Durex Australia had the wonderful idea to design unusual undergarments for couples who live separately.

These undergarments are like no others: they vibrate! They offer a feeling of closeness with your ladylove, which is really important.

The vibrating system is connected to an iPhone application. The two partners can’t maybe see each other, but they can touch each other at a distance away!

It is a revolution for couples who live in different cities, countries and even on different continents. The only question is: when will it be commecialised? Thanks to this invention, you will be able to skip your now boring talks to the advantage of inflamed discussions that will come with pleasure and amusement.

In the meantime, you can come on our website to please your partner.

Regular boxer briefs by the famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana:


Mariner briefs, a very trendy item:


Lucky trunk boxer briefs by Tommy Hilfiger will please you with their softness and look.


And finally the classical boxer briefs by Coup de Cœur, for lovers and passionate ones.

coup de coeur

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We already told you earlier in the week that Solendro doesn’t go on vacation to offer you the best men’s undergarments all summer long. Weather has already been hot and sunny for a few weeks and weekends of mass departures and crossovers, as Frenchmen name it, are only beginning. In this time of vacation, and to make your waiting time or return at home easier, Solendro’s team selected for you very summery undergarments that will follow you everywhere.

When we are about to depart, we often focus on essentials: not forgetting your toothbrush, your GPS or train tickets, and bring enough water not to die from thirst and/or heat in the potential traffic jams… Yet, only a few people think about choosing their undergarments according to what awaits them: long hours of journey in the heat. Luckily enough, Solendro has a solution! These Master Holiday boxer briefs by Pull In will make you forget about the monotony of the road and (maybe) the long hours stuck in jams.

Pull In Master Holidays

However, according to your tastes, all of you won’t choose the same activities and Solendro thus found for you nice and colourful undergarments adapted to all of your hobbies.

Your summer will be rather marine…

You love watersports and you spend your whole summer in close proximity to the sea or on a boat? Boxer briefs with anchor patterns or marine stripes are made for you!

Gant ancre   TH lucky trunk

Your summer will be athletic…

Whereas some people consider that summer is a synonym of idleness and rest, you much prefer sport activities. Hicking, cycling and paddle boating are the key words of your holidays and you are proud to say it!

Eminence vélo noir   Eminence sport day  Pull In Master Beachboys

Your summer will be very beachy…

To you, no summer vacations without going to the beach. Clear blue sky, water lapping, warm sun and sand are essential elements to maximum relaxation. Your favourite activity? Letting your mind wander freely all day long!

Replay New Collection   Pull In Master beach

Your summer will be exotic…

Palm trees, mangoes, rhum cocktails and beautiful vahines, one thing is for sure: holidays are made to daydream and think about nothing.

Pepe Jeans Alonso   Billabong floral

Before going on vacation, don’t forget to come discover these products and many others on Solendro!


Do you prefer briefs or boxer shorts? Even though comfort and quality are two main criteria when it comes to the choice of your undergarments, style is not left behind. Indeed, 50% of men are willing to pay the price for comfortable underwear, provided that it enhances their curves.

#1: Boxer briefs, always more popular!

60% of men wear boxer briefs every day! Both comfortable and really trendy, these undergarments provide unequalled support. An other good point: they are affordable! They are now one of the greatest classics of men’s undergarments and are offered by many brands, such as Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani or even Dolce & Gabbana for the highest-end ones and by brands such as Dim and Eminence for the most affordable. Their cut and the materials they are made from make them must-have products in your wardrobe. What about style? These undergarments are often renewed by brands, which can thus offer a large choice of elegant and original styles.

# 2: Boxer shorts are going out of the drawers!

Abandoned by men’s fashion since the 2000s, boxer shorts are making a strong comeback thanks to new designs that are cut better and more modern! Always more men choose to wear boxer shorts again for their inimitable style. Brands such as Dagobear or Arthur rejuvenate the image of boxer shorts thanks to checks or stripes for a family spirit while others such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or even Tommy Hilfiger bring a hint of elegance to them while keeping traditional patterns of boxer shorts. A compromise that ensures a bright future to these pieces of underwear.

# 3: Briefs are getting a makeover!

Traditional white briefs are getting a makeover! Now colourful, fun and original, comfortable briefs of today are stylish. Despite the preference of European men for boxer briefs and boxer shorts, briefs are still flagship items of high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Emporio Armani, which didn’t hesitate to launch briefs that were better-cut and closer-fitting, symbols of class and sensuality!

Come on Solendro and choose yours!


