LeBonCoin, a French classified ad site, is renowned for its scatterbrained ads and its sometimes strange objects. At the end of November 2013, a collector registered on this website put on sale a particularly unusual collector’s piece: briefs that have been worn by the very famous Sylvester Stallone! The collector claims to have received it from the actor himself. These undergarments have been worn during a VIP party in 1992 and there is even a photo to support his story. These grey briefs are from the brand Westchom Mustchom and have a black waistband. It is a shame for the fans of the actor, but the sellers has washed them!


These briefs have reportedly been given to him by the star at the Planet Hollywood in Disneyland Paris, as he was touring to promote John Rambo in February 2008. The briefs have been put on sale at 150 euros and have since then been bought by a fan of the actor.

If you missed the chance to buy Sylvester’s briefs, Solendro selected for you elegant undergarments that will be perfect on every occasion. A selection that could definitely appeal to our favorite actor.


For the actor’s fans. This 2-pack Emporio Armani briefs contains a pair of underwear identical to those of the star. Extremely comfortable grey low-waisted briefs with a black waistband.


If you are looking for optimum support and a very soft waistband, these classic briefs by Calvin Klein in the same tones of grey and black will perfectly adapt to all your movements.


If you prefer wearing boxer briefs, this grey item by Ralph Lauren will be a perfect companion. Its cotton material makes it very pleasant to wear all day long.


In  2013, in order to show that they disapproved the new dress code established in a Hungarian university, students decided to go to class wearing undergarments.

The university in Kaposvar, Hungary, had enforced a new dress code and the director of the university had established very stringent and compulsory rules that banned flip flops and sandals as well as tank tops and low-necked garments.

The result? Closed blouses for girls and not too much make up or perfume.

It reminds us about a similar story in Tajikistan, where female students had to wear high heels.

In front of this new regulation, very discontented students decided to attend their dramatic arts class wearing undergarments!

But there is more: Hungarian students also had to cut their nails and wash their hair. Even though it is part of basic hygiene rules, students were fed up and decided to show they could be resilient! To prove it, they also organised an other demonstration on October 7th, 2013, this time with swimsuits and dressing gowns.

If you, too, want to demonstrate at home and assert yourselves with particular choices of undergarments, Solendro has the solution and selected for you several original items that will make you a funny and offbeat man!

Let’s begin with a pair of socks by the brand Achile.


These socks represent the very famous and old arcade games. Besides their undeniable originality, they will provide you optimum comfort and will surely remind you of your childhood.

You want to be a bit trendier to demonstrate? You can definitely wear these Pull In boxer briefs with fast food patterns.


Master Rosti boxer briefs by the brand Pull In

Finally, what do you think about bringing a hint of colour to your undergarments?


We selected for you these Diesel multicoloured short boxer briefs with an elastic waistband and front lining for optimum support.

Don’t wait longer to revolutionise your undergarments and come discover all our items on Solendro!


You may already have heard about a French brand of undergarments called Le Slip Français. Established in September 2011 by Guillaume Gibault, this company wants to represent made-in-France products, which are presented by some people as a solution to the current crisis and are universally recognized as a quality guarantee. After various collaborations with very prestigious brands such as the lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam, Claudie Pierlot and even Agnès b., the French company wants to conquer the US market and bank on an offbeat campaign and French humour.

leo et sherry

This advertising campaign, called the Verylovetrip, is based on the story of Leo, a dummy that encountered a young a beautiful American girl called Sherry (a dummy, too) during the Fashion Week in Paris and has lost touch with her since then. Aiming at finding her at all costs (because everyone has the right to be madly in love), he will travel across the US, from the East to the West, from New-York to Los Angeles, to find his ladylove.

In order to fund this campaign that could be described as out of the ordinary, the brand launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a limited and exclusive collection which will, hopefully, enable to organise the trip of our dear Leo across the US and will maybe end with the creation of a pop-up store in Los Angeles.


The objective? Making known the 100% French brand across the pond thanks to the support of its community on social networks and to the offbeat image associated with the brand since the very beginning.

Strange guys those Gallics !


No need to sneakily steal your ladylove’s panties anymore: you can now have your own lacy underwear.

