In  2013, in order to show that they disapproved the new dress code established in a Hungarian university, students decided to go to class wearing undergarments.

The university in Kaposvar, Hungary, had enforced a new dress code and the director of the university had established very stringent and compulsory rules that banned flip flops and sandals as well as tank tops and low-necked garments.

The result? Closed blouses for girls and not too much make up or perfume.

It reminds us about a similar story in Tajikistan, where female students had to wear high heels.

In front of this new regulation, very discontented students decided to attend their dramatic arts class wearing undergarments!

But there is more: Hungarian students also had to cut their nails and wash their hair. Even though it is part of basic hygiene rules, students were fed up and decided to show they could be resilient! To prove it, they also organised an other demonstration on October 7th, 2013, this time with swimsuits and dressing gowns.

If you, too, want to demonstrate at home and assert yourselves with particular choices of undergarments, Solendro has the solution and selected for you several original items that will make you a funny and offbeat man!

Let’s begin with a pair of socks by the brand Achile.


These socks represent the very famous and old arcade games. Besides their undeniable originality, they will provide you optimum comfort and will surely remind you of your childhood.

You want to be a bit trendier to demonstrate? You can definitely wear these Pull In boxer briefs with fast food patterns.


Master Rosti boxer briefs by the brand Pull In

Finally, what do you think about bringing a hint of colour to your undergarments?


We selected for you these Diesel multicoloured short boxer briefs with an elastic waistband and front lining for optimum support.

Don’t wait longer to revolutionise your undergarments and come discover all our items on Solendro!


Many men have a hard time going shopping, especially when it comes to choosing their undergarments. However, be careful! We deplore too often having chosen boxer shorts, boxer briefs or even briefs in which we don’t feel comfortable and we regret not to have taken a step back. Here are a few tips not to make the same mistakes again.

How to choose the right boxer shorts?

The first thing is to determine your size.

On, it is possible to compare the size of a pair of underwear with those of other brands thanks to the “size guide”. What is the equivalent of a size 40? M? No more doubts, now you can choose the size that fits you very easily.

Then, you have to take a look at the material your boxer shorts are made from because some are softer or more comfortable to wear than others, especially as some people (maybe you) have allergies or itching. In that case, cotton and elastomer remain sure bets, even though it is hard to refuse silk undergarments (socks for example).

Finally, when you will be wearing your new undergarments, they have to be like a second skin. You should feel so comfortable that you don’t even feel them.

A few tips for a great look…

Men’s undergarments have now become fashion accessories. They even became a fashion support with low-rise jeans. Whether you are in favour of this trend or not, what you wear remains very important.

At the moment, bright colours and patterns are very popular. Yet, whether you prefer classical or original undergarments, selected everything you need to please all of you.

Coup de Coeur

Coup de Cœur red boxer shorts with navy blue and white hearts. A cute and very heartwarming look!


Elegant undergarments that will be perfect on every occasion created by Dagobear.


These boxer shorts are must-have items in your wardrobe. Simple, elegant, comfortable, what more could you ask for?

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You love being elegant? You wear suits to work? You only buy clothes from famous brands?

Elegance is caracterised by a very good taste in the choice of clothes (and undergarments).

It is the reason why the members of our team is constantly looking for elegant and refined boxer briefs for demanding customers.

We selected for you the best elegant boxer briefs of the moment among the most prestigious brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, the Alexis Mabille collection for the brand HOM and even elegant items by Eden Park.

Come discovers these elegant boxer briefs by Dolce & Gabbana:


Or this 2-pack Diesel boxer briefs:


Finally, you can come discover this 3-pack Calvin Klein boxer briefs.


Black, grey and, white, they have a perfect cut and are of very high quality.

Boxer briefs, boxer shorts, t-shirts, socks.

All the conditions are met to make your shopping on Solendro a very pleasant time.

Come also discover the latest models of Doré Doré and Burlington socks!


Doré Doré socks

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Who said only your private parts have to be covered?

What about your feet? They, too, would like to be pampered a little bit! We don’t notice that very often, but a man’s socks can be the glamourous element that will appeal to women!

You have never thought about that before? I swear, a pair of socks of questionable taste can be a true deal-breaker. So, don’t wait longer and make the odds be in your favour! selected for you a wide range of socks that are adapted to all styles.


Socks with galaxy patterns by the brand Achile

You are looking for a hint of originality? Why don’t you try these black cotton socks with arcade game patterns designed by the brand Achile? This both classical and original pair of socks has a unique style. We like the elastic ribbings that offer optimum support. Made from 79% cotton, 19% polyamide and 2% elastane, they offer maximum comfort.

Game lovers, these are definitely made for you!


3-Pack Puma socks

You are looking for new sport socks?