We all know that, in our current society, appearance is extremely important. Now, since the main trend is being “underweight”, men’s undergarments in plus sizes are too often neglected by the brands and their retailers in favour of XS men’s underwear. Consequently, it is not always an easy task to find happiness when looking for XXXL boxer briefs or briefs in size 4XL.

Since wearing plus sizes doesn’t mean that you can’t be at the cutting edge of fashion as regards men’s underwear, that your briefs, boxer briefs or even boxer shorts can’t be many and varied, and that your style has to be guided by fashion-conscious people, Solendro commits to taking the needs and desires of everybody into account and selected for you the trendiest men’s undergarments on the current market – in plus sizes, obviously!

To inspire you, we selected a few items:


3-Pack Dim briefs available in 3XL

Eden Park

Eden Park boxer briefs available in XXL


Anatomic boxer briefs by Eminence available in 4XL

Tommy Hilfiger

2-Pack Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs available in XXL

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What is better than riding a bike to relax on a hot summer day? To compete with last year’s winner, Vincenzo Nibali, you need high-quality undergarments. That is the reason why Solendro selected stylish and comfortable briefs and boxer briefs especially for you.

Moreover, the second mark-down has been launched on July, 1st on Solendro and it would be a shame not to treat yourself with these boxer briefs, briefs and socks at exceptionally affordable prices. Stocks are limited, so escape from the peloton and take advantage of these offers!

Tommy Hilfiger

3-Pack Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs – £26.90

Sporty boxer briefs by Gant


Thanks to their elastic waistband providing great freedom of movement, these Gant boxer briefs will enable you to pass the most difficult passes for only £18.80.


Sloggi briefs

Briefs lovers should be really pleased by these Sloggi briefs. Their micromodal fabric and front lining provide optimum comfort for only £9.40.


3-Pack Puma Training socks

Forget about blisters with this 3-Pack Puma Training socks with 40% off

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Beach pictures often remind us of the beautiful summer vacations that we miss so badly during our freezing winters. Beaches, these sand expanses stretching as far as one’s eyes can see, make us feel unexplainable feelings and a strange well-being sensation. Summer is here and vacation periods are coming soon. Beaches are about to be invaded by uncontrollable hordes of tourists.

Thus, to remain at your top form and seduce a great number of other holiday-makers on sunny beaches this summer, Solendro selected for you undergarments especially made for the beach. You won’t be disappointed! A both chic and sporty collection that will embellish your vacations.


These “Ulysee” boxer shorts by Arthur will provide you the comfort you need to cope with summer heat. This young French brand managed to establish itself as a high-quality and reliable institution and offers very high-quality products to its customers.

The next item is really prestigious. Indeed, these classical and elegant boxer briefs by Tommy Hilfiger will be perfect for a trip to the beach. Their cut will provide you great freedom of movement. Moreover, the elaborate design of the waistband is the ultimate proof of refinement and good taste.

tommy hilfiger

Come discover these original Pull In boxer briefs with beach pictures, which will match perfectly with the blue colour of the sea, the atmosphere on the beach and the heady cocktails. Moreover, their cut will provide you all the comfort you need.

Pull In

What would be our selection for beach lovers without marine blue socks calling summer colours to our minds? Indeed, they are indispensable to have the complete kit of the genuine vacation-maker. Moreover, thanks to the materials they are made from (viscose, polyamide, cotton), they will provide you optimum comfort and an intense sensation of freedom.

Arthur socks

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Where do the most famous designers get their inspiration?

Every year, the brand Tommy Hilfiger is admired by the entire textile industry for the success, the elegance and the prestige it embodies. Here are a few things to know about the man behind the success: to Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, an American fashion designer and founder of the brand Tommy Hilfiger, the architecture and the cultural heritage to be seen in the city of Paris is a genuine source of inspiration.  “Paris always inspired me, as much with its architecture and its museums as with its ancestral cultural tradition”. The French capital city is extremely important for the famous designer, as shown by the opening of a brand new shop of 600 sq. meters on the boulevard des Capucines (the textile industry giant also has a shop on the Champs-Elysées).

The American company also highlights the important role played by Paris for the positioning of the brand in France.

Incidentally, the style of the clothing line and the light old school touch is reminiscent of the main trends that can be found in famous French clothing brands such as Lacoste.

Tommy Hilfiger, which perfectly embodies the American success story, keeps expanding and has already announced the opening of a new store in Beijing to celebrate the 30th birthday of the brand.

