’t tilt and don’t swing to avoid rubbing and other inconveniences.
The objective of the designer is clear: combining the strength and comfort of pyjamas in a pair of briefs and avoiding rubbing or directions unintentionally caused by classical undergarments.

What do you think about it? Are you ready to invest in orthopaedic briefs? If you are not motivated to go running on a treadmill in briefs, you will also find high-quality – and maybe nicer – underwear on Solendro that will also take care of your family jewels.

Gentlemen, you only have a pair so cherish it!

sloggy briefs
These Sloggi high-waisted briefs enable perfect adjustment to the body and provide great comfort. Simple and relaxed, these grey pouch briefs will pamper your intimate parts!

Mariner briefs
These very trendy Mariner high-waisted briefs will provide you optimum support thanks to their elastic waistband and great comfort thanks to their 100% cotton fabric.

Replay briefs

This 2-Pack Replay black high-waisted briefs is really appreciated for its high-quality support and comfort. You can thus easily combine comfort and elegance.


To improve their sex appeal, many women bank on alluring undergarments and more and more men are becoming aware that their undergarments can be genuine weapons of mass seduction.

It is for example the case of these classical briefs by Emporio Armani made from black stretch cotton. Thanks to technologies such as the pack-up, the flashback or even the active shape, they will create a “big cock” effect and enhance the attributes of the wearer.

Thanks to a range of products adapted to all styles and situations, Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear, already appealed to many men and helped them find the perfect briefs, boxer briefs or boxer shorts to boost their sex appeal.

This article is a compilation of the sexiest items. Indeed, some brands have a natural sensuality, such as Sloggi, Hom or even Dolce & Gabbana.


Emporio Armani black stretch cotton briefs

This first article from the brand HOM is a sure bet in men’s underwear. These elegant boxer briefs made from stretch cotton will perfectly adapt to your curves and enhance your bottom.


The second item of our selection are Dolce & Gabbana briefs at £23.60 instead of £26.18 on Solendro, that is to say a discount of 10%. Besides their undeniable elegance, these briefs provide utmost comfort and softness, typical of the famous Italian brand. The bonus of these briefs is the optimum support they offer, that will enhance the attributes of the wearer.


Black Dolce & Gabbana Classic briefs

The last item we selected for you are Sloggi briefs. Their classical look and their elegance come from the details and finishing touches: their thin waistband with thin stipes and the name of the brand that is embroidered on it. 2-Packs are available on Solendro at £18.90.


Sloggi elegant and classical briefs

If you want to boost your sex appeal and self-confidence or discover our other products, don’t hesitate and come visit Solendro.


What is better than riding a bike to relax on a hot summer day? To compete with last year’s winner, Vincenzo Nibali, you need high-quality undergarments. That is the reason why Solendro selected stylish and comfortable briefs and boxer briefs especially for you.

Moreover, the second mark-down has been launched on July, 1st on Solendro and it would be a shame not to treat yourself with these boxer briefs, briefs and socks at exceptionally affordable prices. Stocks are limited, so escape from the peloton and take advantage of these offers!

Tommy Hilfiger

3-Pack Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs – £26.90

Sporty boxer briefs by Gant


Thanks to their elastic waistband providing great freedom of movement, these Gant boxer briefs will enable you to pass the most difficult passes for only £18.80.


Sloggi briefs

Briefs lovers should be really pleased by these Sloggi briefs. Their micromodal fabric and front lining provide optimum comfort for only £9.40.


3-Pack Puma Training socks

Forget about blisters with this 3-Pack Puma Training socks with 40% off

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You are fed up by the reproaches of your ladylove about your (small) paunch? You are fed up with diets such as Weight Watchers, Scarsdale and so on? You want to cheat a little bit and to look like David Beckham under your suits?

Solendro made it possible!

Our solution? Slimming undergarments! You were making fun of your partner when she was wearing her slimming granny pants? It is your turn now! But, among ourselves, no need to tell her, she won’t notice anything.


Mariner white stretch cotton boxer briefs

For example, you could wear these white slimming boxer briefs of the French brand Mariner. Simple and discreet, these slimming undergarments made from cotton are very comfortable and slim down the silhouette. The front lining will provide optimum comfort. They are ideal for the refined man you are!