This 3-pack Puma socks is made for you! Perfectly adapted to exercise, these socks will also be perfect companions in your everyday life. Made from 70% cotton, 27% polyester, 3% elastodiene and 2 % elastane, they will provide you optimum comfort and support.


Classical and elegant socks by the brand Doré Doré

You have a more classical style? You want socks that will perfectly match a suit?

Solendro has the solution for you and selected for example these Doré Doré light socks made from Lisle. They are both very elegant and resistant and their edges are darned by hand. The lightness of these socks makes them imperceptible in shoes and they don’t compress the leg. They offer optimum comfort. A unique and very innovative product in terms of comfort and resistance.

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Kilts are famous for being the traditional costume of Scots. It is customary to say – rightly or wrongly – that Scots wear them without undergarments. Indeed, in the Scottish tradition dating back to the Antiquity, kilts, pleated woolen skirts, are worn without any undergarments. This tradition is deep rooted in the Scottish army and is called the regimental kilt. However, for reserve and hygiene reasons, wearing underwear is more and more common.

“The future of Scotland” is the answer you are very likely to get when asking a Scot if he wears something under his kilt. Solendro thus commits to protect the “future of Scotland” as well as it can as well as that of all kilt wearers. Thus, in total respect for Scottish traditions, we selected for you, unchanging kilt wearers, a range of boxer briefs and boxer shorts perfectly adapted to protect your family jewels.

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your ladylove, protect yourselves! First of all, let us present to you the green and blue chequered boxer shorts by the very prestigious brand Punto Blanco.


Kilts are often associated with their two emblematic colours, red and green. Here are red and green chequered boxer shorts by Arthur. Thanks to their inner support and American cut, these boxer shorts will provide you optimum comfort and great freedom of movement. A must-have item!


What would our selection for fans of modern, classic and chic kilts be without a pair of red socks? Indeed, it is compulsory to be sure to have the complete kit of the perfect Scot. Moreover, thanks to the material they are made from – Lisle – these socks will provide you optimum comfort and freedom of movement.


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You leave work with only one thing in your mind: to relax! Just like many others, you have found a remedy in exercising. However, did you take time to think about what really motivates you to work out? Maybe your motivation is not consistent? Your dedication doesn’t always meet your expectations? Do you still find this activity pleasurable?

The products Solendro selected especially for sporty men will enable you to have a both relaxed and trendy style that will surely please your relatives. Thus, it will be easier for you to practice your favourite sport in the best possible conditions. Boxer briefs and boxer shorts from our range of products will provide you all the comfort you need and deserve as an athlete.

The first item from our selection are these very classical and chic boxer briefs by the famous brand Tommy Hilfiger. Perfect to enhance your sporty curves, they will provide you all the wellness you need. You will be irresistible.


Tommy Hilfiger – Organic Cotton Blend boxer briefs

What is this preconceived idea that men’s underwear can’t be worn by women? Here are chic boxer briefs by the brand Eden Park. Their burgundy colour and polka-dotted waistband give them a college style that will surely appeal to sporty women.


Eden Park burgundy boxer briefs

What would this selection be without a pack of comfortable and stylish socks? Treat yourself with this pack of 3 pairs of socks by Puma, which will provide you a very pleasant sensation of lightness during your training sessions.


3-Pack PUMA ankle socks

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You are certainly already aware that the Comic Con will come in Paris on October 23rd to 25th with Franck Miller as guest of honour. This cartoonist, scriptwriter and filmmaker is renowned for its adaptations of famous comic book characters such as Batman and Daredevil.

However, for many people, the Comic Con also is a unique occasion to wear their most beautiful cosplays (or to create one for the occasion) and to let their inner geeks express themselves.

For the occasion, and to be sure that you will be perfectly prepared for this event, Solendro selected for you comfortable underwear featuring the icons of geek culture.

Captain America

Captain America boxer briefs by Pull In


Hulk’s boxer shorts

Just like in every Comic Con that respects itself, super heroes will have the place of honour this year. Whether you prefer the vintage look from the 1940s and the wisdom of Captain America or Hulk’s more… spirited mind, you can now buy boxer briefs displaying the former and the comfortable boxer shorts for lazy days of the latter.

Star wars

Star Wars boxer briefs by Celio

Since the end of the 1970s, Star Wars is a cult movie and has become an unavoidable element of geek culture. If you fail to transform into a stormtrooper for one day, these Celio boxer briefs will make sure the force is with you all day long.

Let’s now dive into the world of video games.


Achile arcade socks

Signature games of the 1970-80s, arcade games have since greatly lost in popularity after the arrival of various gaming consoles and computer games. However, they remain really popular among the biggest fans and collector’s pieces can sometimes reach sky-high prices.