Come discover the Tommy Hilfiger boxer shorts available on Solendro’s website:

Tommy Hilfiger 1

Discover the elegance and comfort of the blue Tommy Hilfiger boxer shorts.

Tommy Hilfiger 2

Light-blue boxer shorts


Summer trends by Solendro

Summer is coming, along with heat and long walks under the sun. It is time to renew your wardrobe and to adapt it to the current season, without forgetting underwear!

What are the summer trends? What materials and colours to favour?

Like every summer, marine blue and white colours make a strong comeback and remind us about the seashore, the Mediterranean coasts and Greece.

These discreet colours easily and discreetly slip under all outfits, even the lightest. As for the patterns, you should favour simplicity and marine stripes are perfectly adapted to holidays by the sea!

These Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs are particularly recommended to go to sea or go for a walk in the port.

Tommy hilfiger

Lucky trunk – Tommy Hilfiger

To give a little bit of peps and energy to your outfit, red will be the perfect colour. A dynamising and warm red that reminds you that summer is not only synonymous with idleness, but is also the time of the year when the days are the longest and full of adventures. To be perfectly prepared for these long days of activities, don’t forget your Kaporal boxer briefs! Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, they are light to wear, hypoallergenic, anti-odour, breathing and anti-perspiration.


So Far So Bad Kaporal Boxer briefs

The gingham style of these chequered Dagobear boxer shorts will be ideal to have breakfast on a terrace or at the pool.


Dagobear Squares boxer shorts

In summer, it is also time to shorten and lighten clothes layers, including underwear! This is the reason why briefs are worth considering provided that they are very simple, like these elegant Dolce & Gabbana white briefs.


Dolce & Gabbana Black & White Briefs

Come discover a wide range of men’s underwear on Solendro!


Men’s lingerie? The brand HommeMystere made it possible thanks to its new collection of lingerie intended for the “stronger sex”. Even though they cannot borrow their girlfriends’ undergarments, men now have their own line of sexy lingerie.

Indeed, the Australian brand designs bras, knickers, thongs and undershirts perfectly adapted to men’s bodies and even explains: “We design men’s lingerie. No matter if you are gay, straight, vegan or an alien”.

This concept may seem surprising, but some men think that it isn’t abnormal or sick: it simply shows that dress codes have changed and some people are willing to be comfortable with it.

Contrary to clichés, sexual preferences reportedly don’t have any influence since, according to HommeMystere, many men take advantage of the absence of their girlfriends to discreetly try on their lingerie. To support this idea, the site uses various photos displaying men and women that are happy to wear the same undergarments.

This trend is not new and can also be observed among women, who wear men’s underwear more and more often.

Our undergarments reportedly became genuine style accessories and brands began to understand it, as well as Solendro.

We want to show you some models that should appeal to you despite their lack of femininity (because David Beckham wearing knickers would surely be far less sexy than in one of these boxer briefs…):


Ralph Lauren classical black boxer briefs. Comfortable, soft, trendy, what more could you ask for?

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger blue boxer briefs with a contrasting waistband for an original and sporty look.


Dolce & Gabbana elegant and very chic boxer briefs that will stand out thanks to their splendid burgundy colour.


Summer and heat are coming, but it is not an excuse to undress completely! You should be delighted: this summer, your undergarments will be admired because it is now trendy to wear boxer briefs under your boardshorts.

This trend comes directly from Australian surfers. Indeed, they often have to put on and take off their boardshorts in various locations. Whether it is on the beach, on a parking lot or in a bar, boxer briefs are very practical to change very simply. And once they are surfing, the boxer briefs prevent them from any wave taking away their boardshorts.

Let’s talk about style! The technique of wearing boxer briefs underneath bathing trunks appeals to more and more enthusiasts… of style. When brought tastefully, this little additional touch can make a big difference to young ladies. Thus, this didn’t escape the underwear brands that now design stylish boxer briefs with summer colours to have style in all circumstances.

To let trendy and colourful boxer briefs appear and enhance your body, boardshorts are to be worn low. Play with colours for a stylish beachwear or match your boxer briefs and boardshorts for more class. For you to have a trendy look at the beach, even underneath you swimsuit, Solendro compiled a little selection that won’t let ladies indifferent.


These white and blue striped Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs, which elastic waistband will provide you support and comfort, will bring a class and masculine touch to your beachwear.


These Billabong boxer briefs with reinforced stitching and a lined front for better support will perfectly adapt to your movements in all circumstances and will give you a very sporty look.


These Stonemen boxer briefs with summer colours will enhance your curves and give you a trendy tropical look during this extremely hot time of the year.