Until now reserved exclusively to women, sexy undergarments made from lace are coming into men’s wardrobes. Indeed, a growing number of men post very sexy pictures on social networks, on which they wear lacy undergarments. Called “menagerie” (made up from “men” and “lingerie”), this trend relies on the typical features of lingerie (frills, openwork lace, satin materials…) and offers items adapted to men’s bodies.

culotte dentelle

Even though this concept is not new, the number of fans is rising. Established in 2008, the brand Homme Mystere is a pioneer in this field and offers all kinds of products, from the simplest thongs to basques with suspender belts, including undershirts and silk pyjamas.


It is up to you to decide if you want to wear these very uncommon undergarments (or not). Members of Solendro’s team nevertheless thought that, even for athletes with a perfect body, trying to make a move wearing briefs made from lace and sequins seems far more difficult than with body-hugging Eden Park or Calvin Klein boxer briefs on. But, in the end, everyone does as he pleases.

Before taking a firm decision on this important subject, you can come discover our wide range of products on, which are far more traditional and comfortable and will discreetly enhance your curves while providing you all the softness and freedom of movement you need.


Following the resounding success of the first two parts, and because Solendro wants to help you being trendy regarding underwear as well as new technologies, we decided to make you discover a third series of unusual objects that will change your everyday life forever.

# 5: Hamburger hands-free kit


This revolutionary object has been designed to eat without taking the eyes off your computer screen and the hands off your keyboard. An unusual way to make the life of geeks easier. They won’t even have to pause their games for 30 seconds to bite in their slice of pizza. Significant advantage of this method: in theory, since you don’t need to take the burger in your hands, there won’t be any greasy stains on your keyboard and you will soon forget about sticky mice. We said in theory.

# 4: Biscuit finger caps to eat nutella


If, like many people, you consider nutella as an essential, if not vital, element in your life, these are made for you. Your fridge can be completely empty, your hot water tank broken down in winter and your cat may have shredded a decisive report you have to hand on that day, as long as you have nutella, everything is okay. However, sometimes you crave chocolate spread but not bread. To anticipate this kind of cases of extreme emergency, biscuit finger caps have been invented. Thus, you can dip your fingers in the nutella jar without any mess, for a deliciously regressive moment.

# 3: Scented alarm clock

réveil café

After the alarm clock that wakes you up with bird songs, those which flee in a corner of the room to force you to wake up and apps that ask you to resolve math problems (the inventor of this concept is surely Beelzebub himself), brilliant minds invented an alarm clock that releases various smells to make you get out of bed. Accompanied by a large choice of scents, such as coffee or fresh pancakes, it will maybe help you to be in a good mood in the morning. Only flaw: even though the smell is there, coffee and pancakes are not ready and if you want some, you will have to make them. In the end, it might be worse than math problems.

# 2: Keyboard waffle iron

gaufrier clavier

If after waking up to the delicious smell of fresh waffles you crave some (which is very likely to happen), Solendro anticipated everything and unearthed for you a waffle iron shaped like a keyboard. Two advantages: first, the waffles are far bigger than usual ones, so you can eat the same number of waffles while eating a biggest amount and second, it is very original and everybody will want to eat your keyboard waffles.

# 1: Toaster USB hub and its little toasts


If, to your mind, no biscuit finger cap will ever replace a good toast and you don’t have time to cook waffles in the morning, this USB hub shaped like a toaster is the ideal object for you. Accompanied by its four toasts, Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp and Tato, it will make you feel good before beginning a long day at work.


It is unbelievable but true. August 2013, in the city of Changchun, located in the North of China, a man was attempting suicide from the 6th floor of his building but his wife arrived right on time and saved his life!

How? By catching him by his boxer briefs before grasping one of his legs.

It lasted 20 minutes, the time for the rescue personnel to arrive.

Passers-by told the press that they heard somebody scream and saw a man hanging from the window and his wife gripping his undergarments.

This woman was calling for help while firmly holding him but since the apartment door was locked and couldn’t be smashed open, nobody managed to help her before the rescue arrived.

This sad story ending well proves that undergarments are indispensable and even, in this case, vital.

We will present to you a few essential items sold on Solendro that all men should have in their wardrobe.

Let’s begin with this 3-pack white cotton boxer briefs by Emporio Armani.


These boxer briefs are great classics. They are neither long nor short and provide a comfort that is faithful to the quality of the brand.

Solendro, always wanting the best for its customers, offers them in a pack of three at an affordable price, so don’t hesitate.

Then, we have these black stretch cotton boxer briefs by Calvin Klein.


They have a close-fitting cut and have been designed to slim down your silhouette while providing great freedom of movement.