Sloggi black cotton boxer briefs

Do you prefer black over white? These Sloggi boxer briefs from the Sculpture collection are made for you! They will perfectly hug your curves. Ideal for sport activities, they will make you want to reveal your inner athlete. Made from 78% cotton and 22% elastane they will provide you optimum comfort.

They are 50% off, so don’t hesitate!

Sloggi 2

Sloggi slimming boxer briefs

Finally, we selected for you these Sloggi slimming boxer briefs that will offer you the figure you have been dreaming of, as well as optimum support and a reinforced slimming effect. Their wide waistband will slim down your stomach and their flat seams will provide you maximum comfort. Their simple and modern design revolutionises men’s shapewear.

Convinced? Don’t wait longer and come discover our range of slimming underwear on Solendro!


Winter forces us to eat more in order to protect ourselves from the cold weather. However, summer and its rather demotivating heat waves does not encourage us to do more exercise to lose weight.

Now that it is time to think about your silhouette, we have a solution to slim it down: slimming underwear.

You will forget very quickly about your curves and your awful love handles and you will put on your most beautiful underwear. Slimming boxer briefs with shaping and slimming effect are the most requested since they are rather discreet and fit effortlessly under your clothes. Buy yourself slimming underwear to have a well-shaped silhouette without effort. Your skin-tight garments have many beautiful days ahead of them.


These boxer briefs by Sloggi made from cotton and elastane will shape your silhouette with its slimming waistband while the extra flat seams will provide you optimal comfort.

sloggi 2

This longer version, also by Sloggi, will reshape your butt, flatten your stomach and erase your love handles while remaining invisible under your clothes.

You can find all these products on Solendro, the online store for branded men’s underwear.


Spring is here and it is the ideal time of the year to get rid of the weight you put on during winter before summer comes. Of course, some of you will –rightly– plan to start exercising. As for me, I decided to talk to you about men’s underwear that slims the silhouette and helps conceal love handles. But first, I would like to point out that slimming boxer briefs are, contrary to common beliefs, rather comfortable and totally invisible under your clothes.

Men’s slimming underwear can be difficult to find and that’s why I would advise you to go visit Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear, where you will find a rather wide range of affordable models. sloggi noir

Sloggi revolutionnary slimming boxer briefs

The very innovative German brand Sloggi presents a model which has become an absolute classic in its category. Sculpture X boxer briefs by Sloggi revolutionised men’s shapewear with their plain and modern design. You can find them on Solendro for £33.23

sloggi blanc

For those who want to look slimmer and wear light-coloured trousers, don’t worry, this model also exists in white.

To find more models and maybe renew your regular underwear, come see our collections on Solendro!



Among all of our undergarments, there is one that unleashed passions, from admiration to hatred, but always with violence.

The origins of Australian briefs:

Georges Jonathan, founder of the brand Eminence, was the first one to have the idea to create this shape of briefs in Europe. And it was more than 70 years ago!

At that time, Argentinian gauchos were already wearing this type of underwear when they were riding horses to get a better comfort, and Georges Jonathan brought the concept to France after a trip to Argentina.

Shortly after they were created, Australian briefs experienced a dazzling growth. The commercials and their slogans were widely talked about. You then talk about it to our hairdresser or your butcher, who then hurry to go and buy these comfortable underwear (well, especially ladies). In the 1990’s, trunks received no interest, especially in Latin countries. Briefs were the stars of the moment!

A fall on a par with their rise!

Australian briefs followed the downward trend of briefs. Did they become too old fashioned? Anyways, they were far from being trendy. Banned from beaches, swim briefs are not red-hot anymore. Regular briefs suffered the same fate with a massive reject from young people. “But, do ladies think the same way?” This what Victoria Beckham has said when she saw her husband in the Armani commercial… you have to write the next episodes!

Go beyond the boundaries of comfort with these Sloggi white briefs!

Here’s another pair of Australian briefs, but in grey this time!

slip eminence sous vetement homme pur coton blanc underwear taille haute

And now, here is the best of the best, the Australian briefs by the brand Eminence, who was one of the pioneers of the 20th century!