Until very recently, men and women who bought undergarments for their partners favoured briefs, often black, and without any pattern. However, times are changing and men are getting more and more involved in the choice of their undergarments, which have become genuine fashion accessories. They allocate a bigger budget to it and colour is now very popular.

Boxer briefs with fancy patterns have grown in popularity, as proven by the resounding success of brands such as Pull In and Björn Borg.

Moreover, fashion designers have initiated a deep change during the last 5 years and ready-to-wear clothing brands stepped into the breach and now display bright colours and big logos. It is the case of the brand Armani for example, which managed to transform its logo into a symbol of manliness, mostly because of its advertising campaigns featuring David Beckham.

Since then, the offer has changed and recentred on style. Materials are more sophisticated and brands are more concerned about the image they spread through their underwear collections. For example, Diesel worked with Lady Gaga’s and Vogue former designer, Nicola Formichetti, for one of its collections, displaying fancy patterns while being deep-rooted in the history of the brand.

Even designers who like sobriety begin to create colourful undergarments, especially with bright-coloured waistbands.

Here are a few examples of the latest trends:

Stonemen boxer briefs have reached the very top of originality in underwear and transform your undergarments into pictures.


The famous brand Pull In reinvented a collection with comics.

Pull In

Coup de Cœur and its relaxed boxer shorts: to feel good at home as well as in your everyday life.

Coup de Coeur


Summer and heat are coming, but it is not an excuse to undress completely! You should be delighted: this summer, your undergarments will be admired because it is now trendy to wear boxer briefs under your boardshorts.

This trend comes directly from Australian surfers. Indeed, they often have to put on and take off their boardshorts in various locations. Whether it is on the beach, on a parking lot or in a bar, boxer briefs are very practical to change very simply. And once they are surfing, the boxer briefs prevent them from any wave taking away their boardshorts.

Let’s talk about style! The technique of wearing boxer briefs underneath bathing trunks appeals to more and more enthusiasts… of style. When brought tastefully, this little additional touch can make a big difference to young ladies. Thus, this didn’t escape the underwear brands that now design stylish boxer briefs with summer colours to have style in all circumstances.

To let trendy and colourful boxer briefs appear and enhance your body, boardshorts are to be worn low. Play with colours for a stylish beachwear or match your boxer briefs and boardshorts for more class. For you to have a trendy look at the beach, even underneath you swimsuit, Solendro compiled a little selection that won’t let ladies indifferent.


These white and blue striped Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, which elastic waistband will provide you support and comfort, will bring a class and masculine touch to your beachwear.


These Billabong boxer briefs with reinforced stitching and a lined front for better support will perfectly adapt to your movements in all circumstances and will give you a very sporty look.


These Stonemen boxer briefs with summer colours will enhance your curves and give you a trendy tropical look during this extremely hot time of the year.


Colourful underwear for summer is already available on Solendro.

Since the weather is not really nice, what do you think about putting a little sunshine in your underwear?

As it happens, Solendro offers colourful underwear for all tastes and that is pretty nice.


These Stonemen Sunset boxer briefs will delight all the men who miss board sports, sporty ones, and dare-devils who pine for their surf board. This model is colourful and will remind you of the waves from last summer that, hopefully, you will see again soon.


Water lovers will surely love the color of these Replay turquoise boxer briefs that will remind you of the ocean, heavenly islands, sliding sports, and so on. In summer, forget about dark colours and bring out the bright ones. Try it, you will love it!

hom vert

Green is making a come-back! Hom Sunny Days boxer brief will appeal to dynamic men. Green is trendy this summer so go ahead and try it.


Do you miss the beach, the sea and the pool? Do you want to get away? Billabong Finkle boxer briefs are made for you. Its multicoloured fish patterns will make you long for summer. Only a few weeks to go and yo will be in holidays but don’t forget to visit Solendro first to make your fashion game on point.

Now, you have all it takes to brighten up your summer, so don’t hesitate any longer to visit Solendro and discover the other models.

Don’t be sad, summer will soon be upon us.

If you need further information, feel free to contact us at +331.


Long boxer briefs are undergarments that go down to mid-thigh or even cover them entirely. They are mostly used to avoid rubbing at the groin and at the beginning of the thighs. They also keep you warm and work as a second skin in winter. They can also have a slimming effect on your thighs. Here is a few selection of long boxer briefs that you will find on Solendro.


Sebastien by Diesel

eden park

Rugby Legend by Eden Park


CK One by Calvin Klein

Short boxer briefs are the most common ones. In general, they are more colorful, have more patterns, and aim at being visible, contrary to long boxer briefs which main goals are comfort and utility. These boxer briefs are nevertheless very comfortable and can be worn on every occasion. Their look plays a much more important role during seduction games and their more original and off-the-wall patterns spice your life up a little bit. Here are a few examples that you will also find on Solendro.

pull in

Pull In


Horses by Stonemen


Gilbert trunks by Tommy Hilfiger



The end of school year is coming, along with exams, finals, or professional encounters that you cannot miss.

Some people have lucky pens, trousers, « talismans », but the best lucky charms remains underwear.

Did you think about having some for your exams or meetings?

The best thing to do is visit Solendro to discover the models that will make you succeed!

We have compiled for you these “lucky pairs of underwear”:

These Star Wars boxer briefs by Celio will make sure the force is with you.  sw

Dreamers and those who want to get away after the exams will surely like the  Rétroviseurs boxer briefs by Pull-In pull in

As for people who are always feeling anxious and would like to bring the whole library when taking their exams, the Literature boxer shorts by Arthur are perfect for you!


And finally, these Sunset boxer briefs by Stonemen will make you think about the holidays to come, the long walkswith your ladylove and the cocktails on the beach.


Many other models are available on Solendro and don’t forget, IN SOLENDRO WE TRUST!