We love their Calvin Klein waistband bearing a black silicone logo at the center of the back.

Finally, what do you think about these very elegant boxer briefs by the brand Eden Park?


At the same time original and well-cut, they will please you for sure!

We love the little polka dots on the waistband that give a feeling of lightness and freedom.

These boxer briefs are a sure bet!

Don’t wait longer and come discover all our products on!


Durex Australia had the wonderful idea to design unusual undergarments for couples who live separately.

These undergarments are like no others: they vibrate! They offer a feeling of closeness with your ladylove, which is really important.

The vibrating system is connected to an iPhone application. The two partners can’t maybe see each other, but they can touch each other at a distance away!

It is a revolution for couples who live in different cities, countries and even on different continents. The only question is: when will it be commecialised? Thanks to this invention, you will be able to skip your now boring talks to the advantage of inflamed discussions that will come with pleasure and amusement.

In the meantime, you can come on our website to please your partner.

Regular boxer briefs by the famous Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana:


Mariner briefs, a very trendy item:


Lucky trunk boxer briefs by Tommy Hilfiger will please you with their softness and look.


And finally the classical boxer briefs by Coup de Cœur, for lovers and passionate ones.

coup de coeur

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact Marie at +331 74 30 56 17. She will be glad to answer all of your questions.


Absolutely keen about new technologies and unusual objects, you are constantly looking for novelties to improve all aspects of your everyday life. From the kitchen to the bedroom and living room, Solendro thus committed to find objects that are both unusual and useful and will soon become indispensable pieces in your life.

# 5: A mug that stirs your hot chocolate itself

self stirring mug

You have never been an early bird and breakfast has always been synonymous with catastrophe. Between your coffee that is very likely to end up spilled on the floor when you are already late for work, your slice of bread that will inevitably land butter-side-down and the chocolate stains on your last white shirt when the most important meeting of the week is scheduled two hours later, all elements are combined for you to spend a bad day.

To make your life easier from the breakfast, brilliant engineers developed a mug that stirs your hot chocolate itself (yes, you read it well!). You only have to put your chocolate powder, to add milk and your new favourite mug will do the rest, without risk of lumps, smears of chocolate resulting from a stirring technique that is too brusque or, worse, to find all the chocolate at the bottom of the mug.

# 4: The toaster knife

couteau grille pain

Yes, you read it right. To make you breakfast easier (and make you save at least 2 minutes), we selected for you this magnificent object, combining a knife and a toaster, which enables you to toast your bread as you are cutting it. Very practical when you are already late and that, owing to time constraints, you can’t go through the toaster stage. Not wanting to eat your bread without first toasting it, you unfortunately used to be left without a breakfast. But it was before this marvel of engineering arrived in your home.

Never eat bread again without toasting it first!

We have a little observation to make: the use of this object might pose a high risk of burning yourself. To be handled by the most dexterous among you.

# 3: AquaNotes


It is a well-known fact: the shower is a place of ultimate meditation, reflection, the place where you review your day (and sometimes your life), where you repeat the talks of the day or the day before in your head and you think about how you should have answered. But, above all, it is the place where you think about your shopping list, the things you have to do absolutely. You tell yourself that you will note the outcome of this intense thinking right after going out of the shower but you soon forget about it and realise it far too late.

We have the solution to cope with this problem: AquaNotes. Once it is fixed to one of the walls of your shower, this waterproof notebook will enable you to note all the ideas that cross your mind. Yet, it is not an excuse to spend three hours in the shower every day, it is not environment friendly and the skin of your hands will be hideously wrinkled.

# 2: The ice cream lock


You are fed up with your housemate systematically stealing your ice cream jars and (obviously) never replacing it? You want to protect this treasure and be able to dive your spoon in an ice cream jar that you will eat completely without an ounce of culpability while watching the latest episode of your favourite series? Ben and Jerry’s invented for you the Euphori-lock. This combination lock will prevent anyone from devouring your precious. Americans are definitely crazy (and brilliant) people.

# 1 : The foaster


At first sight, it is a classical toaster. Yes, but! As you might suspect, Solendro’s team didn’t rack their brains to offer you an object that is already part of your everyday life. The foaster (created by the combination of “phone” and “toaster”) works like a toaster but enables you to charge your phone. The principle? You plug your phone and it jumps when it is done charging. It avoids you to have to check every 5 minutes if your battery is full and enables you to make fun of the first one who will try to toast bread with it.

