Winter forces us to eat more in order to protect ourselves from the cold weather. However, summer and its rather demotivating heat waves does not encourage us to do more exercise to lose weight.

Now that it is time to think about your silhouette, we have a solution to slim it down: slimming underwear.

You will forget very quickly about your curves and your awful love handles and you will put on your most beautiful underwear. Slimming boxer briefs with shaping and slimming effect are the most requested since they are rather discreet and fit effortlessly under your clothes. Buy yourself slimming underwear to have a well-shaped silhouette without effort. Your skin-tight garments have many beautiful days ahead of them.


These boxer briefs by Sloggi made from cotton and elastane will shape your silhouette with its slimming waistband while the extra flat seams will provide you optimal comfort.

sloggi 2

This longer version, also by Sloggi, will reshape your butt, flatten your stomach and erase your love handles while remaining invisible under your clothes.

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Summer trends by Solendro

Summer is coming, along with heat and long walks under the sun. It is time to renew your wardrobe and to adapt it to the current season, without forgetting underwear!

What are the summer trends? What materials and colours to favour?

Like every summer, marine blue and white colours make a strong comeback and remind us about the seashore, the Mediterranean coasts and Greece.

These discreet colours easily and discreetly slip under all outfits, even the lightest. As for the patterns, you should favour simplicity and marine stripes are perfectly adapted to holidays by the sea!

These Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs are particularly recommended to go to sea or go for a walk in the port.

Tommy hilfiger

Lucky trunk – Tommy Hilfiger

To give a little bit of peps and energy to your outfit, red will be the perfect colour. A dynamising and warm red that reminds you that summer is not only synonymous with idleness, but is also the time of the year when the days are the longest and full of adventures. To be perfectly prepared for these long days of activities, don’t forget your Kaporal boxer briefs! Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, they are light to wear, hypoallergenic, anti-odour, breathing and anti-perspiration.


So Far So Bad Kaporal Boxer briefs

The gingham style of these chequered Dagobear boxer shorts will be ideal to have breakfast on a terrace or at the pool.


Dagobear Squares boxer shorts

In summer, it is also time to shorten and lighten clothes layers, including underwear! This is the reason why briefs are worth considering provided that they are very simple, like these elegant Dolce & Gabbana white briefs.


Dolce & Gabbana Black & White Briefs

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Summer heat is here! Unfortunately, we are not all lucky enough to be on a fine sandy beach wearing flip flops. Those who are at work suffer from this suffocating heat. As well as their feet. What is more unpleasant than sweating in your shoes, this moistness that makes you feel uncomfortable all day long. Even worse, the smell of your sweat escaping from your shoes can greatly bother your colleagues!

Fortunately, Solendro’s team is here to give you advice, even during this heat wave.

To prevent your colleagues from running away from you, follow Solendro tricks! First of all, you should absolutely avoid wearing certain materials. For example, all synthetic ones are definitely not suitable for summer. You should rather wear finer products made from cotton: 100% cotton socks are highly recommended.

Solendro selected for you a few products that will enable you to spend a cool summer in your shoes.

HOM Socks

smart stripes

HOM Smart Stripes lisle socks – £7.90

Doré Doré Socks


Doré Doré Multistripes lisle socks – £12.90

Doré Doré Socks

doré doré

Red short lisle socks – £10.90

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Solendro – The online store for branded men’s underwear


As warmer weather approaches, we are looking for softness and maybe new underwear. Indeed, summer is coming along with sunny and warm days. Yet, sun comes with heat and heat is synonymous with relaxed outfits that let appear a great deal of skin. Yes, summer is this time of the year when the words “restraint”, “classical”, “inhibited” or even “shy” make themselves inconspicuous.

A period of silliness, trickery and endless drinking spree is waiting for you and it is the perfect occasion for you to relax, have fun and greatly enjoy this time of the year when souls wander and sheep move away from the herd.

To have all eyes turned towards you and live summer to the full, Solendro offers you its original collection.

spray can

First undergarments of our selection: the “Spray Can” boxer briefs by the very original brand Pull-In.


These very original Diesel boxer briefs will surely attract more than one. Yet, originality is not necessarily synonymous with bad quality, it is even quite the opposite: on Solendro, all products are of irreproachable quality.


The very young brand Dagobear designed these high-quality chequered turquoise boxer briefs to perfectly mingle in the scenery of sunny days. These light undergarments made from cotton will provide you all the comfort you need.


Finally, to end this prestigious selection, there are the “Strawberrys” boxer briefs, rather original, that will be well received by the most fanciful among yourselves. Their innovative material is made from a mix of polyester and lycra and their cut will provide you a great freedom of movement and optimum comfort.

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Colourful underwear for summer is already available on Solendro.

Since the weather is not really nice, what do you think about putting a little sunshine in your underwear?

As it happens, Solendro offers colourful underwear for all tastes and that is pretty nice.


These Stonemen Sunset boxer briefs will delight all the men who miss board sports, sporty ones, and dare-devils who pine for their surf board. This model is colourful and will remind you of the waves from last summer that, hopefully, you will see again soon.


Water lovers will surely love the color of these Replay turquoise boxer briefs that will remind you of the ocean, heavenly islands, sliding sports, and so on. In summer, forget about dark colours and bring out the bright ones. Try it, you will love it!

hom vert

Green is making a come-back! Hom Sunny Days boxer brief will appeal to dynamic men. Green is trendy this summer so go ahead and try it.


Do you miss the beach, the sea and the pool? Do you want to get away? Billabong Finkle boxer briefs are made for you. Its multicoloured fish patterns will make you long for summer. Only a few weeks to go and yo will be in holidays but don’t forget to visit Solendro first to make your fashion game on point.

Now, you have all it takes to brighten up your summer, so don’t hesitate any longer to visit Solendro and discover the other models.

Don’t be sad, summer will soon be upon us.

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Spring is here and it is the ideal time of the year to get rid of the weight you put on during winter before summer comes. Of course, some of you will –rightly– plan to start exercising. As for me, I decided to talk to you about men’s underwear that slims the silhouette and helps conceal love handles. But first, I would like to point out that slimming boxer briefs are, contrary to common beliefs, rather comfortable and totally invisible under your clothes.

Men’s slimming underwear can be difficult to find and that’s why I would advise you to go visit Solendro, the online store for men’s underwear, where you will find a rather wide range of affordable models. sloggi noir

Sloggi revolutionnary slimming boxer briefs

The very innovative German brand Sloggi presents a model which has become an absolute classic in its category. Sculpture X boxer briefs by Sloggi revolutionised men’s shapewear with their plain and modern design. You can find them on Solendro for £33.23

sloggi blanc

For those who want to look slimmer and wear light-coloured trousers, don’t worry, this model also exists in white.

To find more models and maybe renew your regular underwear, come see our collections on Solendro!