Super mario 1

Super Mario boxer briefs by Celio

Speaking about console games, this year Celio designed a collection featuring the very famous and very popular Mario, now available on, to pay tribute to Satoru Iwata in your own way or let your inner child express himself.

vice city

Cop hill boxer briefs by Pull In

In a little bit less childish but just as popular category, GTA is also part of the video game series that became unavoidable over time. These boxer briefs designed by Pull In will undoubtedly remind you of the summery and urban atmosphere of Vice City for an eventful day.

Of course, you can also wear briefs. The only rule: wear them UNDER your trousers (even Superman stopped wearing them on top) and avoid at all costs body-hugging leggings made from Lycra.


Yes, you read it well, boxer briefs made from bamboo fibres exist. Products made from bamboo fibres arrive in force in stores (as well as on!), and this is for a good reason: they are anti-bacterial, anti-perspiration and environment friendly. Thus it seems obvious that bamboo has everything going for it. Indeed, undergarments made from bamboo fibres are environment friendly since bamboo grows without using fertilisers, pesticides or other chemicals.

The plant becomes a silky, anti-bacterial and anti-perspiration fibre through a complex manufacturing process.

Mariner white bamboo boxer briefs:

Mariner white

Mariner black bamboo boxer briefs:

Mariner black

Soft, resistant and comfortable, boxer briefs made from bamboo fibres from the brand Mariner have everything it takes to fully satisfy you.

It is precisely the reason why bamboo products (boxer briefs, but also t-shirts, socks and even mattresses) tend to become widespread.

Come discover and try undergarments made from bamboo fibres on, the reference online store for men’s underwear.


Falke is one of the various brands that you can discover on

Established in 1985, Falke began by founding a knitting plant.
Since then, the brand has kept expanding and developing to offer a wide range of classical socks, knee-length socks and ankle socks that are now references in the world of socks!

Falke products are innovative, soft, comfortable, incredibly chic and fashionable! The brand tries to achieve perfection for you and your feet, so let yourself be tempted. The guiding principles of Falke are the following: the search for perfection and the experience to manufacture high-quality products. The collections are characterised by their beauty, their softness and their irreproachable finish.

Come discover our selection of Falke socks, available in our catalogue:

Here are the Falke black socks from the Milano collection, which are elegant and have a silky finish, and are made from 100% Lisle.

Black socks

Beauty and elegance for your feet: Falke black socks from the Milano collection

Falke socks can also be colourful! Here are the blue socks from the Tiago collection, which are very soft and pleasant to wear!

Blue socks

Blue socks from the Tiago collection

Socks from the Airport collection are made for those who are sensitive to the cold. They are made from wool in the inside and cotton on the outside to warm up your feet when it’s extremely cold. They are thick and soft, and will soon become your favourite socks.

Brown socks

Brown socks from the Airport collection

Finally, here are the low-cut socks from the Step collection that will be perfect to match all of your sport outfits.

White socks

White low-cut socks from the Step collection

Don’t hesitate and treat yourself with Falke products, you can be sure that they will pamper your feet!

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As people who were in holidays in July are about to go back home (because all good things must unfortunately come to an end), people who take their holidays in August are about to leave. However, every year the same issue arises: how to bring everything in a single suitcase, which, if you take the plane or the TGV, cannot be too voluminous. Solendro’s team decided to address the problem…

  1. Begin with your shoes…

In plastic bags if you are afraid of putting dirt on your clothes. In order to save space, put your socks or pairs of underwear inside them. Fill in the spaces between shoes with the rest of your undergarments rolled like spring rolls. Thus, they will take less space and it will be more orderly than putting them in your suitcase anyhow. Extra tip: bring at least one pair of underwear for each day of vacation (no, swimsuits are not briefs that you can wear three days in a row!).

  1. Continue with your t-shirts

No matter whether you prefer the spring roll technique or the more classical folding one, you have to put your tops properly at the bottom of your suitcase, next to your shoes.

  1. …Your shorts and trousers…

Neatly folded (and, this time, it is non-negotiable) because trousers take less space when they are flat than when they are in a ball and it prevents them from creasing before you have even put them on. Even in holidays, the creased-careless-I-don’t-have-time-to-iron look has to be banished.

  1. Your shirts

If you bring a shirt when going on vacation, it is not to crease it in your suitcase, or you can say goodbye to your class look on a terrace. We thus advise you to neatly fold your shirts and to put them flat on top of your other clothes.

  1. Your toilet bag and other objects that are indispensable on holidays

Finally, icing on the cake, add your toilet bag, in which you obviously did not forget to put a toothbrush (and toothpaste of course, otherwise it is useless). Preferably opt for waterproof toilet bags or wrap them in a plastic bag to prevent all possible leaks on your clothes. Because, worse than the creased shirt, there is the shirt that is stained because of the unexpected opening of your sunscreen lotion or your toothpaste that has decided to escape.

To complete your suitcase and have nice undergarments for the holidays, come discover all our products on