The only problem is that you may also attempt to toast bread (in vain obviously) with this little object when your mornings are difficult, when you forget that you already replaced your real toaster by a high-tech knife and that, after two hours under the shower drawing on your new fantastic notebook, you are late.


Everybody knows orthopaedic shoes, but have you ever heard of… orthopaedic briefs? Yes indeed, it exists, but what are they exactly?
Just like orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic briefs have been developed to improve the comfort and health of the anatomic parts in question. Orthopaedic briefs are thus a new invention said to prevent twisting and rubbing when wearing briefs.
It is well-known that men have problems because of their undergarments, especially when they exercise. That is the reason why Jean-Jacques Mustapha is trying to find a solution to this problem by designing orthopaedic briefs. Each pair of briefs is made to measure according to the body of each man. To achieve this, each person who wants orthopaedic briefs has to go to the designer’s workshop to run on a treadmill so that experts can analyse the swinging movements and the natural twisting of the individual. Once the measures are made, orthopaedic briefs are manufactured with cushioning pads so that private parts remain stable, don’t tilt and don’t swing to avoid rubbing and other inconveniences.
The objective of the designer is clear: combining the strength and comfort of pyjamas in a pair of briefs and avoiding rubbing or directions unintentionally caused by classical undergarments.

What do you think about it? Are you ready to invest in orthopaedic briefs? If you are not motivated to go running on a treadmill in briefs, you will also find high-quality – and maybe nicer – underwear on Solendro that will also take care of your family jewels.

Gentlemen, you only have a pair so cherish it!

sloggy briefs
These Sloggi high-waisted briefs enable perfect adjustment to the body and provide great comfort. Simple and relaxed, these grey pouch briefs will pamper your intimate parts!

Mariner briefs
These very trendy Mariner high-waisted briefs will provide you optimum support thanks to their elastic waistband and great comfort thanks to their 100% cotton fabric.

Replay briefs

This 2-Pack Replay black high-waisted briefs is really appreciated for its high-quality support and comfort. You can thus easily combine comfort and elegance.


Every day, you surely see men that you envy for their style, those men who walk in the street and that everybody notices because of their sense for fashion that seems innate, a flawless combination of colours, an unexpected hint of originality or even a mix of heterogeneous elements that give them a unique personality. Each time you pass one of these men, you think that you would like to get off the beaten track too and proudly wear an origami bow tie with a gingham shirt without it being ridiculous or, without getting so far, add your personal touch to your outfit without looking like this:


Ridicule never killed anyone, but it is not an excuse to throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. This is the reason why Solendro selected for you 5 inspiring Instagram accounts for all tastes.

#5. Let’s begin with Stephano Tratto. The small ‘stache and neat hairdo make this Italian blogger coming from Sanremo undeniably charming. With his always offbeat but chic style, he will guide you on the path to a relatively simple, extremely modern and definitely appealing style.

Stephano Tratto
# 4. Phil Cohen. The outfits of this art director from Delaware will undoubtedly inspire you! Simple outfits that suit everyone, colour and pattern combinations that remain chic and are not too original, perfect if you want to get away from your eternal jean-t-shirt or jean-shirt look without necessarily dramatically changing. There is no doubt that this simple and discreet look will make you a seducer.

Phil Cohen

# 3. Shirts and ties are the signature look of EJ Samson. This young American shares his everyday life and his looks with us, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, always at the cutting edge of fashion with a hint of humour and a sense of style that could easily make us think that, after all, it isn’t so difficult to dress well.

EJ Samson

# 2. The Bespoke Dudes is a community that was founded in 2012 by an Italian man named Fabio Attanasio. The objective? Bringing the classical style of men’s fashion back to life with chic and dandy outfits, matching accessories, and a small touch of Italy that make us wonder why we didn’t think earlier about dressing this way. The little extra: guaranteed success with women.

Fabio Attanasio

# 1. The ultimate example of perfectly mastered originality, of uncompromising self-expression, of mixes of colours and patterns, that is Justin Barbin ! This photographer from Chicago invented his own style by mixing pieces as heterogeneous as a bow tie representing a Seurat painting, a gingham shirt, a color block brooch and… grass in the front pocket of his jacket. Bright and cheerful colours and an unusual mix of materials and patterns for a breathtaking result. For the most audacious among you, undoubtedly.

Justin Barbin